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  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet


    ZXDual-purpose orage wagons


  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Hydraulic hinged ront fap

    Camless EasyFlow pick-up

    Massive cut-and- eed rotor with wide Hardox plated tines

    Central kni e selection system activates 0, 23, 46 knives

    Steel foor slopes to the ront

    Split chain-and-slat foor with fat link chains

    Discharge roller overload protection through main drivesha t

    EBS electronic braking option

    KRONE ZXSel -loading or harvester loadedorage wagons

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    ZX is KRONEs range o versatileorage wagons, which serve twopurposes to boost your proftability.

    The pick-up unit 4

    The rotor cutter 6

    The cutting system 10

    The load area 14ZX 400 GL, ZX 450 GL,ZX 550 GL 18

    ZX 400 GD, ZX 450 GD,ZX 550 GD 20

    Operation 22

    The running gear 24 Attaching to the tractor 28

    Technical Data 30

    ZX 10/11 |

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/044

    ZXThe better way o orage harvesting


    E cient



    | ZX 10/11

    ZX the high-capacity range

    Model Discharge rollers BodyworkCapacity

    (DIN 11714)No. oknives

    ZX 400 GL Solid steel 38 m 3 (1,341 t) 46

    ZX 400 GD + Solid steel 38 m 3 (1,341 t) 46

    ZX 450 GL Solid steel 43 m 3 (1,518 t) 46

    ZX 450 GD + Solid steel 43 m 3 (1,518 t) 46

    ZX 550 GL Solid steel 53 m3

    (1,871 t) 46ZX 550 GD + Solid steel 53 m 3 (1,870 t) 46

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Unloading without discharge rollersThe dual-purpose ZX 400 GL, ZX 450 GL, ZX 550 GLmodels are high-capacity machines with rigid steelsides, which ensure your valuable crop is clampedwithout loss. The two power ul chain-and-slat foorsare driven by separate motors and move the materialto the rear and through the huge opening, minimizingthe amount o time spent on the clamp and maximizingyour e ciency.

    One machine many applications Viable arming and contracting means boosting e fciency, cutting

    costs and utilizing machinery to its ull potential all yearround. This is the backdrop against which KRONE developed

    the ZX combination wagons. These orage wagons serve

    two purposes equally well, either running alongside or

    behind the orage harvester or loading crops by themselves using their pick-up system.

    ZX 10/11 |

    Nothing is lostLacking cross hoops and ropes as well as sliding tarp,the ZX models o er excellent loading rom a orageharvester, allowing the stream o crop fowing rom thechute into every corner o the loading space.

    Unloading via discharge rollersTheir rigid steel structure and up to three discharge

    rollers make the ZX 400 GD, ZX 450 GD, ZX 550 GDmodels very versatile machines, which unload thematerial in uni orm mats to reduce the workload on theclamp and provide the best conditions or high-qualitysilage.

    Picking up ast and cleanlyThe camless EasyFlow pick-up eatures a massive rotor

    cutter, which produces nominal chop lengths o 37 mm(1.5"), making ZX a ull-fedged and high-capacity sel -loading orage wagon with a cutting system just thekind o high-output system contractors ask or.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/046

    EasyFlowThe camless pick-up

    Leaves an impeccable sur ace

    Increases throughput and quiet running

    Reduces wear and maintenance

    (6'11") (DIN 11220) and spinning at a higher speed,EasyFlow is the sa est bet or those who seek to boosttheir e ciency.

    EasyFlow more e fcient and more e ectiveThe camless EasyFlow pick-up is KRONEs responseto the challenges posed by wide swaths, heavy cropsand high workrates. Working at a width o 2,100 mm

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Cost e ective and power ulEasyFlow is a camless pick-up that o ers obvious benefts. Using ewer moving

    parts than a controlled cam track, this system is simpler by design and givesextremely quiet running, resulting in reduced wear and there ore less maintenance

    as well as ewer service costs. Operating at a 30 % higher speed, EasyFlow is even

    more e ective and power ul now.

