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  • 1. Activity BookOXTORD

2. vity BooE tr Newfriends2W rhe treehouse E Comeqnd ploy!L0 1.8trAt the wildlife pork26EAt the shop34ELunchtime42VAt the fqir50ts At home58PAt the pool66Children qround the world74Extrq writing7aPicture dictionorya7Sqrqh Phillips Michqelo Morgon ond Mqry SlotteryOXTORD J N IV E R S ITYPRESS 3. r.s I Listen and number. .l})v ro9q"/.,r.+ 2 Listen ond circle. 'r)}w i"re:gr>FridoyTuesdaySoturdoY SundoyWednesdayry Saturdoy Sundoy Mondoyfrctrwednesdoy Thursdoy FridoyTuesdoy Wednes day ThursdoySundoy Mondoy Tuesdoy 4. 3 Write qnd order.Trdnndoy' Thursdoy Wednesday Soturdoy Sundoy Tuesday Fridoyffid 5. r.7 4 Listen and write the numbers. ':;30l Ztr/l rrl(. -Jl' 6. 5 Reod ond write.He'sShe'sThat's ritch. my sister.That'sFlo.myfriend.That'srred. my brother.That'sMitch.myfriend.6 Count qnd write.ffid 7. Drow qnd write. Act. I'm Mitch.Andthat's Hello, Titch. I'mWhot's in Norton's beok? Drow.Who's that?Norton's herel Where? There? Thatnaughtybird is everyvvheret AndmyWhot's in the kit? Drow.BwUO"U iocket/ sondwich/ footbollWO"U iocket/ sondwich/ footboll 8. 8 Reod qnd mqtch. DA M DYc UY LEM IKDA M AIr Mrer=wa 9. 9 Write ond sqy the next numbers.r! l5 16 rT tp [email protected]@trtrtrI [email protected]@@tr II s @@tr II [email protected]@@II Listen qnd write the numbers. ',r)I/s tre ' s 7 .S h e ' s ! m ?9 cm. W H"'s -.He'sm-cm.-. EJ He'sHe'sm-cm.p Sfre's -.m-cm.p Stre's -.fwShe's She'sm-cm. 10. 11 Find the words qnd write. oturdoySun doy Mo ndoyTuesdoyWednesdoyThursdoyFridoySMondsu ,rWhot day is it today?12 What did you like? Think ond colour. Words! I songor chontother subjecrgwa 11. f-l-rE -tireilrJl.-ie r'rg 1- Listen ond colour. .-ir--/-'/-/2 Read, look ond tick or cross.ru9 shelf bedEmtr trrtoble cupboord cushiontrT Tchoir box sofotr Ir 12. 3 Write. choircupboard #cWboxshelf rugcushionrmh[mffiE 13. 4 Reod qnd write Yesor No. Where'sHorry?Is he on the choir?ri*'s "Is he in the cupboord?Is he under the bed?BwIs he on the toble?Is he in the box?Is he on the toble? 14. 5 Reod qnd write. Listen ond check. +1) hesheon the shelf in the cupboord in the bed under the rugWhere's Flo?Where's rraitchzWhere's Titch?WE 15. - Reqd ond match. q:? oniwtals and t likecomputers.W like and football I and football t likeanimals.likecomputers t likecars. andffiE 16. Write. picturewindowvosemirror" rleerfffig 9 Reod. Tick ond cross out. It's got o choir. !*'* e-min'oT It's got o rug. It's got o sofo. It's got o cushion. It's got o window. It's got o cupboord. It's got o toble. It's got 2 pictures. It's got o vose.B 17. t O Find the words ond write.mirror toble window rugdoorI jp mwu b indowolntCus h i o n ihr9ywrorZecrfiuerib i t pschoirdcyfxvoeuckoobIpicture choir box cushion ,;41 l'i-..pfis*[email protected] [email protected] ilEl11, Whot did you like? Think ond colour. uuordssongor chontother subJegsffiE 18. Cut-r-r! r:-r:rJr;J uy! Ir.zr LiSten And nUmber. ".1,tu (/-12l/ l/ lt L /ltl /l/.1it 7 2 Reod ond colour. The scooter red. isThe bot is blue.The skoteboordis block.The boot is grey.The boll is oronge.The yo-yo is yellow.The bike is pink.The kite is purple ond white.The frisbeeis green.The skipping rope is brown. 19. Write. scooterskoteboard bikekite frisbeeskipping rope bootbollyo-yoi + n '1 -L"Ji,wffiE 20. 