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Advertising - aims and tactics

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2. Advertising aims basically at two things: INFORMpeople about a product, a service PERSUADEpeople to act First advertisers want our attention .Then they keep us interested to a pointwe are made to believe we really need something. Finally this will make us buy a certain product. AIDA MODEL 3. Appealing to our basic needsCommercials often try to make you feel goodabout yourself or make you wish you were as perfect as the people portrayed. 1 4. Ideal families are all attractive and pleasant looking and everyone seems to get along! People tend to identify with them and wish they were themselves like that. Emotional ambienceand family fun A product is shown as something that brings families together, or helps them have fun. 2 5. Do you look good enough? Advertisers try to convince you that if you don't use their products, you look a bit strange, old, too fat Most people depicted in ads are young, healthy, attractive Exploiting peoples fears and making them self-conscious often does the trick. 3 6. Star Power & Testemonials One of the tactics is to have famous people or cartoon characters advertise the product. If celebrities testify that they use the product, then so should you.4 7. Colour & Visual effects Illustrations, pictures are visually inviting and easy to understand. They are used to break up and supplement the text.Visual effects are moreappealingandmemorable because they are either funny or shocking. 5 8. Facts & Figures Facts and statistics are often used to enhance the product's credibility.6 9. Put Downs Advertisers tend to compare and put down their competition's product to make their own seem better.Bandwagon Join the crowd! Don't be left out! Everyone is buying it: aren't you?7 8 10. Slogan They are claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product they should be suggestive and catchy. 9 11. Sex sells Sexually charged images help selling a wide range of products.10