Year-End Clearance for Teachers

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year end clearance


<p>Department of Education</p> <p>Employee No.___________</p> <p>Republic of the Philippines</p> <p>DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONRegion IV MIMAROPA</p> <p>Division of Oriental Mindoro</p> <p>DISTRICT OF PINAMALAYAN EASTPinamalayan ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS CLEARANCE</p> <p>Name: _____________________________________</p> <p>School: ____________________________________Grade Taught: ____________________</p> <p>School Year: _________________</p> <p>I hereby certify that I have complied with the following requirements on dates specified below.REQUIREMENTSNAME &amp; SIGNATURE OF IN-CHARGEDATE SIGNED</p> <p>Form 1MAYLYN S. LIMBO</p> <p>Form 2REYNALDO L. PRIVADO</p> <p>Form 3 &amp; Property Inventory Report (from DepEd &amp; from donations)REYNALDO L. PRIVADO</p> <p>Form 4MAYLYN S. LIMBO</p> <p>Form 5 (Report on Promotion )ESMERALDA A. GARCIA</p> <p>Form 6ESMERALDA A. GARCIA</p> <p>Form 7 ESMERALDA A. GARCIA</p> <p>Performance Appraisal System for TeachersESMERALDA A. GARCIA</p> <p>Action Research &amp; Kinder ReportsLENIE F. FIESTADA</p> <p>Year End School Clearance &amp; Tax ClearanceESMERALDA A. GARCIA</p> <p>Community Tax Cert. No.________________ Date Issued: ___________________Place Issued: ______________________________ Desired Transfer: Yes No If yes, where? _________________________________________________________________ Educational Attainment: _________________________________________________ Total Experience: ______________ Present Salary: ________________________ Status: ____________________Position: __________________________ </p> <p> I shall I shall not attend summer classes this summer.</p> <p>Vacation Address: _________________________________________________________________________Contact No.: __________________</p> <p>Date Accomplished: ________________________</p> <p>____________________________ </p> <p> Signature of Teacher</p> <p>Checked &amp; Verified:</p> <p>ESMERALDA A. GARCIAHead Teacher IIPINAMALAYAN EAST DISTRICT PINAMALAYAN</p> <p> March 31,, 2015</p> <p>Respectfully forwarded to the Schools Division Superintendent, Calapan City, the herein Clearance of Mr./Mrs./Miss ___________________________________ for SY 2014-2015, recommending approval.</p> <p>ESMERALDA A. GARCIA</p> <p> Head Teacher IIAPPROVED:</p> <p>MARIA LUISA D. SERVANDO, Ph. D.</p> <p> OIC-Schools Division Superintendent</p>