A world of mothers

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This is a PowerPoint that I made for my mom for her birthday. This PowerPoint will be taking you on a journey all over the world so that you can learn about all different ways on how animal mothers take care of their children. In this PowerPoint you are going to meet the amazing animal mothers and you are going to watch oh how these mothers help their youngers get ready for adulthood. You think that being a human parent is hard try being a animal parent which is even harder than you might think and growing up in the wilderness is even more harder than anything . During this amazing adventure to the worlds most loving animal families that are in the world. There are YouTube videos in this PowerPoint as well to make the PowerPoint even more amazing.

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  • 1. Happy birthday mommy By Felicia

2. All over the world During this powerpoint. I will be taking you on a adventure all over the world. To meet the most amazing animal mothers of the world. You are going to see how animals take care of their babies. You think being human mother is hard being animal mother is even harder and you are going to find that out during this powerpoint. 3. The meet the animal families The polar bear family The lion family The Tiger family Gorilla family The Cheetah family The Giraffe family The Elephant family 4. Polar bear family Females will start to build their dens in October that can be found on thick stable of pack ice and they can also build it on land to. The female will start to give birth in November through January. The babies are being born when they are hibernating. The cubs will stay with the mother for 2 years. The female will normally produce about five litters through out the females life. The female will give birth to only two cubs they will usually be born in the winter. The moment that the cubs are born they will be really small. They will stay in the mothers den in only for three months. The den is mostly located under the snow. This is the place where the mother will give her cubs milk and to keep them warm. When they are out of the den the cubs will stay really close to the mother. When they are scared then they will normally climb on their mothers back but if there is a really big threat like a male polar bear then she will normally fight with all of the strength that she has so that she can protect her cubs. They are also known to have twins to. http://youtu.be/OwZH_aT0FGI http://youtu.be/FhsKUKFctCw Gestation period: 6.5 months Number of babies: 1 to 4, but the most common is really 2 cubs Size of babies: 1.3 pounds (.6 kilograms) Maturity: males-10 to 11 years and females are 11 years. Mating season: in the late March through May 5. Lion Family When the female is ready to mate then she will normally walk up to the pride male. He is normally going to be the father of the cubs. The mother is ready to give birth in three months. The moment that she is ready to have her cubs then she will start to look for a den that is far away from the pride. The hiding places that she will look for are normally really big rocks or bushes. A female lion will normally give birth to two or three cubs. A lion cub will normally weigh about 3 pounds (1.5 kg). Every single lion cub has spots on them which comes in handy when their mother goes out to hunt this makes other animals really hard to see them hiding in the grass. The predator will normally just walk pass them they do not even spot them. The female will spend all of her time feeding and cleaning the cubs. The only time that she will leave them is when she needs to get a drink of water or when she needs to look for food. The cubs will start to open their eyes in about 2 weeks. After they start to open their eyes then they will start to walk and play with each other, but they never wander far away from home. There will be sometimes that the mother will not be there to protect the cubs when their mother is not around then that will be the time when they start to go for a really good hiding place. The cubs will become a lot stronger in two months. Their strong legs will come in handy so that they can catch up with their mother and the rest of the pride to. The new cubs will start to play with the other cubs to. Every female in the pride are known to give birth at the same time they will have cubs at the same time to that is because so that everyone in the pride can help take care of the cubs. The cubs will be a full-grown lion in about six months and then they will start to grow about one-fourth pounds. But they are not ready to join in the hunt until they feel like they are ready to hunt until then the cubs will continue to play hunting games until they are ready for a real hunt and they will have to play these games every single day. They will play these hunting games by chasing the tails of the adults. They will start to jump on each other. They will wrestle and they will even bite each other and they will also garb leaves that are falling down from the air. The adults will always watch over the cubs. The other way that the cubs will learn how to hunt is to go on a hunting trip and watch how their mother and the other females do it. They will be ready to be in a real hunt until they are about a year old. They are ready to face the world on their own in two