4 Read ond write T (true) or F (false). )#eJt*a He'sgot o o boot. b She's c He'sgot o skipping o skoteboord. d She's e He'sgot o frisbee.tu o He's got o boll. b She'sgot o kite. c He's got o bot. d She'sgot o bike. e He's got o yo-yo.Eru 21. 5 Find the new toy. Write.wil-*C5ffha!*;F :illi:ti=l$f,iq +l$EFWhot hos she got? 4wh ot hos he got?Wh of hos she got? ffi W,:jlFi:_t:l"b :xit$i_-fr$:t 22. 6 Drqw qnd write. Act.Look, Poppy. it's She's 1, 2, 3, skiplikeme 4, 5, 6, watch my tricks!Drqw Poppy's it'seing.He'sI wantto playl took atTitch.Drqw Bing's She's a fantasticDraw Titch's fantostic toy. Ew @r 'i,u""/bo ll/sk1pp1n9,oo"Qscoote r/ s k o t e b o o rd / b o t @u it " lb o a t ly o . y o % I 23. r'zs 7 Listen ond write the nomes' '*[email protected] 24. 8 Write. helicopterwvonlorrywplanemotorbikewv t_l:9 Colour the blue with 2 wheelsRead and write T (true) or F (folse). F 1 The lorry is blue. 2 The motorbike hos got 2 wheels. 3 The plone is blue. 4 The boot hos got 2 wheels. 5 The helicopteris blue. 6 The von hos got 2 wheels.Bwblue toys 25. 10 Motch ond write. oneorry oqtooter iteR L .*.Joteboord on ipping rope11 What did you like? Think qnd colour. wordst'-'-'-' I Isongor chont - - - t'/!I tffiE 26. l.r. I I l) I lr r i I r ,Y JJJIJJi e () t)! t' ltr.zs 1, Listen ond number. ';fi2 Reqd ond tick or cross. It's got 2 legs.porrot giroffe bot snoke monkey crocodile penguinBwMr---- 27. 3 Write. -beg" dolphinzebra giroffelion parrotcrocodile penguinsnake monkeywVilSilT THEFwiluDuilFE PARK Wi*..= i6 7 8 9 10ffiE 28. 4 Reqd. Mqtch. Crossout the folse sentence.!/ e bot con fly. A bot con't fly.[/ A crocodilecan't swim. A crocodilecon swim.con'twolk. ffi a snoke A snokecon wolk.con ffif e penguin fly. A penguin con't fly.:+Uoip a lion con't run. A lion con run.o oA dolphin con't climb. 29. 6 Drqw qnd write. Act.playa can Let's It can't Whatis it?I know! lt's aDrow qn onimol.canyou talk likeme? Canyou run and walklikeme? Canyouiump and climba tree?What's that? Canit fly?Drow the some qnimql.-Ewl ,////z tl rt[T7 Ynv / swim/ run / climb lion / qiroffe / bot / crocodile 30. 7 Reqd qnd find the route. Write the numbers.rT rjffi:i:::t:,il'ilrShe con swim. She con't climb.(:J6a Heconswim.He con't swim. He con't climb.H2He con climb.''rta -,t, 7s O OOOOI l,/,t" ,!l/14 J$'t'th ^oov JVL t.r, oo ,lt, o ,1,,fttrrt ,r1, , rll', fl l 31. 8 Write. toilbody [email protected] wingsfeothers beokvGf9 Reod ond number.Look of my monkey. It's got a body ond o heod. Now it's got o foceond eors. Now it's got orms ond legs. Now it's got o toil. And now it's finished!Ew"tgt 32. I rrll rr r tfI-JJu2r'sz 1 Listen qnd circle. 'D)qoooo o g6r_$) [email protected],A^aoo @ @@ %'o2 Count. Write the number ond crossout o word. shorpenei stickerstickersmorblemorblesdinosourdinosourskey ringkey ringsfelt tipfelt tipsfigureEAshorpenersfiguresffirc| 33. 4 Reqd ond mqtch. Soy.[^s$E w1. -'r aUr Iacan have tplease? ' Q !o dges, -2/-ro v,} tBw 34. 5 l'rite.o key ring2 bolloons 4 marbles o dinosour o shorpener 3 badgeswoooCant have, please?, please?,g" o9Cant haveCanI have, please?oooCanI haveoooCanI have, please?ffi, please?,, please? 35. 7 Whqt's missing? Write. circletrionglerectonglesquorevwgo [email protected] 36. 