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  • 1. At the end of the session, the participants should be able to : OBJECTIVES: describe the 21st century teachers and learners; identify ways to develop the skills of a 21st century teachers and learners; develop personal plan of action to promote 21st century teaching and learning .3 2 1

2. Listen to the conversation of the 2 characters and be able to tell the group what they are saying about ACTIVITY 1 3. QUESTION: What is the main focus of the conversation?1 4. ACTIVITY 2 Group yourselves into 4. Two groups (1&2) will draw a caricature of the 21st century teacher and the other 2 groups (3&4) will draw the 21st century learners. Choose a representative from your group to show and explain your output. 3 2 1 Task : 5. QUESTIONS: 1. How did you feel about your drawing? 2. What common characteristics of a 21st century teacher/learners were surfaced? 3. How can these skills be developed by the teachers/learners? 4. How do you assess yourself in relation to these expectations? 5. What insights have you gained from this session ? 6. Curriculum Exits 7. Characteristics 21st Century Learner 1. Want to have a say in their education. 2. Often have higher levels of digital literacy than their parents or teachers. 3. Expect transparency in their parents, teachers and mentors. 4. Want you to tell them when you have messed up, apologize for it, and move on. 8. Characteristics 21st Century Learner 5. Dont care as much about having a job as they do about making a difference. 6. Demand the freedom to show their wild creativity. 7. Want to connect with others in real time on their own terms. 8. Collaborate amazingly well. 9. Really can multi-task. 10.Appreciate a trial and error approach to learning new skills. 9. Characteristics 21st Century Learner 11.Learn by doing 12.Have a can do attitude 13.Thrive in an atmosphere of controlled challenge. 14.Have multicultural awareness and appreciation. 15.Open to change. 16.Are equal parts consumer and creator. 17.Increasingly aware of the world around them. 10. Characteristics of the 21st Century Learner 18.Know where to go to find information. 19.Are better educated than any generation before them. 20.Expect inter-disciplinarity 21.Know that they are the future. 11. Characteristics 21st Century Educator The 21st century Educator The Adaptor The Communicator The Visionary The Learner The Leader The Model The Collaborator The Risk Taker 12. 1 Anticipates the Future. Characteristics 21st Century Educator 13. 2 Life Long learner Characteristics 21st Century Educator 14. 3 Fosters peer relationships Characteristics 21st Century Educator Teacher must model and demand courtesy, communication and respect. 15. 4 Can teach and assess all levels of learners. Characteristics 21st Century Educator assess where each and every student they teach is at relative to Learning Ability and Commitment to Learning. To be an effective 21st-century teacher, a teacher must first possess the very same 21st-century skills that their students are expected to have. 16. Your own footer Your Logo The Concept of Individual Differences 17. THE CHILDREN WE TEACH: 18. THE CHILDREN WE TEACH: 19. THE CHILDREN WE TEACH: The sad child needs me desperately. I must give him all the comfort and security I have to give. The bold child I like for his vigorous ways. He needs toning down but not the extinction of his personality. The shy child is only waiting for my warm affection to wipe away the film that hides his true and lovely personality. 20. THE CHILDREN WE TEACH: The good child is a constant source of joy to me. I must help him become even better. The bad child is not really bad --only neglected and misguided. I must give him the attention and guidance to get back on the right track. These children are like melodies that must be finished. 21. 4 Is able to discern effective vs. non-effective technology Characteristics 21st Century Educator The effective 21st-century teacher will need to be adept in judging the educative and non- educative use of technologies made available to them and to their students at school and at home. 22. 1- Maintain good communication skills A successful teacher is one that is able to build a rapport with his /her students, one that can easily connect with his learners and feel their needs as individuals. Open and clear communication is the key to develop a healthy friendly learning atmosphere inside your class. 23. 2- Getting students engagement. Use interesting educational games and activities, use technology and multimedia resources and finally make your teaching student-centred and try your maximum to relate what you teach to students immediate environment. 24. 3- Use Humour maintain the right balance between instruction and joking and don't let your whole class become an hour long comedy routine. 25. 4- Act don't react Learn their game and play it with them carefully. 26. 5- Be clear and precise in your instructions. 27. 6- Give room to individualized learning 28. 7- Positive feedback 29. 8- Involve students in decision making Students tend to do great when they feel they are trusted and that they are real parts in the learning / teaching operation. 30. 9- Use peer learning 31. 10- Love your subject/ job 32. Your own footer Your Logo Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. 33. STOP START CONTINUE Prepare a plan of action on the things that you will stop doing, start doing and continue doing in relation to your role as 21st century teachers. Use the template below : 34. Overcoming Resistance to Change 35. If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow. 36. THANK YOU! Your Logo MARIGEN N. LEOSALA Education Program Supervisor Information Communication Technology