Yizkor - Remembrance Book 5781/2020. Yizkor Remembrance Book 5781/2020. Untethered by Rabbi Joshua Lesser

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Text of Yizkor - Remembrance Book 5781/2020. Yizkor Remembrance Book 5781/2020. Untethered by Rabbi Joshua...

  • Yizkor Remembrance Book


  • Yizkor Remembrance Book


  • Untethered by Rabbi Joshua Lesser

    The sound that escaped me When I learned of the loss Was that of a light house’s fog horn Warning me of the sharp rocks, but it was too late; Death and the aftershock of grief were unavoidable.

    When the tumult of the storm dissipated And I could take stock of the damage, I saw that one of the thick braided ropes That bound me safely to the shore Had become untethered.

    The other ropes had started to fray; I found myself at the mercy of mourning’s tide. Your memory in the wind whipped me about free and unsparing And within the gentle lapping waves rocking me side to side. How do I understand balance in these seemingly new waters?

    Out beyond, I see so many others untethered. It is hard to know if they too have been surrounded by grief’s ocean Or if their memory is no longer a fetter to a safe harbor, But a sail, or a north star leading to discovery Beyond sorrow’s horizon to a place where life and loss are in rhythm.

  • Beloved Members of Our Community

    Robert Alpern Barry Berman

    Serge Bernstein Joen Bettmann Vita Leo Brown Sherry Emory

    Suzette Cohen Jonathan Freedman

    Evelyn Gershon Herbert Gershon Lucy Grantham Ruth Grossman Danny Hecht

    Alexander Houghtaling Michael Kinsler Sherry Konter Lanny Lesser Tom Levene

    Jerrilyn Levetan Donna Lewis Arthur Levie

    Robert Needle Gary Piccola

    Art Prager Dave Schwartz Adam Shapiro

    Jerry Shure Margie Shure

    Leslie Wasmund Roger Weinstein Jane Wellborn Michael Wolffs

    Melvin Abend Barbara Chane Howard Chane Anne Faivus Remembered by The Abend Family

    Henry Adler Marie-Rose Adler Pranab Datta

    Remembered by Laurent Adler, Deblina Datta, Alia Adler & Asha Adler

    Stanley Adler Judith Adler Craig Adler

    Remembered by Marjorie Adler, Michael Fournier & Sam Fournier; Fred Adler; Stephanie Adler Braunstein, Aaron Braunstein, and Chloe & Hunter

  • Robert Alpern

    Remembered by Ken Alpern & Alison Kelly

    Ramon F. Andujar

    Remembered by George Andujar

    Oscar Arturo Barrios

    Remembered by Lisa, Charlotte, & Sonia Barrios

    Marshall Bedol Rebecca Fleischman Fred Fleischman Our ancestors from the Ascherman, Bedol, Fleischman, Gutentag, Lacy, and Meshorer Families

    Remembered by Gregg Bedol

    Leonard Berch Dorothy & Leonard Roth Jack & Sandra Horowitz Irvin Israel Lee Furman Gary Weitzkenkorn Sissy Toranto Herb Mendel Sharon Litchenthal

    Remembered by Susan Berch

    Fran Berkowitz

    Remembered by The Berkowitz and Balaji Families

    Serge Bernstein

    Remembered by Loretta Bernstein

    Vita Leo Brown

    Remembered by Robert Brown & Anna Leo

  • Ana Lucia Castillejo Álvaro Castillejo William Frank Alicia Caicedo Romero Jorge Castillejo

    Remembered by Marta-Ines Castillejo

    Marian Bloom David Bloom Esther Schrage Alfred Schrage Dan Wexler Dotsy Cohen Harry Cohen Lucy Shapiro David Shapiro Carl Shapiro Hannah Golivesky Abe Golivesky Mildred Hausman Andy Pachman

    Remembered by Dan Bloom, Barry Golivesky and Family

    Elsa Bruck Harvey Ceigler Bobbelise Ceigler Howard Harris Hilda Nathan

    Remembered by Michael Ceigler & Family

    Francine Cetron Kanwal G. Yodh Gaurang Yodh

    Remembered by the Cetron Family - Marty, Maya, Josh, Bryce, and Rachel

    Ruth Kennedy Evans Forest Lee Chancey Ray Evans Jo Kennedy Jr. Mary Jane Shackelford Roger Weinstein Susan Weinstein David Mitchell Mark DeWolfe Helen

    Remembered by Joseph Chancey

  • Alan Chasen Martha Charles Chasen Remembered by Charlie Chasen and Jamie Collins

    Rachel Cohen Davis Leland Bernard Cohen Miriam Kaufman Freedman Adalbert David Freedman

    Remembered by Dottie Cohen, The Ben-Yoar & Robinson Family

    John Cohen Golda Brenner Cohen Josephine Cohen Phyllis Stone Leon Stone David Cohen

    Remembered by Elizabeth Cohen and Richard Stone

    Rose Colbs Nathan Colbs Marvin Colbs Aaron Rekhelman Betya Rekhelman Harry Gettlin Mildred Gettlin Arik Rekhelman

    Remembered by Alison Colbs and Michael Rekhelman

    Ben D’Lugin Lorayne Rubenstein D’Lugin

    Remembered by Jay D’Lugin

    Rita Lefkowitz

    Remembered by Diane & Jim Dexter

  • Kelso Peterson Sydell Diamond Gerty Peterson Jeanette Hoffman Frances Brown Herbert Diamond

