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Main product

and ancillary

texts?Used a variety of techniques in order to gain

consistency throughout my promotional package

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Font Style DELILAH


Film trailer

Throughout my packages I used the same font styles to portray a sense of continuity and brand identity. Using the ‘MoonFlower’ font off it portrayed a handwritten element which was very personal and unique reflecting that of our independent genre.

Adapting different themes to that same font style to match with each of my media products. As for the poster I changed the style to white to stand out with a hint of emboss.

As for my magazine cover I used a different block font which was spread out but bold of r the masthead. Still playing on the simplistic theme I wanted to portray through my media constructions

To get a sense of brand identity I used the same font style on throughout, echoing the logo for the film ‘Delilah’ on all my media products. Matching the colours and format from the trailer title reference at the end on my Poster to anchor each other.

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PosterKey Image

Magazine Film Trailer

I tried to gain a sense of repetition of the characters emotion in each, trying to interpret the same clothing in both the poster and magazine which reflected a still from the film trailer. Using the jacket and same clothes from one still shot to act as a pin point for a section in the trailer.

In my magazine and poster I wanted the key character to be the main aspect of each, reflecting the connotations of her name Delilah. Showing she is the key protagonist in the film.

In order to have a cohesive package all the medias had to link together, that’s why in each I focused on the main character and tried to show how she was confused but the events that happen to her in the trailer.

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Colour Scheme

Film Still


I looked up my colour schemes for each media products using Adobe Kuler. Aiming to have match them having them all of a neutral tone with pinks and blue’s which reflect a calming and inviting tone.

The main colour I wanted to include was blue purely because it reflects a trustworthy and authoritative tone.

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GenreOn my poster design I included the unconventional tagline to define the romance genre on how it’s against stereotypical romance conventions. Having a more realistic approach to romance films which don’t end up with a happy ending.

On my magazine I visually made it obvious of it’s target market by adding the ‘Independent film magazine’ showing that the film is of an independent genre.

On my trailer there are a variety of things in which portray my genre through props, light leaks etc.