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Production diary Mary medrana

Production diary week 1 of ancillary tasks

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Page 1: Production diary   week 1 of ancillary tasks

Production diaryMary medrana

Page 2: Production diary   week 1 of ancillary tasks

Album advertisement first draft

I have created the first draft for one of my two ancillary tasks which is the magazine advertisement for the album of my music video. As I am still unsure about the song I am going to choose for my music video therefore I have created just the outline and template briefly of how my album advertisement poster would look like and the colour scheme is still not chosen as I will decide that aspect once I have inserted all of the images and fonts so that they all tie in well together. When it comes to creating an actual second draft of it, I will then hopefully have chosen a song to use with some images which I will be able to insert into the template. I created this template using the software InDesign. This is the most appropriate software to use for creating my album advertisement because it includes tools which will help me with the precision of all the aspects in the poster including the mastheads so that they are all a line to make the poster appear more professional.

Page 3: Production diary   week 1 of ancillary tasks


I have used the fonts: Candara for the most important aspects of the poster including the artist and album names. I have also used the font Agency FB for the less important elements of the poster that does not need to be seen as much as the main mastheads. This includes the website and the review.

Although these fonts are plain and simple, they are very effective as they can be easily seen and recognised.

I have decided that these are not my final choices of fonts as they are still part of the template draft but they are there for the meanwhile until I find what song and images to use so that I can fit the appropriate fonts onto the poster.


Agency FB

Page 4: Production diary   week 1 of ancillary tasks


To create the stars for the reviews, I used the rectangle tool. I was taught how to create it by my teacher who explained that we had to use the arrow keys to achieve the star look. I also used the rectangle tool to create the template for where my image will go. It is just a plain black square but will be filled in with an appropriate image. This tool was also appropriate to use for the dots in between the different ways to access the album. This was used to separate them out and make it look more clean-cut and organised.