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  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Environmental Question & Answer for world environment day

    Question #1

    Which sector is the single-largest consumer of fresh water in India?





    Question #2

    Where is the World's largest plastic recycling plant located ?





    Question #3

    Of the following indications of the health of a water body, which is the most widely accepted means ofmeasuring how polluting an effuent is?

    [A]BOD (biological oxygen demand)

    [B]Chloroform content

    [C]COD (chemical oxygen demand)

  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Question #4

    Diesel exhaust is the main source of three highly toxic pollutants that have a widespread impact on theurban air quality and human health. Name them

    [A]Sulphur dioxide,Ammonia,Benzene

    [B]SPM,Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

    [C]Lead, NOx,CO2

    [D]Suspended particulate matter(SPM), benzene

    Question #5

    The GAP (Ganga Action Plan) a project to clean up the polluted waters of the Ganga - plans to interceptand divert municipal sewage falling into the river from 25 large urban conglomerates in thee states. Name


    [A]UP, Haryana and Punjab

    [B]Himachal Pradesh, UP, and Haryana

    [C]Orissa , Bihar and West Bengal

    [D]UP, Bihar and West Bengal

    Question #6

    . There are three different types of coal. Two of them release a great deal of pollutants into the airwhereas the third releases less smoke and is considered to be less polluting. Name this type.




  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Question #7

    Which country emits the largest amount of CO2 ?





    Question #8

    Name the gas released from landfills, decaying organic matter under shallow water in marshes and bogs,flooded paddy fields, by ruminant animals & termites, and by the burning of biomass. A molecule of this

    gas has 21 times more global warming potential than a molecule of CO2.



    [C]Sulphur dioxide

    [D]Nitrous Oxide

    Question #9

    An endangered animal, the Elephas maximus is now predominantly found in the protected wildlifesanctuaries and national parks of Kerala, Karnataka, and Orissa. Its common name is

    [A]Asian elephant

    [B]Wild buffalo

    [C]Black buck

  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Question #10

    A device is fitted to motor vehicles to chemically reduce some gases produced by internal combustionengines like NOx, CO, and HC into less harmful products. Name this device.

    [A]Tail pipe

    [B]2-stroke engines


    [D]Catalytic converter

    Question #11

    Water harvesting has emerged as a sensible method of meeting the water shortfall in a cost-effectivemanner and is now being applied in most cities to raise the groundwater levels. Water harvesting is the

    [A]Collection of rainwater in storage tanks or putting back into the soil to recharge groundwater

    [B]Collection of water from river

    [C]Harvesting of water from tubewells

    Question #12

    India generates about 4.3 million tonnes of hazardous wastes every year. Direct exposure to twochemicals in hazardous waste can cause death. Name them.

    [A]Mercury and cyanide

    [B]Cyanide and sulphur

    [C]Mercury and arsenic

    [D]Sulphur and arsenic

  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Question #13

    Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation and harvesting of freshwater or marine aquatic species of plantsand animals. Name an area along the Indian coast, where aquaculture and prawn culture activities are amajor source of coastal pollution as well as a threat to the endangered sea turtles.

    [A]East Coast, especially Orissa



    Question #14

    Name the term used to denote substances that can be broken down by micro organism.

    [A]Non biodegradable




    Question #15

    Methyl Isocyanides was leaked in Bhopal Gas Tragedy in?





  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Question #16

    This state with the largest forest cover in the country is also the second-richest in mineral deposits. Itsforests are being destroyed due to effects of open-cast mining of coal, iron ore, bauxite, and copper.Name it.

    [A]Uttar Pradesh

    [B]Himachal Pradesh

    [C]Madhya Pradesh

    [D]Arunachal Pradesh

    Question #17

    Of the following burning fossil fuels, which is considered to be the cleanest?



    [C]Natural Gas

    Question #18

    The municipal solid waste generated in India is about 40% organic matter. Composting is the best methodof disposal of organic solid waste. Where was the countrys first aerobic composting plant set up in 1992?




    Question #19

    From 1947 to 1997, the waste-water discharge by industries grew by about __ times.



  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz




    Question #20

    6. Which landmark global conference was the FIRST major step towards a global agreement ongreenhouse gas emissions reduction and the first to recognize the atmosphere as a natural resource?

    [A]The Vienna Convention in 1985

    [B]The 'Earth Summit' in Rio in 1992

    [C]The Montreal Protocol in 1987

    Question #21

    Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India?



    [C] Electric power generation

    [D] Transport

    Question #22

    In a survey recently conducted by the CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) and CPCB (CentralPollution Control Board), the groundwater samples in one-fourth of the neighborhood tested in New Delhiwere unfit for drinking. They contained high levels of two minerals that are not eliminated by ordinarywater filters and are extremely harmful at high concentrations. Name them.

    [A] Nitrate and flouride

    [B] Fluoride and arsenic

  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    [C] Mercury and zinc

    Question #23

    Hazardous waste is generated mainly by the industrial sector. It not only causes harm to the environmentbut also leads to health problems. A small percentage of the hazardous waste is also generated in thehouse. One of the following is a hazardous waste that is generated in the house.

    [A] Old batteries

    [B] Leftover foodstuff

    [C] Plastic bags

    [D] Paper

    Question #24

    Garbage can be put under four categories: organic, toxic, soiled, and recyclable. Of the organic waste, thisforms an important part.

    [A] Plastic bags

    [B] Metal

    [C] Glass

    [D] Vegetable peels

  • 7/28/2019 World Environment Day Quiz


    Question #25

    Composting is one of the oldest forms of disposal of waste. It is the natural process of decomposition of organicwaste that yields manure or compost. One of the following is added to the compost to get better results.

    [A] Snakes

    [B] Worms

    [C] Ants

    [D] Bugs

    Prepared by: Ram Kishor Verma (Environmental Officer)

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