Bake Sale Ideas - Best Practices for Turning Cupcakes into Cash

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VolunteerSpot offers fresh ideas for making your next bake sale a sweet success. Topics include best practices for organizing a bake sale fundraiser, tips and ideas for tasty treats, healthy and allergy-free alternatives, and suggestions for getting more people involved. This quick eBook is ideal for anyone planning a bake sale fundraiser at school, Scouts, in their church, congregation or community group. VolunteerSpot makes it easy to schedule volunteers with our free and easy online calendar signup tool.


  • Bake Sale Ideas Inside this eBook: Best Practices for Turning Cupcakes into Cash Tips to make your bake sale a sweet success! Healthy alternatives to sugary, fatty foods Ways to increase participation and build tradition A FREE VolunteerSpot eBook
  • VolunteerSpot Philosophy At VolunteerSpot, we believe that volunteers should be rewarded for stepping forward and sharing their time and talents with those in need. All too often, volunteering means putting up with a certain amount of hassle or frustration whether that is late night emails, reply-all messages, reminder phone calls, or searching for a parking space. Our sponsors enable us to provide FREE tools that simplify volunteering, Please feel free to post this eBook on your powering your good work in blog or email it to whomever you believe schools and clubs, in your would benefit from reading it. congregation and THANK YOU! neighborhoods. We cant find you a parking space, but with VolunteerSpot, DOING GOOD ~ Team VolunteerSpot just got easier! 2011 by VolunteerSpot DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!Copyright holder is licensing this under the CreativeCommons License, Attribution 2.5.
  • Sweet Ways to Raise Money Whenyourgroupneedssomeextracash,abakesalecanbejustthe thingyouneed!BakesalesareagreatwaytoraisemoneyANDget everyoneinvolvedabenefitthatismorethanjustfinancial. VolunteerSpotisheretohelpmakeyourbakesalefunandeasy. Weveincludedideasforhow togetparentsandkidsto jointogetherandmakesure everyonehasagreattime andsharesinthefun! BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Making it Happen Why a Bake Sale page 5 Basic Ingredients page 6 Delicious Donations page 7 Save Time with VolunteerSpot page 8 Presentation Perfection page 9 Where and When page 10 Beyond the Bakery page 11 Catering to Customers page 12 Getting the Word Out page 13 Kids in the Kitchen page 14 Think Healthy, Be Happy page 15 Allergy Adaptations page 16 Notching Up Nutrition page 17 Making a Tradition page 18 Bake Sale Favorites page 19 Important Reminders page 20 BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Why a Bake Sale? BakeSalesaregreatmoneymakers;they requireverylittlefundspriortotheevent becausethebakedgoodsaredonated orthe costofingredientsisspreadamongseveral participants. BakeSalesbringpeopletogether becausethey provideagreatwayforeveryonetopitchin.By participating,peoplefeelinvolvedand committed. BakeSalesaremanageable becausetheyonly requireyourkitchenandaplacetoholdthe event. BakeSaleshelpsharethefun becausegoods purchasedatbakesalescaneasilybesharedor givenasgifts,unlikefancyorexpensiveprizes typicalofotherfundraisers. BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Basic Ingredients Everygoodrecipehasalistofessentialingredients.Heresalistof thingsyoullneedtomakeyourbakesaleasuccess! LeadershipTeam: Agroupoftwoorthreepeople thatarethedesignatedgotopeople.The leadershipteamdecideswherethesalewillbeheld, howmuchtheitemsshouldcost,andwhowill handletheotherresponsibilities. Volunteers: Agroupofpeoplewillingtodooneor severaltasks,suchas: PurchaseIngredients Bakecookies,cakes,pies,etc. Purchasedecorations Decoratesalelocation Manthesalestations Hold/countthemoney Replacethesalestock Spreadtheword Location: Agreatlocationthatiseasilyaccessible andhaslotsoffoottraffic.BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Delicious Donations Fooddonationsarethemainingredientofabakesale.Themajorityofbaked goodssoldshouldbedonatedbygroupmembersorwillingvolunteers. Havingpeopledonatebakedgoodshelpssharetheworkload,ratherthanasking peopletodonateingredientsormoneyandaskingonlyafewmemberstodothe baking. Whenhostingabakesale,trytoavoidhavingtoomanyofthesameitemby planningahead.Createasignupsheetindicating howmanyofeachitemis needed.Inaddition,clarifywhichtypesofgoodsshouldbepackagedornot. Tobesensitivetofoodallergies,makesurealldonationsarelabeledandhavean ingredientslistattached. Making your sign up sheet is easy at VolunteerSpot! Just visit us online at to get started right away!BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Save Time! Plan your Bake Sale Online with VolunteerSpot Example: Day View Volunteers choose how to help with a click. Once signed up, VolunteerSpot sends automated confirmation and reminder emails that help everyone keep their commitments.BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Presentation Perfection! Ask local businesses to Preparedisplaytablesthatwillefficiently donate items maximizespaceandallowpeopletowalk around. such as paper tablecloths and poster Usetableclothswithsimplepatterns;youwant board (to thebakedgoodstobethemainattraction. make signs) in exchange for Segregatethebakedgoodsbasedoncategory: free publicity oneforcakes,oneforcookies,oneforpies,etc. and advertising Decideifyouwanttosellitemslikecupcakes andcookiesindividuallyoronlyinsets. Please visit our blog ( for more volunteering Trytokeepthedecorationsageandgender suggestions and to share neutral;youwanteveryonetofeelwelcome! your bake sale ideas and stories.BakeSaleIdeas/VolunteerSpot,DOINGGOODjustgoteasier!
  • Where and When Whenplanningabakesaleitsimportanttopickatimeandplacewherean eventisalreadyhappeningorthereissomeothersourceofheavytrafficflow. Considerthefollowingideaswhendecidingwheretohostyourbakesale: Schoolsportsgame When hosting a bake Churchpicnicorcarnival sale at a public location like a school or church, Craftshow be sure to get SchoolcarnivalorOpenHouse