8 Count ond write.25pLL.2O5cpL2.109 Reod ond qnswer. Listen qnd check. ',;La2^ a^ -l^^^^^c r a6; f f i :' r r rF1 I've got cl crocodile ond o monkey.How much? 2 I've got cl snokeond o crocodile. How much? 3 I've got cl zebraond o snoke.How much? { iI'r-egot o penguin ond 0 porrot. How much? J]: monker-ond o penguin.How much? - -.-= JL3 37. r.o Write.Find the mystery word.shorpenersrubbers$G+ESstickerskey ringsmarblesfelt tipsbolloonsfigures.l'l''..rrw1.1. Whot did you like? Think ond colour. storY wordssongor chont ./'-'-'. /iHW /-olher subiecs 38. 3 Write. cheesetunochicken ricebreodtomotoes lettucesorCines eggs7l*-r 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10scluscl9es 39. 4 Reqd qnd write the nqmes. Drqw two friends. Ask ond qnswer.o a o ao o a oNome:o o o a Nome:Do you like cheese?y*sDo you like cheese?Do you like tomotoes? 't';p -Do you like tomotoes?Do you like rice?Do you like rice?$ {-/ *.3Ful#Do you like lettuce?Do you like lettuce?Nome:Do you like cheese? Do you like tomotoes? Do you like rice? Do you like lettuce? 40. 5 Write. applessousoges sordines chicken tuno hometm* breodJifl-cArffwETDm ilr*u like-.-i * : i f " ; r :" e tl,Ed*r"l'f Iil'r.., 41. 7 Listen qnd number. ';*z.z 42. 8 Write. meotfruitdoiryfishvegetoblestr I-..'1../ ,r I ;w 9 Reod qnd write the qnswer. o corrot breod milk o sordine on oronge lettuce o bonono cheese o sousoge chicken Vegetoble It's oronge.Whot is it?Fruit It's yellow. Whot is it?It's green.Whot is it?It's oronge.Whot is it?i '"MeatIIt's brown. Whot is it?Doiry It's white. Whot is it?I 43. 3 Write. thirstysleepyscoredhoppyboreddizzy)i*ilsc'j 44. 5 Write. boredAtufwtr E'-, - ttf ,= /, _-ffihoppysodhungry 45. 7 Listen ond find. Then listen ond number. 'D)Oh nol Sorry. youcross? AreY16A; 46. L0 Write the lost letters. Mqtch. scored bolloothirstsleepdolphicushioboreviolihungrhopp-11, Whot did you like? Think qnd colour. words 1'-'-'song ol chont ./'-" /IHffi 47. 5 Write. Whatare moking o model pointing o picture doing a puzzle u doing?, soomffi ploying on the computer reoding o booki"Fo 'T'".t" "t 1f/,b,k^1-([email protected] 48. eot on ice creom toke a photodrink a milkshokewrite o postcordfloathove o shower,tL o.....1 I .i t* . :r J ;)// ')/)).) 49. 7 Motch ond write._JcE* ormffir 't( 4focebackfootputting suncreom She's on herputting suncreom She's on herputting suncreom She's on her {u:*fiputting suncreom She's on herputting suncreom She's on her 50. 10 write' Find the mystery word'listen to the rodio floot donce write o postcord eot on ice cream toke o photo -hlre*+stesrffidrink q milkshake reod o comic wotch TV play morbles%rys u*tllWhqt did you like? Think ond colour. storY utordssongor chontother subjecs 51. AshokScotlondGhanqtSilvioIsaoc 52. z.+o L Listen qnd write. Then colour. 'tt)Kirstie AshokSilviaIsooc2 Colour, reqd ond write. L = b l u e 2 - g reen 3 =brown 4 = yellow 5 = oronge 6 = white.i---blue green brown yellow oronge white---rj fnis is my bedroom.It's blue. Blue is my fovourite colour.The bed I I I It's cushions. got o with ! is I I I r ond curtoins. It's got two rug ond I I door. It's got o cupboordond o shelf. I ! windows ond o I I rfre cupboord too. ond the shelfis is ! l-rr-r-rt 53. z.+s 1 Listen qnd number. Then write. '))He'sploying o drum. He'slighting o condle.He'sweoring o mosk. playing the pipes. She's2 Reod ond number. -r-l1 I'm doncing with my friend.2 My Mum's eoting cln rcecre0m. 3 My brother's playing footboll. i + My Dad'swotching I the footboll. 