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    IEE USAID Improved Busic Education Services Project (IBESP) Amendment #2


    Countl'y Code-SO: Foreign Assistance Ohjecti\'c:

    Countl'y or Ucgion: Activity Name:

    268-001 Investing in People Education Lebanon Improved Basic Education Services Project (IBESP) - UNICEr Education Programme - Access Academic Years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018

    Funding Begin: 2016 Funding End: 2018 LOP Amount: $86.000.000 Suh-Activity Amount:

    IEE Prepared by: Zcirm Salnmc, Project Mnnngement Specialist Date: January 18, 2017 IEE Amendment (Y/N): Y lf' "Ycs," Numbcr@Datc of Original IEE: ME 14-80 March 25, 2014

    and Amendment I: ME 15-60 August 14, 2015

    Environmental Media nnd/ol' llumnn llcnlth Potentially Impacted (check nil that apply): Air _ _ Water __ la11d __ Biocliversity _ _ Hw11(111 //ealth __ Other __ None _ ./_

    F.nvironmcntal Action(s) Recommended: (Check nil that apply) Categorical Exclusion: 181 Deferral: D Positive Determination: D Negative Determination Exemption: D With Conditions: D


    This is to amend an existing request fi:>r Categorical Exclusion to reflect additional work included in the project scope under project component IV, the UNICEF Education Progrnmme - Access Academic Years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, and to change the project name from New nnsic Educntion Project to Improved 13nsic E

  • ': ,. ~.~J.Q I LEBANON

    increase and sustain consistency of instructional quality for teachers und improve student integration in public schools.

    Five years into the refugee crisis in Lebanon, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children remain out of school due to lack of sufficient limding. This situation hus extremely serious implications on the lives of these children, including putting them at risk of child labor, early marriage and rccruilmcnt by extremist groups. USAID responded to this ongoing crisis by planning additional FY 2014 fitnding in the amount of $10 million for expanded access to education for vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian students in academic year 2015-2016.

    This amendment will add an additional $30 million to grnnt a nc'" awurd to UNICEF under project component IV for expanded access to education for vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian students in academic years 2016-20 17 and 2017-2018.

    The project' s components arc: I) Provide teacher training, education materials and testing; II) Provide technical assistance to the ministry through monitoring and evaluation; Ill) Provide psycho-social services, extra-curricular activities for students; and IV) Increase equitable access lo education for out-of-school children. The project activities arc not anticipated to have any significant adverse impact on the nnturnl or physical environment.


    The 113ESP does not involve any physical or infrastructural provisions, ns funds will be used to implement and provide technical assistance to the Public schools and Ministry of Education (teacher training, new sofhvare, etc ... ), as well us lo enhance and support student enrollment and integration in public schools (cost of enrollment, psycho-social services, extra-curricular, etc .. . ). Therefore, USAID's assistance under this project docs not have any cflcct on the natural or physical environment.

    The below table lists activities under the IBESP covered in this IEE ns well as the recommended threshold decisions.

    Effect on Dctcrmiti11t1011 nnd Nnturnl or

    No Activities Physicnl Reg. 216 nctlons

    Environment required

    I Improve learning outcomes for students in the No cllcct Categorical primary levels: Exclusion, no

    actions required The implementing partner will conduct an assessment of students reading nnd math abilities, assess public school teachers ' knowledge or reading and math instrnction, develop teacher training modules on reading and math instruction nnd implcmcnt trnining, develop


  • ~; ~.~AJQ I LEBANON . . Effect on

    Dctcrminntion 1111

  • ;' ~>~.~ .. ~'tQ I LEBANON . a) Recommended Action: Categorical E.\c/11sio11, Activities I, II, Ill , and IV Pursuant to 22 CFR 2 I 6.2(c)(3), the originator of the activities has determined that progrnm activities focusing on teehnical assistance and training, and other similar types or environmentally neutral actions, consist of types of interventions entirely within the cntegories listed in paragraph (c) (2), "Categorical Exclusions," of Section 216.2, "Applicability of Procedures," of Title 22 CJ:R Part 216, "A ID Environmental Procedures," and therefore nrc categorically excluded from any further environmental review requirements. The originator of the proposed action has further determined that the proposed activities arc fully within the following classes of net ions:

    Education, technical assistance, or training programs except to the extent such progrrnn includes activities directly affecting the environment (such as construction of facilities, etc.). l22 CFR 216.2(c)(2)(i)];

    Analyses, studies, academic or research workshops nnd meetings. [22 CJ:R 2 I 6.2(c)(2)(iii)J;

    Document and information transfers. (22 CPR 2 I 6.2(c)(2)(v)]; Studies, projects or programs intended to develop the capabi lily of recipient countries to

    engngc in development planning, except to the extent designed lo result in activities directly affecting the cnvironnHmt (such as construction of facilities, etc.). [22 CPR 2 l 6.2(c)(2)(xiv)].

