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7/23/2019 Retaining Wall Proposal 1/2


 This has reference to the strengthening of the existing retaining walls in

the above project. As per the proposal given by the consultant theexisting retaining wall is to be strengthened by adding additional

concrete and reinforcement from the outer side of the wall. The outer

side of the wall is to be roughened and provided with stitching

reinforcement to take up the new concrete. Additional layer of

waterproong and its protection is further done on this side.

As per the site conditions existing retaining wall is too close to the

excavated surface. At places it is as low as 75mm. The existing raft and

bottom of the wall is covered with mud and fallen material from the

excavated surface.

!leaning out the portion behind the retaining wall is a very di"cult and

time consuming task owing to the inaccessibility of the area. #achine

movement in these areas is also not possible. #oreover activities of

roughening$ anchoring for stitching$ tying reinforcement$ shuttering and

concreting will be very di"cult to execute owing to the space constraints.

%urther it will be very di"cult to achieve the continuity of the existing

waterproong membrane below the existing raft$ and the external

waterproong layer will be susceptible to leakage. This may deteriorate

the wall in the long run.

&ue to the numerous di"culties and apprehensions noted above we

would like to suggest an alternative to ease out the things and speed up

the progress of work. As the existing wall is susceptible to damage in the

long run due to leakage we suggest that it should be neglected and a

new wall be built inside the existing wall. This would also ensure that the

waterproong layer is continuous. An indicative sketch is attached along

with for your review and consideration.

'e feel that with this option we can ease out the construction di"culties

and save a lot of e(ort and construction time. Also this option can further

add to better safety and durability of the structure in the long run.

'ould re)uest you to kindly review the same and take it up with the

consultant to work out a solution which can be more construction friendly

in the existing adverse site conditions.

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