    Remembered by Jane Diamond & Tommy Peterson

    Irwin Diamond Irving Ziffer Art DeFrancis

    Remembered by Pearl & Dennis Diamond and Cori DeFrancis

    Ben Drue Marion Drue Phyllis Landres

    Remembered by Abby Drue

    Meryl Egdal Julia Podhorzer Issy Egdal Morris Podhorzer Joanie Podhorzer Morton “Billy” Bloom Don Bernstine Darlene Kasprzyk-Solomon

    Remembered by Terry Egdal, Mark Podhorzer & Hannah Podhorzer

    Norman Braverman Rose Braverman Melanie Erwin Charles Prestwood Warren Ogletree Carrie Elizabeth Ogletree Scott Braverman

    Remembered by The Prestwood-Falcon Family

  • Paul Feyer Ruth Feyer Rose Feyer Rose Kepecs Eugene Kepecs Fejer Vilmos Suzi Landmann

    Remembered by Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer

    Irene Field David Field Miksa Mechlowiz

    Remembered by Norman Field

    Irving Finn Natalie Harrison Al Korfin Sarah Jaffe Louis Jaffe Stella Gilman Charlie Gilman Marty Harrison Harriett Fisher

    Remembered by Andrea Finn & Beverly Korfin

    Golda Jean Schmidt Moses Freedman Anne Freedman Celia Epstein Freedman Herman Schmidt

    Remembered by Ariela Freedman & Elena Freedman-Hall

    Sylvia H. Friedman Oscar L. Friedman

    Remembered by Joel Friedman

    Barbara Heller Ira Streitfeld Allen Thornell

    Remembered by Glen Paul Freedman

    Barbara Engler

    Remembered by Bonnie Fry, Gordon Engler and Jackie Goldman, Nancy Greenberg & Randy Chambers

  • I. Jerry Leopold Max Fuksman Felicia Fuksman Yetta Wenick Members of the Fuksman and Lewkowitz family that perished in the Holocaust

    Remembered by Abbie Fuksman, Ron Leopold & Max Leopold

    Solomon Lebowitz Sylvia Lebowitz Neil Lebowitz Stephen Garnett

    Remembered by Amy Garnett

    Barry L. Berman Arthur W. Schlesinger Nancy Schiller Schlesinger James Schlesinger

    Remembered by Dr. Betsy Gard

    Herbert Gershon Evelyn Gershon Sam Simms Herman Simms Selma Long Barbara Long Gussie Simms Isaac Simms Jeanette Gershon Sam Gershon

    Remembered by Gina Gershon

    Gilbert Morgan Geurin Dorothy Smith Geurin Gary Michael Geurin

    Remembered by Gayanne Geurin

    Karen Geiger Dan Butt Sari Butt Michael Pestalozzi

    Remembered by Elizabeth Geiger, Alexander Diamond, and Dennis Diamond

  • Edwin S. WiseEdwin S. Wise Julia G. WiseJulia G. Wise Edwin S. Wise Jr.Edwin S. Wise Jr. Estelle GlasserEstelle Glasser Rubin GlasserRubin Glasser

    Remembered by Terry & Paul Remembered by Terry & Paul GlasserGlasser

    Felix GlicksteinFelix Glickstein Natalie Glickstein HaasNatalie Glickstein Haas

    Remembered by Remembered by Paul GlicksteinPaul Glickstein

    Abraham and Edith Goodman Pearl Tedoff

    Remembered by Joy Goodman

    Rose Gold Julius Gold Milton Gold Dr. Arthur Helfat

    Remembered by Harriet Gold

    Philip Allen Goldberg

    Remembered by Elizabeth P. Goldberg, Alex, Rebecca & Elizabeth Gold- berg; Marjorie, Carleton, Stanley & Joshua Vaughn

    Alberta Goldberg

    Remembered by Alex, Rebecca & Elizabeth Goldberg; Marjorie, Carleton, Stanley & Joshua Vaughn

    Allen Goldman Joyce Goldman

    Remembered by The Goldman Family

    Bob Goldman

    Remembered by Jackie Goldman, Nancy Greenberg & Randy Chambers

  • Flora Burrell Goldsmith Richard Goldsmith Sr. Gail Goldsmith Rose Zachary Burrell Rose

    Remembered by Richard Goldsmith

    Lucy Grantham

    Remembered by Mario Greszes, Sam Greszes, and Will Greszes

    Howard Gross Ben Gross Anita Mild Golson Michael Kinsler Rose Mild Samuel A. Mild Marilyn Berman

    Remembered by Bryan Golson & Michael Gross

    Howard Gross Ben Gross Rose Smooke Zoltan Smooke Remember the Holocaust... Never Again Remembered by Sylvia Gross and Family

    Sylvia Sprintz Henry Sprintz Shirley Hekimian Charles Sprintz Sandy Sprintz

    Remembered by Bobbi Henry

    Floranne Hilsenrad Kerr Harold Hilsenrad Hugh David Hilsenrad

    Remembered by Linda Hilsenrad & Jonathan Pierce

  • Beatrice Hymowitz Leo Hymowitz Michael Hymowitz Danielle Hymowitz Mitchell Greenbaum

    Remembered by Alan Hymowitz

    Alexander Houghtaling

    Remembered by George Houghtaling

    Dr. Otto D. Payton

    Remembered by Miriam C. Jacobs

    Beverly Jordan Lowell Sigmund

    Remembered by Jenna Jordan

    Helene Jung Albert Jung Margot Jung Bert Jung Dolph Proskauer

    Remembered by Yudit Jung

    Frederick and Ruby Kanfer Leonard and Sally Ann Ackerman Erika Goldburg

    Remembered by Ruth Kanfer and Phillip Ackerman

    Leslie J. Levy Orin J. Levy Esther Mendelson Renee Kagel Richard Kagel Amy