    Resource Allocntion, Trnining nnd Reporting requirements: The award with cnch Implementer will include a requirement thnt the AOR and if needed the Mission Environmental Ofliccr, review the annual work plnn to ensure that planned activities are in line with this IEE and with the initially designed activities.

    Limitations of the IEE: This assistance docs not cover activities involving:

    I. Assistance, procurement or use or genetically modi lied organisms (GMOs). The use of GMOs will require preparation or a biosafcty assessment (review) in accordance with ADS 20 I .3. I 2.2(h) in an nmcndmcnt to the IEE approved by the Asia Bureau Environmcntnl Officer (BEO).

    2. DC/\ or GDA progrnms. 3. Procurement or use of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) (i.e., piping, roofing,

    etc ... ), Polychlorinated Bi phenyl 's (PCB) or other toxic/hazardous materials prohibited by the US EPA as provided at: ht1p://www.cpa.go,/asbc.:stos and/or under international environmental agreements and conventions, e.g., Stockholm Convention on Persistent Orgnnic Pollutants as provided at: http://chm.pops.int. procurement and use of pesticides, and procurement and use orlcad nnd mercury.

    Revisions: Pursuant to 22 CFR216.3 (a)(9), if new information becomes available which indicates tlrnt activities lo be funded by the Program might be "major" and the Program's cOcct "significant", the threshold decisions for those activities listed above with n Negative Determination will be reviewed and revised by the originator of the project and submitted to the BEO for approval and, if appropriate, un environmental assessment will be prepared.



    IEE USAID Improved Basic Education Services Project (IBESP) Amendment 112

    Title/Name Education/ Democracy, Rights and Governance Ofllce Director Christine Pagen

    Mission Environmental Oniccr Sana Saliba

    Program OITice Director Jim Harmon

    Regional Environmental Advisor/ Middle East Alexandra Hadzi-Vidanovic

    Mission Director Anne Patterson



    Cleared hy email

    Cleured by email

    Cleared by email

    Cleared by email

    Bureau Environmental n / 0 Wf1 omcer kit- ~

  • Mathias, George A

    From: Sent: To: Cc: Subjed:


    Hadzi-Vidanovic, Alexandra (ME/TS) Wednesday, February 08, 2017 8:50 AM Salame, Zeina F Sallba, Sana G Re: FW: For Clearance - IEE UNCCEF Access

    Thanks, I clear on this request for categorical exclusion.

    Best, Alexandra

    Alexandra M. Hadzi.Vldanovlc Regional Envltonmental Advisor USAID Middle East Regional Platform U.S. Consulate, Frankfurt em Main. Gennany Office: +-49 89.71135.2581 Moblle: +49175.651.2782 Noto: Frankfurt la +6 houra from Washington, DC

    On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 4:12 PM, Salame, Zeina F wrote: It doesn't include any of these things, correct.

    Best, Zeina Zeina Farhat Salame Project Management Specialist USAID/Lebanon U.S. Embassy Beirut Phone: +961.4.542 600 Ext.4640 www.usaid.gov/lb

    From: Alexandra Hadzi-Vidanovic [mailto:ahadzi-vidanovic@usaid.gov] Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 4:08 PM To: Saliba, Sana G Cc: Salame, Zeina F Subject: Re: FW: For Clearance - IEE UNICEF Access


    The additional $30m doesn't include any school rehab or construction?

    Thanks, Alex

    Alexandra M. Hadzi-Vidanovic Regional Environmental Advisor USAID Middle East Regional Platform Mathias, George A NO DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICAnON 1

  • NO DISCERNIBLE ClASSIFICAnON U.S. Consulate, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Office: +49 69.7535.2581 Mobile: +49 175.551.2762 Note: Frankfurt is +6 hours from Washington, DC

    On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 4:02 PM, Saliba, Sana G wrote: Hi Alex,

    This is a RCE amendment for your clearance. The original IEE and amendment 2 are attached. Thank you, Sana.


    From: Salame, Zeina F Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 3:55 PM To: Saliba, Sana G Cc: Pagen, Christine; Harmon, Jim; Jammal, Lena R Subject: For Clearance - IEE UNICEF Access

    Hi Sana,

    Jim cleared on the attached. Many thanks for circulating to the REA. All email clearances are attached.

    Best, Z