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  • 1. Charles Dickens was born February 2, 1812 inPortsmouth, England.

2. Charles Dickens died on June 9, 1870. An epitaph at his funeral"To the Memory of Charles Dickens (Englandsmost popular author) who died at his residence,Higham, near Rochester, Kent, June 9, 1870, at theage of 58. He was a sympathizer with thepoor, the suffering, and the oppressed; and by hisdeath, one of Englands greatest writers is lost tothe world." 3. As reported in Charles Dickens obituary, his lastwords were alleged to have been Be natural my children. For the writer that isnatural has fulfilled all the rules of art. 4. Charles Dickens married Catherine HogarthDickens on April 2, 1836. 5. Charles Dickens married Catherine HogarthDickens on April 2, 1836.Together, they had 10 children. 6. The Pickwick Papers 1836 Oliver Twist 1837 Nicholas Nickelby 1838 The Old CuriosityShop - 1840 7. The Pickwick Papers Martin Chuzzlewit 18361843 Oliver Twist 1837 Dombey and Son Nicholas Nickelby 18461838 David Copperfield The Old Curiosity 1849Shop - 1840 Bleak House - 1852 8. Hard Times 1854 Little Dorrit 1855 A Tale of Two Cities 1859 Great Expectations -1860 9. Hard Times 1854 Our Mutual Friend Little Dorrit 1855 1864 A Tale of Two Cities The Mystery of Edwin1859 Prood - 1870 Great Expectations -1860 10. Charles Dickens first novel was ThePickwick Papers. 11. The Mystery of Edwin Prood is the finalnovel by Charles Dickens. The novel wasleft unfinished at the time of Dickensdeath, and was intended ending for itremains unknown. 12. In Charles Dickens day, awards were morecommonly given for practical purposes. If he hadmade inventions or created new ways to producemachinery, he would have most likely won a few.However, awards for art, literature, or othercreative achievements were about non existent.There have been plays, musicals, and movies thathave received awards since that time, but CharlesDickens himself never received any awards. 13. Presentation by Heather Coit