Back to School Kit for the Reluctant Learner Webinar

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<p> 1. Made For YouLearning WebinarPresented by Renee PenaEarly Learning Academic 2. Back to School Kit for theReluctant Learner 3. What to Expect Is your child a reluctant learner? Tips to motivate and prepare The power of teacher/parentrelationship Fall into routine Other resources Questions are welcomed 4. What Is a Reluctant Learner? Not a good or bad thing They come in all shapes and forms They tend to thrive better out of school thanin Need a different approach to get motivated Need different outlet to participate in class 5. And That Is Why Back to SchoolTransition Is so ImportantIf you have a child that doesn't like change, it isimportant to: Close a chapter to summer Set a positive tone for the school year Don't force a child to feel they have to be excitedand that it is okay to have big feelings Do have your child visit the school even if theyhave been there before (some schools havevisiting day just for those reasons) 6. Everyone Wants a SmoothTransition from Parent to Teacher Partnership Your teacher isn't your BFF (at least not rightaway) Allow for adjustments Realistic exceptions KIT (Keep in touch) 7. Fall into Routine!!Make it into a game. Plus it boosts theirExecutive Function Skills as they learn to planfrom you. Ease back into it Plan meals together- (I know kids change theirminds as to what are theirfavorites but go for their usual) Sleep!!!! Lay out clothes </p>