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These are four of my favorite apps that I use for learning. The apps included are Feedly, Downcast, OverDrive, and iTunes U.


<ul><li> 1. A Few of my Favorite Things </li></ul> <p> 2. Real-Time Content 3. Websites/Blogs/News Feeds 4. Going to individual sites to read about the latest information is time consuming. 5. Feedly: RSS Reader Receive updates to web-based content of interest in one place. Subscribe, Read, and Share Apple Store 6. The key to finding an RSS feed is looking for an image that looks like one of these. 7. RSS Icon 8. Podcasts 9. Podcasts A digital audio file 10. Downcast Listen to your favorite podcasts on your mobile device without having to sync with iTunes. Apple Store 11. eBooks and Audio Books 12. OverDrive Enjoy eBooks, audio books, and videos anytime, anywhere. Add your library membership and borrow for free! Apple Store 13. Add Libraries Select Library 14. Choose Books Search for favorite books and check out, put on hold, or save to a wish list. After the check out period, the book will be removed from your device. 15. Classes 16. What do you want to learn? 17. iTunes U Free educational course content from many colleges and universities, non-profit educational institutions, and K-12 organizations. Apple Store 18. Browse the Catalog Subscribe 19. Magister semper ipsum Teacher always the student </p>


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