    ZX 10/11 |

    No cam - the better way

    This pick-up stands out or the special designo its scrapers, which allow the tines to retractand ensure a smooth and consistent fow omaterial into the machine.

    Low-maintenance drivelineThe chain is tensioned automaticallyand overload protected by a starratchet clutch.

    Roller crop guardThis parallelogram-guided rollerensures a continuous fow o crop atmaximum pick-up capacity.

    Closely spaced tinesBoasting six rows o tines spaced55 mm (2.2") apart, EasyFlow alsopicks up the short stems.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | ZX 10/11

    Excellent trackingThe pneumatic guide wheels on either side othe pick-up o er height control or adaptationto any condition. Tracking excellently behindthe tractor during headland turns, the systemavoids scu ng and protects the tur .

    Absolutely adaptableThe pick-up pivots in a linkage system that pushes the unit overthe ground. Pivoting reely, the unit adapts to ground undulationsboth axially and transversely, leaving behind an absolutely cleansur ace.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    ZX 10/11 |

    Guide wheels at the rearOptional guide wheels at the rear o the

    unit enhance its overall running and ensureall material is picked up rom so t and wetground. Not running in the tractor wheelings,these height-adjustable wheels ensure thedepth o the pick-up tines is maintained.

    Plenty o ground clearanceThe articulated drawbar with double-actingram is standard speci cation and providesor a generous ground clearance o up to75 cm (2'6") enough to roll on clampswithout pushing up material.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0410

    Cut-and- eed rotorFeeding a continuous fow o crop into the machine

    Large 880 mm (2'11") diameter rotor or high-capacity loading

    Extra wide tine plates or e cient crop eed and reduced power input

    Enhanced durability rom high-tensile Hardox tine plates

    eed plates to provide gentle crop treatment, enhancedquality o cuts and reduced power input.

    Higher outputs, better cutsThe 880 mm diameter and 1,840 mm wide ZX cut-and-eed rotor eatures eight helix rows o tines to deliveran enormous per ormance. The tines eature extra wide

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Extra strong drivelineDrive power or the rotor comes rom oil-immersed spur gears that require no attentionat all. The driveline copes with highest loadsand warrants dependable operation duringthe peak season.

    Hardox or longevityThe cut-and- eed unit is exposed to thehighest strains; so we made its tine plates andscrapers rom Hardox steel to reduce wearand increase the service li e.

    Faster and easier crop eedThe ZX cut-and- eed rotor evolved rom decades o feld experience.

    It is power ul and so t on the crop as well aslow-maintenance and modest in its power

    requirement. Depending on model and

    conditions, the ZX dual-purpose orage wagons

    can be operated by 143 hp+ tractors.

    ZX 10/11 |

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0412

    The cutting system A cutting-edge concept

    Scissor-like, top-quality cuts

    Up to 46 knives cut shortest lengths o down to 37 mm (1.5")

    The automatic kni e selection system selects knivesin sets o 0, 23 or 46

    Automatic locking system, kni e changes without tools

    | ZX 10/11

    The crop is pulled over the bladesThe knives cut down their ull lengths,so the system runs easier and quieter.The wavy blades maintain their sharp-ness over extended periods o time.

    Cutting like scissorsThis technique prevents the stemsrom slipping through the small gapbetween the wide tine plates andthe knives and eliminates the risk omushing, ensuring per ect cuts.

    Individual kni e protectionEach kni e bene ts rom its ownspring-loaded protection and retractsand swings back automatically a terthe object has passed.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Operating the cutting systemrom the tractorThe operator lowers the kni e bankhydraulically to sharpen the knivesor remove potential blockages.Once the blockage is removed, thekni e bank swings back into posi-

    tion. You can also operate the unitrom the ground.

