Basic Troubleshooting

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Basic Troubleshooting by Parveen Narayanan (5 Basilian)


<ul><li> 1. Basic Troubleshooting</li></ul> <p> 2. Step 1Rule out any Common Causes: Allplugs are connected double check Determine if it is a desktop problem or anetwork problem what were you doingwhen it happened? Turningit on? Using a program? Is it a pieceof hardware that is not working? 3. Hardware ProblemsComputer wont turn on Check all plugs especially power plug Check any fuses or breakers Listen to see if you can hear the fan If no sound is heard and all cords areplugged in, you will need to take tocomputer technician 4. Hardware ProblemsMonitor Ifmonitor does not come on, check allcords especially power cord andconnection to CPU See if any indicator lights come on Turn power button on and off Take to technician 5. Hardware ProblemsMouse and/or Keyboard Check all connections!! Clean mouse if not working properly Use rubbing alcohol and Q-tip Clean keyboard if keys are sticking Canuse a spray cleaner or rubbing alcohol Make sure it is given time to dry 6. Software ProblemsComputer starts up (you can hear itrunning), but nothing happens or yourreceive an error message on thescreen.You are using a program, such as Wordor Netscape, and it stops working (youcant move the mouse or click on 7. Step 2Try to reboot the system to see if thatfixes the problem: PCusers hold down the Ctrl, Alt andDelete keys and select Shutdown, or closethe program that is having the error. Mac users hold down the Control, Apple,and start keys to reboot. 8. Other solutionsSometimes a software program freezes up orhas an error and you need to close thatprogram.Sometimes files need to be removed orextensions and/or start up files need to beremoved in order for the computer to work. 9. Windows PlatformIn the Windows operating system, toforce quit a program, hold down theCtrl, Atl, and Delete keys.A menu will appear that lets you quit theapplication you are in and/or restartyour computer. 10. Macintosh PlatformTo close or shut down a program in theMacintosh operating system, hold downthe Apple, Ctrl, Alt, and Esc keys.This will force quite the program thatwas running. 11. Windows PlatformWhen Windows has problems startingup, sometimes it will give you the optionof starting in a Safe Mode so that youcan fix a problem without it ruining yoursystem or losing files. 12. Windows PlatformWhen windows is in Safe Mode, you can getassistance with problems in Window 98, usethe Trouble Shooting Wizard under the Helpmenu in the Start Menu.This will allow you to answer some questionsthat will evaluate what the problem could be. 13. Windows PlatformIn Safe Mode, you can also remove programsfrom the start-up that may be causingproblems.To remove programs from Start up folder bygoing to the Start Menu, Settings, Taskbar &amp;Start Menu. You can click on remove andthen remove a program that appears to befreezing your computer, then restart to see ifthis fixes the problem. 14. Macintosh PlatformIn the Macintosh operating system, you mayreceive error warnings when the computer isstarting up or your computer may freeze onthe start up process.You can restart the computer with theextensions turned off to bypass some of thestart up files to see if this fixes the problem. 15. Macintosh PlatformTo turn off extensions hold down theshift key while restarting the computer.When extensions are turned off, youcan go to the system folder and then tothe extensions folder and remove anyextension you think might be theproblem. 16. Network TroubleshootingErrors on a network consist of: Printingerrors Access to Internet Computer Freezing up 17. Network ErrorsFirst, make sure that the connection tothe network is tightCheck to make sure light next tonetwork card is blinkingReboot your computerContact your network administrator 18. ReminderComputers are not perfect!They are created by humans you willhave errors and problemsIn order to work, the computer mustread millions of code it can happenthat the code is misread and thereforeresults in errors. 19. Done by </p>