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  • 1. OCR Media Studies AS Level Unit G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Preliminary Task, Log Book and Evaluation Name: Jordan Brace Candidate Number: 6118 Center Name: St. Pauls Catholic College Center Number: 64770 Set Brief - Print Music Magazine Production Preliminary Task Progression, Log Book and Evaluation

2. Preliminary Task Progression Evidence Front Cover Step-by-step 1.First I made a banner in the St Paul's Colors to reflect it was a school magazine using a simple shape tool and then blurring the edge for the seen effect 2. I then added my masthead and magazine name SPC.Magazine 3.From there I added the St.Pauls logo to add some association to the school. 3. 4.I then included my magazine website link and Strapline. 5. From here I added some synergy through the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter idents. 6. I then inserted the magazine cost, barcode and issue number to make it seem realistic and professional. 4. 7.From here I added my puff and competition involving winning an Apple iPod, a product the readers would aspire to have. 8. I then added my background image and main picture for my magazine. 9. After that I added my main headline Year 7 Flies by! in bold, large text. 10. I finally added the rest of my stories to make my page more attractive and fuller in content. 5. This is my final Front Cover after making key changes I have now completed the work Some of the corrections I made were moving around some key stories and adding new images relevant to those stories. I also changed the background to make it more appealing and also took a better photo to make it clear to see what it represents I also adapted my puff to make it more eye catching and appealing to my audience. 6. Preliminary Task Progression Evidence Contents Page Step-by-step 1. I initially started off with my plain banner from my front page after hiding the other conventions. 2.From here I duplicated my Masthead logo to increase the brand identity of the magazine. 3.I then entered my two features headers for my stories to differentiate the content of the magazine. 7. 4.I then added my editorial box and editor picture, which I created using a simple shape tool. 5.I then entered my editorial, which I typed in word, and added a drop capital and ensured was wrapped around the image using the Pen Tool (P) 6.I then placed in a scanned version of my signature and then added social media links to my page because it gave synergy to the magazine. 8. 7.Next, I added my stories with page numbers and headers, as well as the sub line summaries. 8.I then added my puff/ competition to the magazine page to give the readers an incentive to turn over the page. 9. I next included pictures to the page which relate to the stories within the magazine. 10. Finally, I added a by line to the picture to give some context and inform the readers of what it represents. 9. I changed around some of my images to make them suit the page better and fill the required space better. I also added some page numbers on to the images so that readers know where each story is to their relevant image. This is my final Contents page and as you can see I have made various corrections to make it look as good as possible. 10. Section 1) Log Book 11. Q Magazine Research I researched in to Q magazine because it is a very generic and conventional music magazine and by looking into its codes and conventions it gave me a clear idea as to what a good magazine should contain and also what separates a good magazine from a bad one. 12. Qs Logo Clear but not full shown as due to its popularity people can recognize the logo without its entirety Artists name clearly shown in appealing text Big image of artist with a medium long shot. This also shows star appeal (Richard Dyer) to the readers. Sub lines showing more star appeal and interesting stories Most revealing interview Shows exclusivity. Bob Dylan Special Again showing unique and exclusive stories. 13. Target Audience The target audience for Q magazine can be denoted as readers in their Mid 20s, both male and female (Hartley), who are decently educated and like soft rock music and value the magazines views and opinions on well known bands and follow it like a prestigious music bible. They usually would be very opinionated on all types of music and consider themselves to be better informed than others. They are predominantly Social Climbers (Maslow) and read more to Inform & Educate (Katz) themselves on the music industry/latest news than enjoy the views expressed. What is the USP of this magazine? From the research completed into this media product, I think the USP is that it is somewhat powerful. It has opinions from people of importance and generally seems to be the top dog in its magazine style and in that people follow what it says and once they have been told what Q thinks they promote this opinion/ view and denounce any other view because it has no prestigious values to it even though it could be equally important this is shown in that Q is one of the highest selling music magazines in the UK and has almost a cult following. 