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Bat algorithm developed by Xin-shein 2010.

Bat algorithmdeveloped by Xin-shein 2010.


1- Bat BehaviourSome bats have evolved a highly sophisticated sense of hearing2- Bat Algorithm

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This bat algorithm is based on the echolocation behaviour of micro bats with varying pulse rates of emission and loudness

1.Bat Behaviour

Echolocation: Some bats have evolved a highly sophisticated sense of hearing.

Bat Behaviour

They emit sounds that bounce off of objects in their path, sending echoes back to the bats. Bat Behaviour

From these echoes, the bats can determine the size of objects, distance , how fast they are travelling.Bat Behaviour

Bat Behaviour

Bat Behaviour

Bat Behaviour

2.Bat Algorithm

Bat Algorithm - Rules1.All bats use echolocation to sense distance, and they also `know' the difference between food/prey and background barriers.

Bat Algorithm - Rules2.Bats fly randomly with velocity vi at position Xi with a fixed frequency f min , varying wavelength and loudness A0 to search for prey. They can automatically adjust the wavelength (or frequency) of their emitted pulses and adjust the rate of pulse emission r in the range of [0, 1], depending on the proximity of their target.

velocity vi position Xifrequency fwavelength loudness A0

Bat Algorithm - Rules3. Although the loudness can vary in many ways, we assume that the loudness varies from a large (positive) A0 to a minimum constant value A min .

Applicationsengineering designclassifications of gene expression dataProtein Secondary Structure PredictionA fuzzy bat clustering method has been developed to solve ergonomic workplace problems

123f = 3x = 5v = 4A = 0,6r = 0.3f = 6x = 8v = 7A = 0,3r = 0.5f = 2x = 4v = 3A = 1r = 0


Equation used1




pseudo code

t riSelect a solution among the best solutionsGenerate a local solution around the selected best solutionGenerate a new solution by flying randomlyinitialize the bat population and viDefine pulse frequency fi at xiInitialize pulse rates ri and the loudness AiRand