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Medical Reimbursement Technology

Pre - Internship workshop

Janna DAmicoDirector of Career planning

Kellie CarnahanAssistant Director of Career Planning

So Youre Doing An Internship

Congratulations on receiving your internship experience. We look forward to working with you throughout your experience, and would like to take a moment to review a few details before you begin your experience. 1OutlineReview the Internship ProcessWhat Will Your Internship be Like?What do you think is expected of you during the Internship?Dress/AppearanceProfessionalism in the WorkplaceActions I should Take During the InternshipGoal-SettingResources and Questions


We will be revewing the internship process and who you should be reporting toTalking about what your can expect from your internship and what will be expected of youHow you should be dressing and your appearanceHow to be a professional in the workplaceAnd finally the actions, goals and different resources your should take to help you make the most of the experience2Internship ProcessEach of you has a site supervisor and a faculty sponsor.

Students are responsible staying in contact with their faculty sponsor during the internship.

In order to receive all the credits you have registered for, you must have completed 40 hours on site for every 1 credit (example 3 credit internship = 120 hours on site).

As you know from filling out your internship paperwork, each of your has a on stie supervisor, faculty sponsor and support through the institute for career planning

Site supervisors gives professional guidance in your field and assigns on-the-job responsibilities.

The faculty sponsor monitors your progress during the internship and assigns academic responsibilities to complement the workplace learning experience. Your faculyt sponsor has provided you with a syllabus which you will be responsible to adhering to, in addition to the responsibilities that your on site supervisor assigns to you.

Mid semester and at the end of the semester, site supervisors provide feedback on your performance and that evaluation is sent to your faculty sponsor to evaluate a grade.

You are responsible for keeping track for your own hours. You should be touching base with your site supervisor each week on the status of your hours and to make sure you are both on the same page. These logs will be turned in at the end of the semester to the institute for career planning.

In order to revieve all the credits your have registered for you must have completed 40 hours on the site for every 1 credit you registered. For example, if you registered for 3 credits, you will need to complete 120 hours onsite.

Finally, the institue for career planning collects all time sheets at the end of your internship. We also send out the evlautions both midterm and end of term to your site supervisors.3Preparing For The InternshipFormulate goals and objectives

Internships experiences can and will be very diverse

Attitude is key

Before starting your internship, think of some goals now that you would like to achieve over the semester.

Ask yourself:Question: What goals and Objectives have you thought about for your upcoming internship.What do you hope to get out of this experience?

When formulating your goals think of your strengths and weaknesses: To help you develop these, here are some themes to help you brainstorm. Leadership, ethics, thinking outside the box, thinking critically, challenging your assumptions

Internships experiences can and will be very diverse

Some internships are more formal, organized and structured, it may have specific tasks or projects. Alternatively, it maybe very informal, disorganized and unstructured, making the tasks or projects unclear.Most students prefer and expect the first scenario and are disappointed with the second. The fact is, no matter what the circumstances of the project or tasks are the expectation to participate and successfully complete an internship to the best of your ability as well as making the best of your experience.

This leads to keeping a positive attitude. Keeping a positive attitude makes a great situation even better and a bad situation productive and valuable. A poor attitude is a recipe for disaster and failure. Even if you have a bad experience, its still a learning experience on what you can do to make your next experience better!

4Professionalism In the WorkplaceLearn the company culture right away.Follow the employee handbook or other office guidelines.If you are not given a handbook, request one from your site supervisor. Follow the chain of command.Keep customer/client information confidential.Respect and follow the same rules that are in place for the companies employees. Be enthusiastic about the work and dedication to the job.Dress appropriately for the for the work setting.This is the number one complete we get from internship sites. If you have not asked for a clear explanation of what the dress code is, make sure to contact your supervisor before your first day. Do not conduct personal business during work hours.Be cordial and smile; basic social skillsArrive on time

Learn the company culture right away:On the first few days of the internship, take a minutes to soak in the atmosphere, are employees quite and formal or is it a more informal atmosphere. What are the employees wearing?If you havent already, ask for an employee handbook. Generally, the handbook will clearly lay out what the company culture is, what the rules are and what the dress code is expected. Asking for a handbook and reviewing it, is a great way to start out on the right foot!Follow the chain of command; this means knowing who to go to for what question or problem that you have. For example, if there is a problem with an employee at the company it would not be proper to go straight to the Vice President, in fact taking that route would make you look unprofessional. Your site supervisor should be able to provide you with the proper process. Keep customer/client information confidential. This is especially important if you are working in a medical setting. Please understand that discussing any information with unauthorized people both in and outside of work could be grounds for dismissal. Respect and follow the same rules that are in place for the companies employees. Even though you are a student and you are learning, people outside of the business do not know that. It is important to follow all of the guidelines set out for the employees so you are setting a professional presence for the business and Adrian College. Be enthusiastic about the work and dedication to the job. Many times, internship placemates can lead to fulltime jobs. Its good to think of it as a trial run for the employeer to see how you represent yoruself. If you have downtime or run out of things to do, make sure to ask if there is anything you can help with. Dress appropriately for the for the work setting.This is the number one complete we get from internship sites. If you have not asked for a clear explanation of what the dress code is, make sure to contact your supervisor before your first day. Do not conduct personal business during work hours. This means, taking phone calls, texting or checking personal emails on a work computer!Be cordial and smile; and use basic social skills with both customers and employees of the site. Think about your interaction with others, say hello, good-bye, good afternoon. Dont go into someones office until you are invited to do so. Dont put your feet on the furniture. Take your hat off, dont chew gum.Please arrive on time, however if you are running less than 5 minutes late. Call your supervisor and let them know you are running behind and what time you will be in. Keep in mind that if you dont follow the rules or hold yourslef to the businesss standards, you will have a poor experience which can lead to a poor evaluation.

5How To DressBelieve it or not but this is the biggest complaint from our internship sites! Your dress is EXTREMELY important, in order to receive a positive evaluation. Think about the following things before arriving at your internship site.

Our office wanted to spend a little more time on how to dress for your internship site. Believe it or not, this is the biggest complaint we get. There are a few places that we are more apt to get complaints from which is from students working in the court or criminal justice setting and students who are working with students or juveniles. However, the compliants are not limited to these sites.

When going into your site make sure you take a look around and see what the employees are wearing, especially the upper level management. In addition, a good rule of thumb, is if you would wear it out on the weekend with your friends, its not a good idea to wear to your internship.

Again the goal is for your to blend in not stick out! In the following slides, we will go over what you should and should not wear to your site. 6Womens DressSome guidelines to followNeckline should be 2 inches above your bust.

Your chest should be covered even when leaning over.

Shirts should not be shear, or to tight.

The bottom of your shirt should fall at your hip bone and not bare your midriff .TopsPantsJeans should be WITHOUT holes.

NO Leggings (They are to form fitting and sometimes see through).

When bending over your underwear SHOULD NOT be showing.

Dresses should be knee length. (nylons)Closed toe shoes should be worn at all times.

Make sure your heal is not over 2 inches.

Casual shoes should be clean and