    Automatic kni e selection systemThe central kni e selection systemmakes it easy or the operator toset the desired chop length. ZXoperators can select sets o 23 or46 knives and set the nominal choplengths to 74 mm (3") or 37 mm(1.5"). 0 means the system will notchop the crop.

    Kni e ftting/removal without toolsLower the kni e bank hydraulically,move the knives to position 0, un-lock and remove them rom above its convenient and user- riendly.

    Finest quality cuts!Cutting like scissors... The secret behind this

    system, which cuts the crop like scissors, are theextremely narrow gaps between the wide tine

    plates and the spring-loaded knives. As many as

    46 knives are available to produce per ect chops.

    The central kni e selection system operates

    them in sets o 23 or 46 or quick chop length


    ZX 10/11 |

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0414

    The body with a di erenceMore capacity, easier loading

    More capacity and more uel economy rom the slopingchain-and-slat foor

    Easier unloading rom a conical body with steel foor

    Higher e ciencies rom a split chain-and-slat foor with separate motors

    Ultra-durable fat link chains

    Automatic Power Load system

    | ZX 10/11

    Automatic Power Load system A strain gauge measures the load on the cross beamthat braces the lower part o the ront wall. As soon asthe gauge senses a load and the crop density in thewagon reaches the limit, the chain-and-slat foor startsmoving automatically, lling the machine uni ormly tocapacity while keeping uel consumption low.

    Filling to capacityThe volume sensor on the ront fap at the top sensesthe degree o lling. As soon as the fap moves beyonda preset angle, the system activates the chain-and-slat foor. The operator can use either the load sensingsystem or the volume sensing system or both systemstogether.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Longer service li eExcellent results require excellent tools to accom-plish them. There ore we equipped our ZX wagonswith an extremely durable steel foor.

    Advancing to successThe ZX range was designed with the contractor in mind. The sloping chain-and-slat oor

    is an achievement that brings e fciency and easy-loading plus boosted capacity all atthe same time.

    ZX 10/11 |

    Power ul chain-and-slat oor As the chain-and-slat foor slopes at the ront it shortensthe passageway through which the crop moves into themachine. As a result, less power is required to eed thematerial into the load area and the process is asterand gentler on the crop at the same time or maximume ciency at minimum consumption.

    35 cm

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | ZX 10/11

    1. StrongThe 240 mm (9.4") high side beams are made romchannel steel and combine with a large number o high-tensile stanchions and hot-galvanised, powder coatedand plastic-laminated sides to give ultimate durabilityand strength.

    2. Pro essionalTwo chain-and-slat foors and the conical design o theload area combine to ensure smooth and ast unloading

    bracing you or wet and heavy crops.

    3. Powered rom either endThe gearboxes and their respective hydro motors areintegrated in the chassis one motor on each end andor each moving foor. The operator can double thefoors advance speed rom a spool.

    4. Flat link chainsThe our fat link chains eature massive joints andare extremely had-wearing and high-tensile. The widechain links and sprocket teeth translate into an e ectiveadvance.



    3 4

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    ZX 10/11 |

    Folding ront apThe top section o the headboard olds down 90 to provide or easier loadingrom the orage harvester. It is in vertical position when the wagon is runningalongside the orager and inclines to rear when operating as a sel -loading oragewagon. The automatic loading system is integrated in this top section.

    Spot onThe power ul LED lamp inside the body illuminates theload area or e ective work during those long working

    days into the night.

    No crop is lostYou can t this plate when using the wagon as a maizetrailer to run alongside or behind the orage harvester.The plate keeps the rotor and passageway clean andree o crops.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0418

    ZX GLDual-purpose orage wagons

    One wagon, two purposes sel -loading or loaded rom aharvester

    Sturdy steel sides and hydraulic tailboard, ew components

    Massive capacities o up to 53 m (DIN 11714)

    Hydraulic hinged ront fap

    dependable operation qualities that are crucial insilage harvesting. The ZX bodies are particularly strongand robust. Lacking top hoops and ropes, they makeper ect trailers to run in the corn harvest chain.

