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6 ways to obtainuseful feedback fromvolunteer recipe testers



Choose wisely.Give clear instructions.Create a simple survey.Observe the action.Take it with a grain of salt.Show gratitude.


1 Choose wisely.

Identify testers who are representative of your target reader a range of experience is idealMy testers all have panini makers, but a variety of modelsExperience level varies from very novice to intermediate home cooksMay want to limit the number of testers you recruit if you have a few hundred folks, it could be rather time consuming to manage that effort when you should be focused on writing your book. Some people prefer just a small group of 10, others have found they can manage 200 or more. More testers means more feedback, but you need to budget enough time to analyze/interpret it youre collecting all of this great feedback, you want to be able to incorporate it!


2 Give clear instructions.

3 Create a simple survey.


4 Observe the action.

5 Take it with a grain of salt

6 Show gratitude