Camera Shots with Boba Fett

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In my latest video workshop I used my Boba Fett figure to model common camera shots.

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  • 1. Camera Shots with Boba Fett

2. Wide Shot (WS)The subject fills theframe. Also: long shot,full shot.Very WSExtreme WS 3. Mid Shot (MS)Shows the subjectin more detail, butstill gives animpression of thewhole subject. Useful fordialogue. 4. Close Up (CU)A certain feature or partof the subject takes upthe whole frame. Usefulfor showing emotion.Extreme Close Up 5. Over-the-Shoulder (OS)Looking frombehind a personat the subject.Useful forconversationsbetween people. 6. Point-of-View(POV)Shows the subjectsperspective. 7. Low AngleShows subjectfrom below.Makes subjectlook larger,powerful,dominant. 8. High AngleShows subjectfrom above.Makes subjectlook smaller,diminished,weak,insignificant,etc. 9. Eye-Level Angle Most common view. Recreates our personal perspective and shows subject as we would see them in life.Adapted from document created by Madison and used by Manitoba Council for International Co-operation for video workshops.