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Slide 2 S.C. FAUR S.A. Slide 3 COMPANYINFORMATION Historical n Organizational structure Organizational structure Organizational structure n Quality certification Quality certification Quality certification PRODUCTS AND REFERENCES n List of products List of products List of products n Interest and possibilities of co-operation n List of customers List of customers List of customers S.C. FAUR S.A. 256 Basarabia Blvd., 3 Bucharest 030352 ROMANIA tel: + 255.02.75 fax: + Web: E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] S.C. FAUR S.A. 256 Basarabia Blvd., 3 Bucharest 030352 ROMANIA tel: + 255.02.75 fax: + Web: E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] Slide 4 The firm was found in 1921 by the Romanian engineer Nicolae Malaxa as a mobile workshop for rolling stock repairs. In the next period of time it became a giant of the Romanian industry manufacturing: steam locomotives, motor-railers, Diesel engines, brake equipment, special alloy steels and rolled pipes. In 1928 was delivered the first steam locomotive. Since 1934 was started the manufacturing of motor-railers with 2, 4 and 8 axles. In 1936 was built the first Diesel locomotive of 120 HP. Till 1948 were manufactured 478 steam locomotives and 250 motor-railers. After 1948 till 2003 it extended the range of manufacturing becoming a well known supplier for: rolling stock, Diesel engines, complex equipment castings and forgings. In the year 2003 the Company has been privatized, the actual owner is BEGA Group. Since than, the company has been restructured and developed the activity of complex metallic equipment for cement, energy, chemical and petrochemical industry, the forged and machined types of manufacturing of cardan shafts and components of cardan shafts as well as for repairing of cardan shafts, diesel hydraulic locomotives, petroleum drilling groups, thermal engines. S.C. FAUR S.A. Company background Slide 5 S.C. FAUR S.A. Organizational structure ROLLING STOCK REPAIRS ROLLING STOCK REPAIRS S.C. FAUR S.A. COMPLEX EQUIPMENT STRUCTURES SECTIONS COMPLEX EQUIPMENT STRUCTURES SECTIONS CARDAN SHAFT COMPONENTS SECTION CARDAN SHAFT COMPONENTS SECTION FORGING SECTION FORGING SECTION ELECTROPLATIN Slide 6 S.C. FAUR S.A. Quality FAUR S.A. maintains its production to a high technical and quality level, by the next certifications : n ISO n ISO 9001:2000 n SREN n SREN 18001,14001 n TUV, n TUV, AFER Working in accordance with these standards means work as an integrated team, with a single view: Obtain Total Customer Satisfaction Slide 7 S.C. FAUR S.A. List of products Complex equipment - Equipment for metallurgyEquipment for metallurgy - Equipment for cement factoriesEquipment for cement factories - Equipment for chemistryEquipment for chemistry - Equipment for welding constructionsEquipment for welding constructions Diesel engines, power sets and generating sets, repairs Forgings - Non ferrous partsNon ferrous parts - Stamped partsStamped parts Rolling stock - Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives ( LDH)Locomotives - Power coaches and track machinesPower coaches and track machines - Other productsOther products Electroplating Electroplating - galvanizing -chromium plating Slide 8 S.C. FAUR S.A. Complex equipment n Equipment n Equipment for the metallurgy: - equipment for furnaces with capacity of: 1000 m3, 1700 m3, 2700 m3, 3500m3 - equipment for rolling mill - equipment for continuous casting - equipment for storehouse - equipment for coking plant - reducers of various types Slide 9 S.C. FAUR S.A. Complex equipment Equipment for cement factories with capacities between 800 - 3200 to/day - ball mills for grinding the cement - rotary kilns - grate coolers - stockpile forming machine Stacker - stockpile hoisting machine Reclaimer Slide 10 n Equipment n Equipment for chemistry and petrol chemistry: - spherical tanks (600 - 5000 m3) - Repairs of compressors with pistons - tyres vulcanize of 45, 55, 63 1/2. Slide 11 S.C. FAUR S.A. Complex equipment n The n The welding constructions constructions shops are provided with the following capabilities: n rolling n oxy-gas n pattern n pattern cutting machine n oxy-gas n oxy-gas with plasma Slide 12 S.C. FAUR S.A. Complex equipment n Welding n Welding constructions capabilities: n processing n processing equipments: - rolls: 180, L=1800 mm, g=10 mm 250, L=2000 mm, g=12 mm 450, L=4000 mm, g=28 mm - Ox gas cutting with plasma, with CNC Zinser 5003, max. dimensions: 300 x 3000 x 8000 - chamfering machines - max. diameter: L = 11 000 mm; L = 6 000mm. Slide 13 S.C. FAUR S.A. Diesel engines Generating and power sets, repairs n Based n Based on MTU Germany license documentation (320-1250 HP, for: heavy vehicles, transportable drilling sets, generator sets, locomotives on the Maybach - Benz Germany license documentation (175 - 920 HP), for: drilling sets, generators sets, locomotives, n Stationary, n Stationary, continuous or stand-by duty generators sets, (250 - 800 kV ) n Power n Power sets for drilling installations, Spare parts Slide 14 S.C. FAUR S.A. Forging section n Equipment: n Equipment: forging hammers of 0.2 - 4 TP; die hammers of 1 - 40 TP; maxi presses of 13 - 40 MN n Forged n Forged and die cast parts from: carbon steel, alloys steels, high speed steels, alloys of Al and brass n Hammer n Hammer forging: max. weight 12 To; die pieces: max. weight 400 kg n Monthly n Monthly capacity: 300 To n Heat n Heat treatments: relaxation, annealing hardening, normalizing tempering Slide 15 S.C. FAUR S.A. Rolling stock Repairs and trans (modernising) revemping n Locomotives: - Diesel hydraulic (100-2400 HP) - Diesel electric (1000-1500 HP) Applications: shunting, freight and passenger trains Slide 16 S.C. FAUR S.A. S.C. FAUR S.A. Rolling stock repairs and trans (modernizing) revamping n Railcars: - Diesel mechanical and Diesel hydro mechanical types - output: 200 - 400 HP n Track n Track machines: - Loading and transport railcars Slide 17 S.C. FAUR S.A Trams Manufacturing/Modernizing and Rolling stock repairs n Other products: - repairs of snow plug -repairs and revamping of trams, type V3A - cardan shafts - axle drives - components and spare parts Slide 18 S.C. FAUR S.A. Platings n Fabrication type- metallically plating: n White and yellow electrolytic zinc coating (max. 1900mm) n Copper coating: max. dimensions 1600mmx500mmx500mm; max 50kg; n Nickel plating: -max. dimensions 1400x500x500mm; -max. weight: 25Kg; n Browning: - max. dimensions 1800x500x500mm; -max. weight 50kg; n Pistons anodizing n Pistons plumbaginous n Hard-chromium plating - max diameter: 500mmx3000mm; n Decorative chromium plating: -max 400mmx500mmx400mm n Pickling and passivation of copper alloys and brass n Polishing Slide 19 S.C. FAUR S.A. Technical Endowment Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 Slide 24 Slide 25 S.C. FAUR S.A. Quality System Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28