Wind River Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST)

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Text of Wind River Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST)

  • 1. Wind River Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST) Wind River Framework for Automated complicate the test and validation developer or quality assurance (QA) Software Testing (FAST) was developed process. To properly validate the engineer needs to adapt tests to run on to help customers overcome the distribution, tests for the following are each device. Each target may have a challenges of testing large software needed: unique hardware configuration, distributions for mobile devices. FAST Requirements peripherals, file storage systems, and so provides a system for combining Performance on. Tests that were developed for one multiple test frameworks into a single Stress and stability device frequently need to be adapted meta-framework that can be run with a Device driver to work on different devices. single button press. It helps automate, Middleware User interfaces (UI) that come with execute, and manage thousands of tests Application different devices are often changing. and their results. User interface Multidevice Even if the functionality behind the UI is Wind River leverages as many open Peripheral the same, the developer or QA source and existing test frameworks as Board support package (BSP) engineer must adapt tests to the possible so testing is comprehensive, Version checking different layouts and widget styles. without sacrificing time-to-market. Telephony With FAST, each individual test Many open source test frameworks Network framework or application is encapsulated contain thousands of tests and many Each of these types of tests needs to be within a wrapper script executed by packages that come with their own test performed as often as possible on each the FAST system. The results are all suites. FAST makes executing tests new release, and the results of these stored in a consistent manner in a much simpler because they are all tests need to be reported and managed. MySQL database. This provides a flexible wrapped in FAST scripts and run from and comprehensive system for handling the FAST graphical user interface (GUI) Because test programs are pulled from large amounts of test results from and an available command-line so many different sources, and they all heterogeneous test frameworks, and interface (CLI). have diverse ways of being run and of vastly simplifies the problem of wading generating and reporting results, The Challenge of Testing through and comparing the various executing the tests and tracking and individual test reports. Testing very large open source software evaluating the test results can especially distributions for mobile devices is a complicate the testing process. The The database contains all test artifacts tremendous challenge. There are amount of information can be and logs from the original test programs typically dozens of subsystems staggering, particularly when test cases and additional metrics collected by containing thousands of packages have different reporting formats. FAST. FAST can be thought of as a included in a distribution, with many meta-test framework that can run other As new original device manufacturers applications built using those packages. test frameworks and individual tests. (ODMs) develop hardware and wish to Differences in device types, peripherals have their products tested with a From the FAST database, Wind River used, and user interface variations certain distribution of the software, the can create a variety of test reports. Customizable formal reports (for QA managers), test run comparison reports Table of Contents Test Execution .................................... 3 (for developers), and interactive Wind River Test Library ...................... 4 regression analysis reports (for The Challenge of Testing.................... 1 Reporting ............................................ 5 engineering managers) are all provided. The FAST Solution .............................. 2 Appendix ............................................ 6 Additional reports can easily be created System Testing Plug-In ....................... 2 using the reporting tools of your choice.
  • 2. The FAST Solution ods that perform common operations Results from other test tracking that are repeated in many tests (i.e., set- software (such as manual test tracking FAST offers significant advantages to ting up network interfaces). When a new software) can be imported into the both developers and QA engineers: target is introduced, Wind River only FAST database so FAST can track the Integrates testing efforts in one appli- needs to modify the board class. Only test effort of the entire test cation: Once the different test frame- the communication and interface meth- organization. works and applications are wrapped ods are rewritten. The actual test scripts by a FAST script, they are accessible and wrappers need not change and can System Testing Plug-In from the testing GUI. Users may select be used to test both target types. Once Wind River System Testing Plug-in is an which tests to execute, and with one a script is written, it most likely will work button execute them all. There is no on multiple targets. Occasionally minor application test mechanism that can need to know how the test applications changes are needed if the functional- simulate user interactions with user work or what report formats they use; ity of an application/package changes interfaces (UIs). Along with FAST, Wind everything is handled by the scripts. from one target to another; but for the River developed this technology to test Integra