Coffee: Benefits of the Brew

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Health benefits of coffee, given for Public Speaking class.

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  • 1. CoffeeRyan WallaceThe benefits of the brew.

2. Statistics of Coffee-Drinkers 40% of 18-24 year olds drink coffee daily 37% of all coffee consumed is Gourmet coffee In this class, 60% of you drink coffee 3. The Benefits of Drinking Coffee 4. Enhanced Physical Abilities Short-term memory Increased mental focus Improved cognitive performance Increased energy 5. Disease Prevention Parkinsons Heart disease Stroke Heart attack Type 2 Diabetes Gallstone Disease Gout 6. Disease Prevention Cancer: Liver Oral Esophageal Pharyngeal 7. Antioxidants One of the best sources of antioxidantsin the American diet Methylpyridinium formed duringcoffee roasting process Greater yield of antioxidants withespresso brew 8. Antioxidants Antioxidants compounds that reducefree radicals Can help reduce: Aging skin, arteries, etc Cancer risk Heart disease risk 9. Recommendations Approximately 2 to 4 cups per day 1 cup of coffee contains ~ 100 mg caffeine Dont forget caffeine found in energy drinks,sodas, and tea! 10. In ConclusionDrink (coffee) and be merry. 11. Sources Jarvis, M.J., Does caffeine intake enhance absolutelevels of cognitiveperformance?, Psychopharmacology, 2 December2005, 110:12, 4552. 2011 National Coffee Drinking TrendsStudy, Web, "COFFEE CAN PREVENT COLON CANCER". The NakedScientists. BBC. 2003-10-19. Retrieved 2006-11-17. Sies, Helmut (1997). "Oxidative stress: Oxidants andantioxidants". Experimental physiology 82 (2): 2915.