    Dependable in the heat o harvestThe GL models are the heavy-duty models in the ZXrange. Rated to a gross weight o up to 31 tonnes,these massive machines boast huge capacities, highestworkrates, a superior quality o cut as well as absolutely

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Its sa e, tooThis sensor switch on the tailboard stops the chain-and-slat foor as soon as the pick-up has lled the bodyto capacity. The foor automatically stops advancing toprotect the tailboard rom damage.

    Harvesting without lossesO ering capacities o 38 m to 53 m (DIN

    11714) in versatile applications and eaturingsolid steel sides and no discharge rollers, the

    ZX dual-purpose 400 GL, 450 GL, and 550 GL

    models are our contractor machines. These

    machines are designed to deliver highest levels o

    e fciency and proftability.

    ZX 10/11 |

    Cab based controlThe steel tailboard is operated by two single-actingrams on the sides a convenient and time-savingsystem.

    Clearing out e ectivelyFeaturing a wide opening tailboard, two chain-and-slatfoors as well as vertical and smooth sides, the ZX GLmodel e ectively pumps out huge masses o orage.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0420

    ZX GDDual-purpose sel -unloading orage wagons

    Heavy-duty steel sides, 32 m and 35 m capacities (DIN 11741)

    Choice o 2 or 3 large 470 mm (1'7") diameter discharge rollers

    Clutch in main drivesha t protects the rotors rom overload

    FastThe direct driveline to the discharge rollers givesdependable e ciency during the unloading process.The main drivesha t has an integral overload clutchthat protects the rotors and speeds up the unloadingprocess.

    Use ulThe side door with oldable ladder o ers convenientaccess to the load area or easy removal o any cropsthat may have been le t in the machine.

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    The chain-and-slat foor stopsautomaticallyWhen the machine is lled to capacity andmaterial starts pushing the bottom rotor to therear, the motion detector stops the advanceand the discharge rotors start o smoothly.

    The heavy-duty drivelineStrong chains and spring-loaded chaintensioners trans er the drive power e cientlyand without losses to the rollers. A motiondetector on the bottom roller shuts o thefoor to ensure smooth unloading.

    Three rotors or triple powerSpeci y your orage wagon with an optionalthird roller and an adjustable tailboard and youwill spread the material in even more uni ormmats. Studded with V-tines, the rotors spreadthe crop across the ull machine width, withthe bottom rotor spinning aster than the top

    rotors to cut down on unloading time.

    Reaping successThe frst step in making quality silage is spreading

    the material in uni orm mats on the clamp.The ZX GD models with steel sides and up to three

    large-diameter rollers at the rear unload the material

    layer by layer and across the ull length o the heap or e ective


    ZX 10/11 |

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0422

    Machine operationTailored to your needs




    CCI-ISOBUS one box or all

    The Gamma terminalThis terminal o ers operators ull ngertip control oall loading and unloading operations. Here you retrievethe number o hauls and operating hours as well asdiagnose potential mal unctions. In addition, youcontrol the automatic loading and unloading processes,lock the steered axle and activate the automatic silageadditive eed system. The backlit digital display screenprovides an excellent overview o all machine unctions.

    In addition to the ngertip control option, you can alsooperate the kni e bank rom the ground on two controlsby the side o the bank.

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Optional weighing systemThe electronic weighing system uses sensor pins

    inside the drawbar and on the tandem/tridem axle withhydraulic levelling. The system determines the weighto the unloaded material by computing the di erencebetween the load when lled to capacity and the amounto material le t inside the machine a ter unloading iscompleted.

    Practical and convenientEase o operation is as essential as high output and high e fciency. Our shockproo

    operator terminals are compact, clear-cut and easy to operate. They eature backlitbuttons to reduce operator atigue during long shi ts well into the night. The CCI terminal

    is a universal operator control unit that is compatible with a wide variety o ISOBUS

    implements rom many manu acturers.

