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Work Support Strategy County Leadership. Call and Webinar April 8, 2014. Agenda. Updates Leadership Summit Discussion WSS Year 3 Planning Discussion: Supervisor Needs Food for Thought: The 8 Wastes Questions/Concerns. Updates: Meetings. Regional Meetings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Work Support Strategy County LeadershipCall and Webinar April 8,

14/8/2014www.pcghumanservices.comPCG Human ServicesAgendaUpdatesLeadership Summit DiscussionWSS Year 3 PlanningDiscussion: Supervisor NeedsFood for Thought: The 8 WastesQuestions/Concerns

2Updates: Meetings3Regional MeetingsWestern: N/ACentral: May 8-9, PinehurstEastern: May 29-30, Atlantic Beach Please let us know you are coming (email Judy, Erin, or Shannon)

What would you like to see as the next topic for discussion at the regional directors meeting?

Social Services InstituteOctober 22-25, 2014; Hickory

What special sessions would you like to see at the SSI? (ie, bring back Idaho!)

Updates: NC FAST4

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time- Creighton Abrams

Updates: Professional DevelopmentRead Articles and Books TedEx Talk: APHSA: with Each OtherRegional Directors MeetingsTwitters! @CenterOnBudget@urbaninstitute@Clasp_DC@Gatespoverty@HHSGov@APHSA1@Work_Supports

5Leadership SummitWhat was the best partWhat was a disappointmentWhat did you take home and do immediately?For those who werent able to join us, have you heard anything?What should we definitely do again?What shouldnt we do?

Materials have all been uploaded! 6

95 counties370 Attendees

Leadership Summit: Evaluation


LSummit: Its Time to Network8FailedSuccessfulAll-In UniversalInternal OSS (state)ePASSState Training (love to have training like CPS)Pair FNS with Family and Childrens Medicaid to do intake and process County too small to have separate intake and process workers/unitSeparating Interviewer from ProcessingHandling staff moraleConstantly balancing caseloadsDidnt put the right people where they needed to be (skills: dedicated, fast, knows policy, interview skills) had to restructureTriage/Customer Care at Front Desk or on phones (Universal)Internal OSS (Trainers)Blending staff even if not universalSpecialize for case maintenanceBuddy groupsEngagement of staff by letting them choose their process (ongoing case management/Intake/Changes)All workers do FNS plus one other program.Upgrade clerical to IMC (if you can) to provide more up front helpPre-planning of org. structureApplication team/Case management teamPut strongest interviewers on IntakeImproved attitudesgoing to happenworked on less complaining.Honest, empathetic approachon the same team.Better communication between programsFrequent communication (daily, weekly, at least)One point of contact for trouble shootingWSS Year 3 Action Planning9What Were Proud Of: In counties, communication across divisions, common visions, work toward common business processesUnderstanding and embracing of the concept of universalStaff tenacity and stepping up to the plate when work has needed to spill over into evenings, weekendsThe relationships we have fostered across silosIntegration, alignment, little to no ego / turf-based barriers

Lessons Learned:We need to shift thinking/language from WSS as a project to a way of life and the way business is done

Year 3: Action PlanningBuild a Culture of Staff DevelopmentAt the State and in the counties for frontline workers, supervisors, and senior leadersBuild a Culture of Data-Driven Decision-making and CQINeed to develop tools/reports and train key staff in how and why to use themNeed to build staff capacity to analyze data and use data for decision making, CQI, and to guide the business day-to-dayCounty SupportOST technical assistance providers in policy/system + organizational/operational effectivenessTrained, skilled, tooled up, with defined roles and clear missionsContinue to Strengthen WSS Infrastructure (tools)Integrated policyChange management / CQI toolkitData/IT toolsStaff development tools/curriculum

10Year 3 Planning: Discussion11What do Supervisors Need? Food for Thought: The 8 WastesOverproductionWaitingTransportationNon Value-Add Processing12

What are things we have in our every-day processes that contribute to overproduction?How much time do we lose by waiting on a customer response?How much time do we spend pushing paper? What can be eliminated?Where do we still duplicate? Why?Where are your extra touches? Quantity?13Contact SheetJudy LawrenceDHHS Project (336) 227-2063

Erin HenderlightPCG Project (828) 214-3614

14144/8/2014www.pcghumanservices.comPCG Human Services15Public Consulting Group, Inc.148 State Street, Tenth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109(617) 426-2026, 154/8/2014www.pcghumanservices.comPCG Human Services