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References slides from H2HC 7th Edition Presentation - Without a Trace - Tony Rodrigues


  • 1. Without a Trace: What to do when it seems theres nothing to doTony Rodrigues, CISSP, CFCPinv.forense arroba gmail ponto com

2. Quem sou ? Tony Rodrigues, CISSP, CFCP, Security+ Gestor/TI e Consultor em Segurana de Informaes Perito/Investigador em Computao Forense Blog: http://forcomp.blogspot.comWithout a Trace 3. Agenda Introduo Infelizmente, no temos logs, senhor ! 10 vestgios para ganhar o dia Concluso A apresentao completa estardisponvel no site do H2HC Without a Trace 4. Referncias The Sleuth Kit http://www.sleuthkit.org/index.php Kevvie Fowler - SQL Server Forensics http://www.applicationforensics.com/ David Litchfield - Oracle Forensics http://www.ngssoftware.com / WFA http://www.mitec.cz/Downloads/WFA%20Guidance.pdf File System Forensic Analysis (Wesley, Carrier 2005) Estrutura INFO2 http://www.csisite.net/INFO2.htm Windows Forensics Analysis (H Carvey) Mandiant http://www.mandiant.com/products/free_software MoonSols (Win32dd/win64dd) http://moonsols.com/ Without a Trace 5. Referncias II SQLJuicer http://code.google.com/p/sqljuicer/ Log2Timeline http://log2timeline.net/ Shadow Explorer http://www.shadowexplorer.com/ RegRipper http://regripper.net/ Byte Investigator http://sourceforge.net/projects/byteinvestigato/ Volatility https://www.volatilesystems.com/default/volatilityWithout a Trace 6. Sugestes de Leitura http://forcomp.blogspot.com http://www.e-evidence.info Without a Trace 7. Perguntas !Importante:Perguntar Mas no eram s 10 ??? no permitido...Without a Trace 8. Obrigado ! inv.forense arroba gmail ponto com (Tony Rodrigues)Without a Trace