    ZX 10/11 |

    The CCI 100 terminalCCI 100 o ers the same unctions as our Gammaterminal plus the ability to link up with other makes oISOBUS machinery. The unit o ers an ultimate levelo operator com ort including a colour touchscreen, ashut-o key that stops all current electric unctions, the

    task controller or job data processing and inputs or anextra joystick (AUX) and a CCTV camera.

    ISOBUS tractor terminalThe ISOBUS terminal or the tractor o ers the extra

    eature o having the steered axle locked automaticallywhen reversing the combination or when exceeding apreset speed (e.g. 30 km/hr (18 mph)).

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0424

    Tandem axleHydraulic auto-levelling

    No rolling and maximum stability on the slopeQuiet castering at minimized risk o rollover

    Caster steered axlesreduce rutting and tire wear

    Large tires o up to 26.5"

    The optional electronic EBS brake system eatures- ALB auto load sensitive brake power control- ABS anti-lock brake system

    - RSS roll stability support

    The systemWhen the machine is running on undulating ground, the oil

    fows rom a cylinder on the ront wheel to another cylinderon the rear wheel and vice versa. The concept o using twoseparate circuits inside one axle assembly eliminates therisk o rolling and maintains the body level at all times.

    | ZX 10/11

    Peace o mindEBS is the optional electronic brake system, which

    comprises ALB and ABS as well as RSS, a roll stabilitysystem that intervenes by braking whenever there is a risko rollover. The system warrants ZX will not roll over whenmanaging narrow bends at speed.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Gentle on the turYou can lock the caster steered rear axle via a ram toprotect the tur during headland turns and the silagewhen unloading on the clamp.

    Large 26.5" wheelsChoose between Flotation ProRadial 800/45 R 26.5 TL 174 D,Michelin Cargo X-BiB 710/50 R 26.5170 D or 750/45 R 26,5 TL 170 Dtires or the tandem axle, whichensure easy pulling, so t treadingand protection o the tur .

    Extremely adaptableThe axles bene t rom large suspension travel, therebydistributing the load uni ormly to both axles at all times.The assembly provides or easy climbing and unloadingon high and steep clamps.

    On the road o successLarge wheels and high sides pose high

    demands on the running gear. The castersteered tandem axle o ers hydraulic levelling to cater or all

    requirements and needs. The running gear o ers stability when travelling at speed and

    around corners and on slopes. KRONEs tandem axles are specialist axles and give you

    sa est and high-com ort rides.

    ZX 10/11 |

    Radial ply tyresFlotation Pro Radial800/45 R 26,5 TL 174 D

    Radial ply tyresMichelin Cargo X-BiB710/50 R 26,5 170 D

    Radial ply tyresFlotation Trac750/45 R 26,5 TL 170 D

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0426

    Tridem axle assemblyHydraulic auto-levelling

    Up to 27,000 kg (59,524.2 lbs) axle load rating distributing the load on 3 axles

    Standard on ZX 550 option on ZX 450

    Superior rides maximum stability

    Steered ront and rear axle ront axle is a li ting axle

    Option: Electronic EBS braking system including ALB, ABS andRSS unctions

    Easy rideThe six wheels on the tridem assembly give absolutelyso t treading and ull adaptation to the ground no matterwhat the conditions are like. The hydraulic auto-level-ling system between the hydraulic rams on the ront and

    rear wheels and the separate circuits make it easy orthe machine to run behind the tractor. There is no risk orolling, instead you enjoy superior stability. The machinemay be approved to 60 km/h (37 mph).

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Heavy dutyHeavy-duty axle assemblies are a

    requirement on a high-capacity machinethat is designed or swi t travels between feld

    and clamp. The ZX 450 and ZX 550 models with tridem axles,

    bottom-mount ball hitches, a 31,000 kg (68,342.6 lbs) gross weight and 40 km/h or 60 km/h

    (25 or 37 mph) maximum speeds tick every box. The heavy-duty chassis eatures hydro-pneu-

    matic suspension and hydraulic levelling to give superior stability.

