Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 due for 2015

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  1. 1. 0'1TH F:J T Wi-Am simplifies 2290 tax filings
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  3. 3. AUTHORIZD'll ll:5 77./5 PROVIDER. ckDL; e'stall-3 lUl| l us 22901; l| l'10S Q ' r- ,x /ff?W Tl W msimplifies 2290 tax filings
  4. 4. E-file 2290 taxTruckDues. com simplifies your 2290 tax filing process! 6) Easy and Simple Steps! @ Quick and Fast process 6) Schedule 1 in minutes Free Help available
  5. 5. Simple StepsComplete your 2290 tax return in 3 simple steps. 0 Create your specialized account 9 Fill in your Vehicle Data 9 Efi| e your return
  6. 6. Schedule 1 in minutesWhen you efi| e through TruckDues. com,you can receive your stamped Schedule 1 Proof in just minutes after transmitting your tax return to the IRS. No more waiting for mails,instant Sch-1 copies
  7. 7. Correct mistakes,OnlinelTypo error in your V| Nl= l and you can correct it online for FREE*Yes!VIN Correction is absolutely FREE* to e-file and get it correctedC1 .3" Vehicle Credits! Add I/ Our Veh [ .your mx Habmltcieesfredlts and adjustWhvpava d amount "'I t g andpuf/ the aunt? ! E ax
  8. 8. Claim Vehicle Credits! Add your Vehicle Credits and adjust your tax liabilities. Why pay and wait for refund from IRS?adjust your credits with the tax amount and pay the balance!
  9. 9. 2290 claims,OnlineFile your 2290, Vehicle Claims online using Form 8849, Sch6 return. Faster Refunds and Quick Response.
  10. 10. AUTHORIZD'll ll:5 77./5 PROVIDER. ckDL; e'sI-cpl! -3 lUl| l us 22901; f| l'10S Q ' r-r ,x /zffr ml ll to liisimplifies 2290 tax filings