'I 54. 1 Find ond colour the days. Number the days of the week. duCkSundclvdoIWedneSdclvbclIIbIueMondclvredCorFrId0vbikeSoturdovrobothclndSThurSdohopTueSdclvfIv v2 Make the words. Write.i4U5*u'*n*ril* e{*l# rs **i*ru.d.clN ".---------------donrvtay./t'i-5 ,c VIBre1 I 55. L Write. Find the mystery word.q g2 Chooseond write. He'son the cushion. under the toble. She's1 . Where'sFlo?She's bed. in2. Where'sPoppy? 3. Where'sMitch? 4. Where'[email protected] 56. I Find 9 toys. Colour. b kvovo b o mSc o o te r k n be c ok o tt b o o t e I kItp pIn Ib o tSk iS0IIte b o o r dr o p e r o m bIk e t2 Choose. Colour the toy. Write the onswer. yellow blue puqple red pink green brown block r ))1. Whot's she got?scooter kite skipping rope frisbee yo-yo boot 2. Whot's he got?Shdsgot a black,rope. skippingr(. 3. Whot's he got?4. Whot's she got?5. Whot's he got?6. Whot's she got?g) (,CrEpq 57. L Write. Find the mystery clue.gWrite the clue.Circlethe animol.Write the onswer.It's o 2 Describeyour fqvourite animol. It's got o smoll heod. o big heod. o big body. o smoll body.two legs. four legs. smoll eors. big eors.It con... fly. swim. mn. climb.It con't... fly. swim. run. climb.It',s yellow. grey. red. pink.white. green. brown. block.It's got It con It con't It',s My fovourite animol is [email protected] 58. L Find 5 things from the shop. Colour the words.r o f SiI u r e I o tt m o r b I e cStSh cl r p e n e r o mb ct d Ier u b b e r e2 Mqke the words. Choose qnd write. Yes.Here you ore.feftitsp CanI have3please?eykginrsnolalobs CanI have5please?EwNo, sorry. 59. L Write the word.e99s sousoges tomotoes Jnf;funee'breod 'chicken'1. :5 362 Moke the words. Choose ond write. Yes,pleose.I like -.esheceutanhoaclocetNo, thonks. I don't like -. 60. I Write. Find the mystery octivity.Write the mystery octivity 2 Moke the words. Write.g ".--,..odernig tocinwgh VT dingo a zelzup " konigoc topnigni [email protected] 61. 0lool l - r tn &-=^*JLJ -n JffiI UWo[- l i-_ io -r&.r& r _ h _ u qoFo0oooBenJC - 62. Reod, find ond stick. Then write. tobleBwvose cushion window bed shelf sofa cupboord mirror box picfurerug door choir 63. 2JtJ/!Reod, find and stick. Then write. scooter motorbike boll yo-yo frisbee plane kite helicopter bat lorry bike skoteboard von boot wheel skipping [email protected], 64. Reod,find ond stick. Then write. zebro porrot wings monkey beok penguin feothers dolphin bot snoke toil crocodile lion giroffeEq 65. Reod, find ond stick. Then write. shorpeners felt tips bqlloons dinosours morbles pumd mbbers key rings stickers p bodges figwesWE 66. Reod, find ond stick. Then write.sad cross piano thirsty dizzy guitor flute hopry H hungry xylophone bored violin scared sleepy @[email protected] 67. Reod, find ond stick. Then write. do-my homework point cleon my teeth play o gome wotch TV cook have o both play on the computer do o pu-zle wosh my honds litre moke o model wosh up sleep hove a shower readBw 68. REad, find ond stick. Then write. eot on ice creom ploy morbles take o photo reod o comicpfrog watch write o postcord ptraywith a top floot shower milkshoke donce listento the rqdio [email protected],'oi Ii :Yq# ) otD r {q bar , : ' , r, 't,i11,,,t/ lt |) tt.,.11IryftEEI 69. OX-FORD UNIVARSITYPRESSGreat Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6Dp Oxford University Pressis a department ofthe University ofOxford. 