    ZX 10/11 |

    Choose between radial ply FlotationTrac 750/45 R 26.5, Flotation Pro Radi-al 800/45 R 26.5 TL 174 D and MichelinCargo X-BiB 710/50 R 26.5 170 D tiresor the tridem axle. These easy-pulltires ensure so t treading and excellentprotection.

    Radial ply tyreFlotation Trac750/45 R 26,5 TL 170 D

    Radial ply tyreFlotation Pro Radial800/45 R26,5 TL 174 D

    Radial ply tyreMichelin Cargo X-BiB710/50 R 26,5 170 D

    Steered wheels A steered ront or rear axle providesexcellent tracking in every curve, pro-tecting the tur and minimizing drawbarpower.

    Forced steeringThe two steering rods are ball hitchedto either side o the drawbar and ea-ture hydraulic rams or control.

    Li ting axleRaise the ront axle by operating thesingle acting spool on the tractor. Li tthe axle during empty hauls and saveon tire costs.

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    | VarioPack 10/0428

    Tractor attachmentPractical

    Bottom-mount drawbar with higher tongue loads

    Drawbar suspension or quiet running

    Hitch ball or high operator com ort

    Suspended drawbarThe optional drawbar suspension system uses nitrogentanks on the rams to absorb all shock loadings andprovide a superior operator com ort.

    Bottom-mount drawbarThe ZX dual-purpose orage wagons have bottom-mount drawbars. In this con guration, the ball hitch onZX 450 and 550 o ers a tongue load o up to 4,000 kg(8,818.4 lbs).

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    The ideal hitchBottom mount attachment systems on orage

    wagons trans er more load to the tractors rontaxle and give the our-wheel drive system more

    grunt. The ball hitched ZX models impress by their

    quiet running and high ride com ort.

    ZX 10/11 |

    Convenient attachmentThe operator can also control the articulated drawbar romthe ground on these standard controls. So, you can watchthe hitching process.

    An ideal systemZX eatures a oldablestand. The articulateddrawbar adjustshydrau lically to thetractors hitch height.Its easy.

    K 80 hitch ballThis hitch ball o ers maximum operator com ort and minimizeswear on your equipment as the combination runs smoothlywithout jolting or experiencing shock loads. The ball hitch is arequirement on tridem axle models with orced steering.

    Hitch ringThe ID 50 mm hitch ring or pin hitch or Piton Fix is availableor the ZX 400 and 450 models and is rated to 3,000 kg(6,613.8 lbs).

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    Technical DataZX dual-purpose orage wagons

    ZX 400 GL ZX 400 GD

    DIN volume (DIN 11741) Approx. m 38 38

    Overall length Approx. mm 9.750 (32') 9.750 (32')

    Total width* Approx. mm 2.950 (9'8") 2.950 (9'8")

    Total height* Approx. mm 3.990 (13'1") 3.990 (13'1")

    Plat orm height* Approx. mm 1.700 (5'7") 1.700 (5'7")

    Track width Approx. mm 2.050 (6'9") 2.050 (6'9")

    GVWR kg / lbs 23.000 / 50,705.8(24.000 / 52,910.4)

    23.000 / 50,705.8(24.000 / 52,910.4)

    Drawbar tongue load kg / lbs 3.000 / 6,613.8(4.000 / 8,818.4)

    3.000 / 6,613.8(4.000 / 8,818.4)

    Chop length: 23 knives46 knives

    Approx. mm Approx. mm

    74 (3")37 (1.5")

    74 (3")37 (1.5")

    Pick-up width Approx. mm 2.100 (6'11") 2.100 (6'11")

    Clearance under hydr. artic drawbar Approx. mm 750 (2'6") 750 (2'6")

    Tire size on tandem axle(Option)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL

    (710/50 R 26.5 TL)(750/45 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.54 TL(710/50 R 26.5 TL)(750/45 R 26.5 TL)