14. Publisher research http://magazines.bauermediaadvertising.com/magazines/detail/Q http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/brands/q Q magazine is the UKs number one purchased music magazine. It mainly focus on having high quality and having a personal character. This is shown through intricate dialogue and high detail reporting with impressive photography and an sense of humor to finish. Q also stands as an authority figure in the music world. To be in or part of Q magazine is a prestigious achievement and only the best of the best make it there. Q is for music that is important for the people that made it important. It has a very exclusive and high profile attitude. Q has a major influence too. It can make or break artists and what they say is read and influences people all over the world. Qs constant access to high profile artists and celebrities in the world of rock and roll is paramount to its success and is matched by no other Qs audience is on average for people in their mid 20s and both sexs 15. Music Magazine Genre research Due to Elektro being an American magazine I decided to do more local genre research in UK Magazines Mixmag and DJ Mag as they are similar. Both these magazines have a readership level of around 10,000-100,000 fans as shown by the social media ratings. 16. Established Magazine for my Research They all have massive images of the main artist and then usually the artists name in another large text. There is then lots of small text listing the names of artists featuring in the magazine. These are usually big names in the genre and so are used as star appeal. 17. Clear bold masthead to denote what magazine it is called. List of artists mentioned within the magazine and neatly positioned around the main image. Bar-code to show cover, magazi ne price et. Big eye capturing picture of artists in a close up over high angle shot. Main Headline is unique as it seems to denote support and enthusiasm towards the group. This also conveys star appeal (Richard Dyer) to the readers. 18. Target Audience The target audience for Elektro magazine can be denoted as people or fans that would read Elektro, stereotypically white working class 18-25 year old males (Hartley) who generally listen to their music to have a good time and escape or use the music as a Diversion (Katz) from their reality to immerse themselves in an altered reality and just enjoy the music. Many people join the genre of music by exploring (Maslow) into the music style to show their alternative preferred choice as it is a niche market and so fans usually go to events as groups or conform together to spread their shared interest. The socio economic needs of readers show they are typically C2-D and are usually lower working class more common people rather than upper class. What is the USP of this magazine? From the research completed into this media product, I think the USP of Elektro is that it is one of the very few magazines promoting and showing an interest to this genre and even its coverage is limited to four copies a year, which is a small circulation compared to magazines like NME or Q. Elektro is also unique because its opinions always relate to the fans and they always have the best artists (Star Appeal) around in their features and rarely disappoint those who enjoy their work. The magazines also appealing to its readers because it gives an in depth look into the lifestyle of the musicians and also the lifestyle being a raver provides giving those who are passionate about their music something to relate to. 19. Publisher research After researching Elektro Magazine I found very little information on their publisher and target audience but after looking into the general areas of the music genre I have found more than enough relevant data on age ranges and socio- economic needs for fans of this genre and also from my own knowledge to fill in grey areas. I know that Electro/EDM being a newer genre of music the age ranges which know and enjoy it at the oldest will stereotypically be in their early 30s with the odd exception of older fans but mainly the age range is 18-25 as this is a prime age in which people constantly binge drink and if interested join the rave scene. But more recently the age range is becoming younger with company's springing up which hold under 18 events such as BPM and Technicity bringing in the rave mentality to a younger audience but unfortunately this includes dark side of raving which is drugs and this has caused many casualties since. The Elektro/rave scene is generally a working class area because it was originally a cheap but good night out but there are more upper and middle class fans becoming a part of the genre. 20. Magazine Names Magazine Name Ideas Basshead E.S.R.R. Off Beat Haz ard Alt. Hardcore fans known as Bassheads Bass orientated Music Abbreviation of Altered meaning different/unique Alt is a computer key. EDM/Dance/DnB are electronic/ made on computers Edgy, Different, Slightly Dangerous- Describes the genre well Means different Beats are key in the Genres BPM- Beats Per Minute Off is good because because Raves etc. tend to Go OffEat Sleep Rave Repeat- Well known phrase to ravers alike Describes the music as a way of life Short snappy and easily relatable 21. Masthead Preview The verbal code E.S.S.R connotes the very techno and space like view of the genre, because it is a new style of music and it uses technology to create be created it is usually related with being funky, unique and original items hence all the bright colours and weird images. I chose the current font because it is bold and stands out meaning readers will notice it and gain an interest in the magazine also I decided I would use a dark purple colour for my font because it is eye catching and is commonly used for strobe lighting in the rave scene making it a relatable colour.