Apps to improve your productivity in your business or personal life

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Apps to improve your business and personal lifeApps to IMPROVE your PRODUCTIVITYNirupama Mallavarupu (Niru)Founder & CEO, MobileArqOutlineOrganization AppsFilesNotesEmailProductivity AppsSchedulingTime managementDropbox Cloud based secure storageOrganize and share filesSynchronized across devicesSecurity - Dropbox files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).Dropbox uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit between Dropbox apps and our servers; it's designed to create a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.Dropbox applications and infrastructure are regularly tested for security vulnerabilities and hardened to enhance security and protect against attacks.Two-step verification is available for an extra layer of security at login. You can choose to receive security codes by text message or via any Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) apps, such as those listed here.Public files are only viewable by people who have a link to the file(s).3OrganizationDropbox on my local machineDropbox Hands-on ExerciseStep 1 Download and setup Dropbox on your computerStep 2 Create Folders and Files (Photos, Documents)Step 3 Learn to share with friends and familyEvernoteAttach pictures, voice memos, web clips to notesTo-do lists,Task reminders,bookmarksCreate and access notes across devicesShare notes with a team or your familyExamples to use Evernote 1. Grocery List 2. Keep Clothing and sizes handy 3. Save articles and other interesting things. 5. Take interviews 7Evernote Hands-on ExerciseStep 1 - Add the Evernote app to your phone or your computerStep 2 Configure SettingsStep 3 Learn to create a notebook and add notes, save a web clipNotational VelocitySimpleNote8Email Organizer - Boomerang Schedule to read and send emailsEmail Organizer - SortdNELSON EMAIL ORGANIZER, MailStrom10Boomerang/Sortd Hands-on ExerciseOn your browser (on your personal computer), search for a plugin for Boomerang or SortdLets organize our emails and learn to schedule emails Scheduling appointments - CalendlyGood bye to phone and email tagging and finding a suitable time to set up an appointment. Give them easy options to pick from.12Hands-on Exercise CalendlyCreate an account on CalendlyConfigure Event TypesCheck your calendar connectionShare your Calendly pageScheduling meetings - DoodleHow many of us have had trouble scheduling a meeting between more than two people? You can never seem to find a common time15Apps to Improve ProductivityStayFocusd(chrome extension)block social networksHands-on Exercise with StayFocusdGet the StayFocusd appConfigure app to block time on social networksApps To Improve ProductivityFocusBooster Pomodoro technique - 25 minRecapOrganization AppsFiles - Dropbox Notes - EvernoteEmail - Boomerang, Sortd (Neo, MailStrom, Inbox)Productivity AppsScheduling Calendly, Doodle (Sunrise)Time management - StayFocusd, FocusBooster 19Contact MeFounder, LocalArq Inc. (DBA MobileArq)niru@mobilearq.com908-246-7117