Activism with Video Editing (Master's Thesis 1st Presentation)

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First presentation of my master's thesis topic.


  • 1. Activism with Video Editing Creating Effective Video Remix Tapio Haaja 25.1.2012

2. My personal motivationIve been working 7 years as an promotion producer /editor (preditor) at MTV Media.How to do something good with my skills. 3. The explosion in audiovisualcreativity is sowing the seeds for a more participative,expressive democracy Video Republic 2008 4. Video RepublicFalling price of digital technology and the capacity todistribute information rapidly have created the conditionsfor millions of people to record and exchange movingimages.This is a realm populated by people who are attracted bythe idea that video has a unique power to communicate.It is here where we see opinions, thoughts and feelingsturned into video, by people, for other people. 5. statistics 201013 million: Number of hours video uploaded.60 days > 60 years: More video is uploaded in twomonths than the three major U.S. networks (ABC, CBS,NBC) combined created in six decades.700 billion: Number of playbacks.100 million: daily mobile views. 6. Cisco predicts that 90% of all internettraffic will be video in the next threeyears. (November 2011) 7. editedeg amateur filmmakingeg remixes, mashupsoriginal recycled eg vlogging eg clip sharingunedited 8. editedeg amateur filmmaking eg remixes, mashupsoriginal recycled eg vlogging eg clip sharingunedited 9. ExamplesGeorge Bush & Tony Blair My Endless Love Affirmation with Steve Jobs Palin Every Breath You Take 10. Research questionAre there some general elements in effective videoremixes?How to do video remix which effectively communicatesnew meanings? 11. So my thesis will be...Analyze 5-6 successful video remixes -> make greatfindings.Based on those findings create 1-3 minutes long how-tocreate effective video remix video. 12. ScheduleSpring 2012: Actual research & writing intro + researchparts of thesis & script of video & 2nd presentation.Summer 2012: Creating video.Autumn 2012: Writing rest of thesis and finalizing it.Christmas 2012: Graduation! 13. Advisor(s)Sanna Marttila (researcher in Media Lab). 14. Problems right now...How to select successful video remixes?What is the right method for analyzing video remixes?