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Wolf Creek Community Alliance Wolf Creek is Special!. It’s all about diversity: Geography Geology Biodiversity History Human Impacts. 3,000 ft. Wolf Creek Watershed 20 miles long 50,000 acres 78 sq miles. 1,200 ft. Effects of Geography (and Geology). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Wolf Creek Community Alliance Wolf Creek is Special!

  • Wolf Creek Community AllianceWolf Creek is Special!Its all about diversity:GeographyGeologyBiodiversityHistoryHuman Impacts

  • Wolf Creek Watershed

    20 miles long

    50,000 acres

    78 sq miles

    3,000 ft1,200 ft

  • Effects of Geography (and Geology)Low Sierra mountain setting means that not much of the precipitation in the watershed falls as snowTop third of watershed flows East to WestBottom two thirds flow North to SouthGeologic diversity as well volcanic flows, granitic strata, gabbro and serpentine soils

  • BiodiversityGeography and geology provide biotic diversityThe watershed has at least seven general types of plant communitiesThe plant communities in turn support diverse animal communities

  • Plant CommunitiesAnnual Grass Blue Oak Woodland Blue Oak-Foothill Pine Closed Cone Pine-Cypress Douglas Fir Mixed Chaparral Montane Chaparral Montane Hardwood Montane Hardwood-Conifer Montane Riparian Ponderosa Pine Sierran Mixed Conifer Wet Meadow

  • Rare Plants

  • Rare Animals

  • Rare Habitat Low-Altitude Mountain Meadows

  • The Diverse History of Wolf Creek500 7000 years of continuous habitation by Maidu peoplesPeople of European Origin enter the area the Emigrant Trail runs along South Wolf CreekDiscovery of gold in Wolf CreekA hundred years of gold mining, followed by:Sixty years of recovery

  • The Diversity of ImpactsThe main reach of upper Wolf Creek, and South Fork of Wolf Creek, have been heavily effected by miningSouth Wolf Creek had almost no miningWolf Creek around Grass Valley is urbanizedSouth Wolf Creek is almost entirely rural

  • The Diversity of Possible FuturesThe Wolf Creek watershed is being rapidly developedMuch of the watershed could soon be like the urban reach in Grass ValleyThere are still open spaces that can be preservedWhat kind of future will we choose for the Wolf Creek watershed?

  • Wolf Creek Community Alliance