Classroom language

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ClassroomLanguageClassroom language

May I come in?

Sorry Im late!

?Classroom languageMay I go to the board?

Clean the board, please?

Sit down!Stand up!Classroom language

Classroom language

May I sharpen my pencil?

?May I borrow your pencil?

Classroom languageClose your book.Open your book.Classroom language

Write!Read!Classroom language

How do I say borracha in English?

ruler?rulerWhat does ruler mean?Classroom language

I think

I dont understand

??????I cant remember

I know the answer!Classroom language

Be quiet!Classroom Language

What day is today?

What page is it?Classroom Language

What day is today?

What page is it?

Can I go to the bathroom?Classroom language

Can I drink some water?The end.Credits:

Produced by: Suely M. OliveiraPictures from: Google search.