Amazing Lesser-Known Google Tools - Chromebook Academy 16

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Transcript | | @diben #TCEAchromebook Amazing Lesser- Known Tools a | | @diben #TCEAchromebook This Presentation Click on the Presentations tab | | @diben #TCEAchromebook About Me Director of Professional Development Texas Computer Education Association @diben DIANA BENNER mailto:Diana.benner@gmail.com | | @diben #TCEAchromebook Discuss ways these lesser-known tools can be used in the classroom Identify some lesser-known Google Tools In the next 50 minutes a | | @diben #TCEAchromebook a | | @diben #TCEAchromebook Share on Todays Meet Discussion Tweet @diben | #TCEAchromebook What are some lesser-known Google Tools that you know about? | | @diben #TCEAchromebook | | @diben #TCEAchromebook Your TCEA Social Community Gain insights, solve problems, and share resources Join the All Things Google Group | | @diben #TCEAchromebook Get Your GOOGLE On Webinars Upcoming Webinars: September 3rd Google Apps for Education Updates October 1st Making the Most of Google Classroom November 5th Differentiate with Google Apps a | | @diben #TCEAchromebook Recommended Chrome Apps & Extensions Each app or extension is organized by category (Tools, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) and then by topic within each category. Each recommended extension or app is then linked so that you can quickly learn more about it. a This work is licensed by Diana Benner under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Leave me a Comment about this presentation Resources used for the presentation are located at Thank You! This Presentation