Blended Learning - Our Journey from Online Education to Student-Centred Learning

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Grade 7 Reading Assessment

Blended Learning Our Journey from Online Education to Student Centred LearningStudent Engagement & 21st Century Skills ConferenceSeptember 2015Darren gasperJade Ballek

Online Learning Background- Correspondence School- Saskatchewan Online Schools- Provincial Distance Learning Hub- Sun West Distance Learning Centre

DLC MissionProvide equitable and quality programming to studentsCore programming gaps in our rural schoolsTimetable conflicts, unique student needs, new students, transition students back into schoolsDiverse range of electives to expand programmingDual credits with the U of S, Sask PolytechnicThis experience with online learning led us to explore blended learning opportunities in areas we hadn't considered before - PAA Trades, Power Engineering

Evolution of Online Learning- From paper to digital- Instructional Videos- Increasing interactivity- Student Engagement with the Teacher- Communication, Teacher Visits, Intro Videos- Content Chunking- Shifting into Blended Learning

Supports for Student Success- Learning Centres in each school- Support EAs- Reducing Transactional Distance (Student-Teacher)- Course Flexibility Cont. Intake, Timelines, Pacing- Communication Supports

DLC ProgrammingK -12 Programming for students anywhere and anytimeAgriculture - Cow/Calf, Field Crop or EquineBusiness Education, Financial Literacy, Astronomy, Paleontology, Forensic Science, Video Game DesignComputer Drafting, Digital Photography, Graphic ArtsConstruction, Mechanics, Electrical, Welding, Autobody, PlumbingClass 4 Power Engineering, Leadership, Visual Art, WellnessDual Credits Intro to Business, Learning to Learn, Sask Poly Courses

Putting it into PracticeTimetable FlexibilityUnique Situations Health, Hockey, New StudentsCredit RecoverySummer SchoolSupporting multi-grades, multiple courses, staffingSupporting Teachers with Online Resources

Action Research 2014-2015SWISI Fund (Sun West Initiative for School Improvement)22 participants1 unit, 1 subjectGrades 1- 12ELA, Math, Science, History4 questionsEngagement, communication, comprehension, targeted instruction (differentiation)

Criteria for Blended Learning formal education program student learns at least in part in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home student learns at least in part through online learning some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace

Student Choice in PacePace - speed at which student moves through the learningFaster for some, slower for others

Student Choice in PathPath ways in which students access the learning Basic3Comprehensive4Thorough5Essential to understanding the outcome

Highly desirable in understanding the outcomeDesirable in understanding the outcomeWhat all students need to know about the outcomeApplication, synthesis, stretching your thinking

Top 3 Things Weve Learned

The Power of Starting Small


3. Importance of Planning and PreparationEnable Education

Classroom Culture

Start with the whyOpen up discussionsDigital citizenship skill developmentGoal setting, tracking progress (self-assessment)

How might a blended model benefit your students? Your school?


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