    Tire size on tandem axle(Option)

    Discharge rollers 3 (2)

    Power requirement Approx. kW/hp 105 / 143 105 / 143Hydraulic tandem axle + +

    Hydraulic tridem axle

    All speci cations, weights and dimensions do not necessarily comply with standard speci cations and are therefore not binding.

    | ZX 10/11

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet



    ZX 450 GL ZX 450 GD ZX 550 GL ZX 550 GD

    43 43 53 53

    10.500 (34'5") 10.500 (34'5") 12.000 (39'4") 12.000 (39'4")

    2.950 (9'8") 2.950 (9'8") 2.950 (9'8") 2.950 (9'8")

    3.990 (13'1") 3.990 (13'1") 3.990 (13'1") 3.990 (13'1")

    1.700 (5'7") 1.700 (5'7") 1.700 (5'7") 1.700 (5'7")

    2.050 (6'9") 2.050 (6'9") 2.050 (6'9") 2.050 (6'9")

    23.000 / 50,705.8(24.000 / 52,910.4)(31.000 / 68,342.6)

    23.000 / 50,705.8(24.000 / 52,910.4)(31.000 / 68,342.6)

    31.000 / 68,342.6 31.000 / 68,342.6

    3.000 / 6,613.8(4.000 / 8,818.4)

    3.000 / 6,613.8(4.000 / 8,818.4)

    4.000 / 8,818.4 4.000 / 8,818.4

    74 (3")37 (1.5")

    74 (3")37 (1.5")

    74 (3")37 (1.5")

    74 (3")37 (1.5")

    2.100 (6'11") 2.100 (6'11") 2.100 (6'11") 2.100 (6'11")

    750 (2'6") 750 (2'6") 750 (2'6") 750 (2'6")

    800/45 R 26.5 TL

    (710/50 R 26.5 TL)(750/45 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL(710/50 R 26.5 TL)(750/45 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL

    (710/50 R 26.5 TL)(750/45 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL

    (710/50 R 26.5 TL)(750/45 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL(710/50 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL(710/50 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL(710/50 R 26.5 TL)

    800/45 R 26.5 TL(710/50 R 26.5 TL)

    3 (2) 3 (2)

    118 / 160 118 / 160 140 / 190 140 / 190+ +

    (+) (+) + +

    * Base speci cation, depending on tyres and axle assemblies ( ) Option

    ZX 10/11 |

  • 8/3/2019 Zx Leaflet


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    Media centerThe KRONE database holds thousands of documents, pictures,test reports and much more. Here you nd very detailedinformation on KRONE products that are of special interest toyou.

    Events Are you in for a KRONE live experience? Check out for KRONEevents and look at a machine on show or watch it during ademonstration. After all, there is little that is more effective thana hands-on experience.

    ServiceHere you nd all the service information you require froma point of contact at the factory to nance schemes for your

    KRONE machine as well as training schemes for staff and users.

    Download Center Are you looking for a KRONE calendar for your desktop or asmart picture for your presentation? Here, at the KRONEdownload center, you will nd plenty of useful material for a widerange of projects.

    Used MachineryKRONE often has a wide range of demonstration or exhibitmachinery on offer. This is a good site to nd your KRONE

    machine. Then contact your local KRONE dealer to arrange thedetails of a potential purchase. Parts24 / 7... This service gives you the opportunity to nd yourKRONE part at any time and without waiting. The KRONE

    Agroparts Portal has an article number and exact description forevery part. You can order the part instantly at your local KRONEdealer by sending an e-mail to Agroparts.

    KRONE shop

    Are you looking for a gift or are you a collector of farm models?Then you should denitely shop around at our KRONE shop. Wetake your orders at any time of the day.

    Discover the world at KRONE and browse through our website pagesto nd facts and gures and also new developments plus a wide rangeof services. Explore our website and nd out how versatile the KRONEworld is.


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