Archytypal use colour in verious painting and photogtaph

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Text of Archytypal use colour in verious painting and photogtaph

  1. 1. Archetypal use of colour in various photographs and paintings Presented by: Beenaba Gohil Paper: literary criticism Roll no:13 Email
  2. 2. What is Archetypal Criticism? In literary criticism, term archetype denotes recurrent narratives designs, patterns of action, character-types, themes, and images which are identifiable in a wide variety of works of literature, as well as in myths, dreams, and even social rituals. Northrop frye was one of the critic of Archetypal criticism.
  3. 3. Red blood, love sacrifice, passion; disorder.
  4. 4. love
  5. 5. Sacrifice
  6. 6. White Light, Purity, Innocence, timelessness;
  7. 7. Green: Growth, Hope, Fertility
  8. 8. Fertility
  9. 9. Blue Highly positive Secure Tranquil Spiritual purity.
  10. 10. Spiritual purity
  11. 11. Yellow Yellow: enlightenment, wisdom
  12. 12. Wisdom
  13. 13. Black