Autoschediasm 101 Drama Activities, Improvisation and games in the ESL Classroom

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How I have used Drama based activities and games in the ESL classroom in a Kazakhstan university. The classroom was English conversation and the objective was to increase fluency.

Text of Autoschediasm 101 Drama Activities, Improvisation and games in the ESL Classroom

  • 1. Autoschediasm 101 Carol McKee Marque English Language Fellow Kazakhstan American Free University Oskemen-Ust Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

2. Autoschediasm: somethingthat is improvised or extemporized. 3. or using improvisational activities in the ELL classroom to 4. Host institution: Kazakhstan American Free University City: Oskemen- Ust KamenogorskCountry: Kazakhstan 5. English Conversation Class Lower and Upper Intermediate 6. Conversation Class Main Objective:To improve speaking and listening skills in order to communicate more effectively in English 7. How? By working on Fluency (#1) Listening Vocabulary Intelligibility 8. Little to no attention was given to grammar in 9. Vocabularyyesrepeated exposure to the same wordsVocabulary journals Vocabulary introduction PPT with pictures Vocabulary lists Vocabulary games Hangman, word search, crossword puzzles, jeopardy, bingo 10. For Fluency. Improvisational drama games and activities 11. Problem #1Silen ce! 12. Problem # 2Not listening 13. GAMES, IMPROVS AND ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: Two-headed Fortune teller Monologue telling about a memory from the past Blindfold directions Restaurant Chain sentence Talk show interview Freeze tag 14. IMPROVISATION PROMPTS IN PAIRS Detective interrogation Breaking up with bf/gf Selling a used car Trying on and buying shoes Nurse trying to give injection to patientIN GROUPS Stuck on an elevator, bank vault, etc. A family packing and leaving hurriedly for vacation Survivors stranded in a boat at sea Being invited to your bf/gf family dinner 15. Greetings Many Students move about Ways greeting others, shaking hands, etc.Teacher then prompts them to give the same greetings as Someone you dont trust, though greeting. Someone you hate A long, lost friend Someone you are afraid of Someone you are secretly in love an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend A three-year old child 16. Speed Dating 17. Asking for and giving directions 18. Sometimes students need time to prepare for the scene 19. More often than not, the acting is terrible and the students will have a smile on their face while doing a serious scene. Thats okay! This isnt drama class! 20. A couple walks down street He looks at another woman She gets jealousThey fight He apologizes They make up. 21. Anastasiya performing an extemporane ous monologue about a sad moment in 22. Asem also shares a sad moment 23. You are such a SLOB! All you ever do is sit and watch TV. We never go anywhere or do anything! 24. Two-headed Fortune Teller 25. Two-headed Two-headed Fortune Teller FortuneTellerListening skillsSpontanei ty 26. Students in a Restaur ant scene. 27. e ts r andres 28. Wacky crazy improvisationstudent driven 29. Students havea lot of fun 30. Oy, dont ask 31. I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. 32. Students run the class demonstrating, teaching, explaining and engaging others