or three years. The females will stay in the pride forever the males have to leave the pride the moment that they grow a mane. The males will join other males and then they will start to roam the plains. When the male is strong enough then he will be ready to fright with other males and take over a pride of his own. If he wins then he gets to keep the pride and the current male will have to leave and he has to never return to the same the pride again and he will also have travel the plains all by himself. http://youtu.be/UoN2qtdE1YI Mating season: all year round Gestation period: around 110 days Number of cubs: 3-4 cubs. They can also have1 and 6 cubs sometimes to. Size of birth: 3 pounds (1-5 kilograms). Maturity stage: 3 to 4 years 6. Tiger Family Tiger are a lot different then lions because they live on their own for most of their lives they will only come together when it is time for them to mate. A male and a female will only spend time with each other in only for a few days that is how long that tigers will mate for. After they are done mating then the two will go their separate ways. When the female is about to give birth then she will start to look for a den that can be in a bush and they can also find a cave in really big rocks to she will need these types of places so that she can have her babies. A tiger mother can have the total of one to five cubs that is a full litter of tiger cubs. A tiger cub can be big as 2 or 3 pounds (1 to 1.5 kilograms) and they can also be 12 inches (30.5 cm) long. Tiger cubs are born blind when they are born and they will remain closed until they are two weeks old. The first food that they will drink be their mothers milk and they will stay really close to their mother so that they can be safe from other animals that might want to kill them like male tigers and wild dogs to will try and kill a baby tiger cub. The mother will start to feed her cubs meat until they are about three months old. When she goes on a hunt then she will usually bring back pieces of the animals that the mother just killed . Even though the cubs are stating to eat meat but it does not mean that they are done drinking their mothers milk they will continue to drink their mothers milk until they reach five to six years old. The cubs will be all by themselves when the mother goes out to hunt. This is a really dangerous moment because the mother is not there to protect them that means that the cubs will be very Vulnerable to other predators like wild dog and leopards will try and kill a baby tiger cub when the mother is not around to protect them. There are about 3 or 2 tiger cubs that will often grow up to be adults. When they are old enough the mother will start to teach her cubs how to take care of themselves. She will teach them how to get the meat off of the animal. She will also teach them how to swim to. The tiger cubs will practice their hunting skills by playing with each other. They will paly with each other by jumping and rolling and they can also nip to this what tiger cubs do to play with each other. The tiger cubs will be ready to go on hunting trip with their mother until they are six months old. They will learn how to hunt by watching their mother doing it and they will also watch her kill the animal to. The mother will stop hunting for the cubs until they are 18 months old. That will be the time when they start to hunt for themselves. The cubs will be ready to leave their mother until they are about two years old. This is the time when they are a full- grown tiger. After the cubs are gone then she will be ready to have another litter of cubs. When the cubs have grown up than that will be the time when they start to look for territory of their own. The females will find a terrtory that can be close to their mothers and the males will usually find a territory that can be really far away from their mothers territory. http://youtu.be/-bV2fgJ7_oQ Mating season: The tigers that live in the tropical climates there mating season is really in November to April. They can also mate During the winter season to. Gestation Period: 103 days Litter size: 3-4 cubs Number of babies: they can have the total of 7 cubs but the most average litter for a tiger is really 2 or 3 cubs. Size at birth: tiger cubs can be big as 2.2 pounds (1 kilograms) Maturity stage: 3 to 6 years http://youtu.be/9q0usdNrAFk 7. Gorilla family A mother gorilla will be ready to have babies when she is 10 to 12 years old. The female will remain pregnant for 8 to 9.5 months and they will usually have the total of 3 babies throughout their whole life time. A newborn gorilla can weigh about 3 to 4 pounds (1.4 to 1.8 kg). This is how big they are when they are first born (that is like the half the weight of a newborn human baby. When it comes to a baby a female has to be very careful when they nurture their baby. A baby gorilla can learn how to crawl in about 2 months that is much earlier than a human baby will learn how to crawl. They can even learn how to walk way easier than humans do to. In 4 months that will be the time when they will start to climb on their mothers back. A female gorilla will fed their baby milk for the first 1 years of the babies life. When they start to get older than that will be the time when they start to build their very own sleeping nests and they normally make them out of lots of trees and bushes. During that time