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Odord University Pressdisclaims any responsibility for the content rs BN:9 7 8 o 1 . 94 4 4 o a 4 7 Printed in CNna ACKNOWLEDGE M ENTSMainilfustatfurs b/ Gustavo Mazali pp 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 (Mr Fixit and Norton), 9, 70,72,13,14, 17 (Norton),18, 22, 25 (Norton),30, 33 (Norton),34, 35, 35, 38, 41 (Norton),42,44,45,47,49 (Norton),52, 54, 57 (Norton),58, 60, 62,63, 65 (Norton),65, 70, 73 {Nonori,78,79,84, 85, 86. Glw ilhsa-atixs ble BeccyBlake pp 4, 7, 20, 28, 45, 53, 55, 59, 71, 80, 83; Christiane Engelfhorogood pp 75 (toys), 76, 77; Alan Rowe pp 17,23,37, 17, 43, 48, 55, 51, 59: Mark Ruffle pp 8 (tapemeasure), 79,24,25,26,32,33, 39,40 (money),41,49,50, 51,57,65,67,73, 75 (bedroom),81;Simon Smith pp 8 (children),75,2r,27,31, 40 (animals),64,68,72,82. Sa'&t atu/o* bt Mark Ruffle. C,ols ilfustr:ltklll by. Gustavo Mazali. Cannisfuxdrtnrynptryr.Gareth Boden p 51.b TtE Atblislrus wwH ab h:kE t enktl7follwuiry fur thefukirfr lEnisionF [email protected] plrtugaplr andalwagright nnteial: Namy p 29 (Aflo Foto Agency/ dolphin), 74 (GreenshootsCommunicationsfisaac):Ardea p 76 (John Daniels/ deer, Francois Gohier/eagle, M. Watson/cobra,Jagdeep Rajputltiger); Bridgeman van Gogh, Vincent AnLibrary p 16 The Bdrcom {1888)(oilon canvas), (1853-90)Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands/door, picture, window mirror), Room in Brooklyn (1932)(oil on canvas),Hopper, Edward (1882-1957)@ Museum ofFine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA,The Hayden Getty Images pp 29 (Carsten, Collection{harles Henry Hayden FundlVase); Peterfi.,lational Geographic/monkey, An Wolfe/Stone/bat), 32 (Joseph Van Osfhe Image Ban{ eagle),72 (Peter Dazeleyflhe Image Ban(dancing, Olivier Ribardiereftaxi/ marbles, Firstlight/playing with top, Vincent Besnault/Taxi/ leapfrog), 74 (feremy Hardieffaxi/Kirstie), 76 (SteveWinterfllational Geographic/jaguar); Lonely Planet Images pp 74 (Alain Eward/Ashokl. 75 (Ariadne Van Zandbergan/ chameleon); Nature Picture Library p 76 (Pete Ortrord/flamingo, Karl Amman/ elephant); OUPRoyalty Free p 56 (xylophone, flute, piano, violin, Hemera/ gurtar); South American Picture Library p 74 (Karen Ward/Silvia);Tate Gallery p 16 (Girl at Piano, Duncan Grant @Tate Gallery). 70. lltlCREDtBlE El{ctlSH q six-level course for children. It hqs q higher isvocabulqrylood ond more reoding thon most primory courses ond is written by top primory outhors SorohPhillips ond Mory Slottery. tt{cREDtBlE offersplenty of chollengefor leqrnersond q rich Et{GttsH for resource teqchers.YOU IEARN MORE WITH INCREDIBTE ENGTISH "The more the childreninteract with the materials,the teacher and each other, the more they wiII learn." Soroh Phillips, Author Components: I Closs Book r Activity Book r Audio CD I Teqcher's Book (including Tests/Portfoliosection qnd TestsCD) t Teocher's Resource Pock which contoins: o Kit box . The Fixit Gqme poster o Norton, the puppet . Photocopy Mosters Book o Story Frqmes Book . Flqshcqrds o Text cordsPlus lncredibleEnglish1&2 DVD - Leorning other subjectsthrough EngliSh Incredible English 1&2 DVD Activity Book Website www.oup. com/elt/incredibleenolishOXJ.ORD 4-1 lsBN 978-0-1 9-44401,l|[illlill