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Customized Online Testing 2012


2History of the Work Styles Predictor (WSP)?

Online Testing to Help Identify Successful Performers for Entry-Level Jobs

The WSP Started in 2006 Designed for Assessing Job Fit. Based on Over 30 Years of Research and Actual Employee Selection Programs. First Used in Retail Setting.Today, The WSP Versions are Used in Many Industries such as:BankingManufacturingCustomer Facing/Retail


What can the WSP do for you?

The WSP Gives youInstant ResultsAbility to identify successful performers across a number of factors!

Increased ProductivityDecreased Turnover


WSP Measures Characteristics in Job Success PyramidJob Success Pyramid

Sample Competencies

Technical Skills (i.e., Job Specific Skills) May Be Added Based Upon Needs

Cooperating with OthersFocusing on CustomersConsistently Showing Teamwork

Learning New Information QuicklyApplying Information Correctly Solving Problems Effectively

ConscientiousnessArriving On Time for Work Putting Forth Effort Throughout WorkdayOperating in a Safe Manner DependabilityLearning & Problem SolvingInteracting with Others

Technical Skills4The Job Success Pyramid Underlies Most Entry-level Positions as Shown in Job Analysis Research


The WSP is The Total Solution

The WSP is Based Upon the Job Success PyramidThe WSP is Tailored to Each ClientThe WSP is Tailored for Each Job/Job GroupThe WSP is Validated Following EEO Guidelines The WSP Report for Each Candidate Includes TESTLinked Interview QuestionsJob Success Pyramid

The WSP Is the Best Solution for Selecting Entry-Level Employees Because:DependabilityLearning & Problem Solving Interacting with Others

Technical Skills5


WSP Results Overall PerformanceRetail Customer Facing Positions

73% of Employees Who Scored High On the WSP Were Evaluated As High Performing EmployeesOnly 15% of Employees Who Scored Low On the WSP Were Evaluated As High Performing Employees

Nearly Five Times More High Performing Employees identified using the WSP !



Questions & AnswersQ & As How Do Applicants Access the WSP?On Any Computer (Mac or PC) with High-speed Internet Access (Any Browser).Does the WSP Have to be Proctored?No, But We Recommend Conducting the WSP at a Company Site, to Ensure the Applicant is the Only Person Answering the WSP Questions.How Many Factors Are Typically Included in the WSP?Five to Seven Job-Related Factors (Identified Through Initial Job Analysis).How Many Questions Does a Typical the WSP Include?60-70.How Long Does the WSP Normally Take to Complete?30-35 Minutes.How Quickly Can You Get My Company up and Running on the WSP?24 Weeks.Is There Ongoing Customer Support Following Roll-out?Yes, Support Personnel Available by Telephone or Email to Assist You (Same Business Day).Are There Options for Customizing the WSP?Yes, We Can Tailor The Look (Logo, Coloring, etc.) to Match Your Companys Profile. There Are Also Options to Customize Wording for Instructions, Processes, Qualifying Scores, etc.




Series 1Percent Evaluated High Quality Employees

Sheet1Series 1Red15.0%Yellow and Green73.0%To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.


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