Windows 8 app bar and live tiles

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  • 1. Microsoft Student Partners Windows 8How to add an App BarHow to use Live Tiles

2. Who am I?Amr AbulnagaBritish University in EgyptMicrosoft Student Partner (MSP) 3. AgendaIntroduction Technical Concepts XAML App Bar Standard Styles Handling Button Click EventsLive Tiles 4. Technical Windows 8 App DevelopmentConcepts 5. Technical Concepts App Pages Data Model (Data Layer) -> Data Source Assets 6. Technical Concepts Languages Supported:WPF & C#HTML & JavaScriptWPF & C++ 7. Technical Concepts Charms Life Tiles Toast Notifications App Contracts Windows 8 Search Contract 8. XAML is a declarative markup language that simplifies creating a UI for a .NETXAML Application. Using XAML markup you can create visible elements and components 9. XAML When represented as text, XAML files are XML files that generally have the .xaml extension. The files can beencoded by any XML encoding, but encoding as UTF-8 is typical. The following example shows how you might create a button as part of a UI. This example is just intended togive you a flavor of how XAML represents common UI programming metaphors (it is not a complete sample). Adding any XAML Component to the XAML file is similar to the above example and to provide more support to thedeveloper Windows 8 comes with a lot of pre-loaded XAML controls. 10. Its a sliding bar from the bottom orfrom the top that contains controls orApp Bar settings for your application that canbe hidden away when they arentneeded. 11. How to add an App Bar To add an app bar to your app, assign an AppBar control to the TopAppBar or BottomAppBar property of a Page. Top app bar can be used to show navigation in your app. Bottom app bar can be used to show commands and tools. 12. How to add an App Bar Add the following XAML Code to your page (BottomAppBar Component) 13. Standard Styles The app bar button styles used in these examples are located in theStandardStyles.xaml file included with every Microsoft Visual Studioproject template. By default, the app bar button styles are commented out inStandardStyles.xaml. To use a style, you must un-comment the Extensible ApplicationMarkup Language (XAML) for the Style resource in the file. 14. Handling Button Click events Now after adding the AppBar component in the XAML code one thing is left which is to handle the Button_Click event and for different buttons well use different events Just add private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e){//Button Function} 15. Windows 8 live tiles is a feature for Modern UI apps that use the internet to bring live updates to users of Windows 8. Live tiles exist on the Windows 8 start screen, and areLive Tiles useful for having instantaneous information on constantly changing data like stock indexes, international weather, as well as local and international news. 16. Live tiles How does the tile change ?! The tile is updated when the application sends a TileNotification followed by updating the tile via TileUpdateManager. 17. Live tilesHow can we use the Live Tiles ?! LocalBy adding the text and the image you want to be on the tile to the solution. Through InternetBy adding images through the internet and your text on the tile. Through a Web ServiceVia NotificationChannelManager by getting the data from the service URI 18. Live tiles To use the Live Tiles Notifications without a Web Service is easier as you put your content directly by referencing them and passing them to the update function but using a Web service is much more time saving as to be used in other applications and scales down the size of the app. Well Use the NotificationsExtensions Library which is a premade library with Tile objects pre-defined to help developers you can find it in the Windows SDK Sample: 5fc49148 19. Lets Work ! Yes ! 20. Contact me 21. Thank You Thank you so much