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Why Dye Sublimation Ink Is The Best choice to printing

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Text of Why Dye Sublimation Ink Is The Best choice to printing

  1. 1. Why Dye sublimation ink is the Best Choice to Printing?
  2. 2. Dye sublimation ink is used in a special printing process that allows the ink to permeate the surface of the object being printed rather than just sitting on the surface.
  3. 3. The ink is specially designed to allow the sublimation process to take place, but what is in the ink that allows this to happen? Below is a breakdown of what is actually in dye sublimation ink.
  4. 4. Brighter Colors For starters, sublimation ink is much brighter and prettier than traditional ink. Often, when you use a generic printer, the colors become faded over time or they are not as bright as you had hoped. This is because it is difficult for the printer to achieve the vibrant colors and shades of colors that you are after.With a sublimation printer, you are able to get the beautiful, bright colors without a hassle and they are much more vibrant than the other choices.
  5. 5. Faster Drying If you have ever printed out a piece of paper from a traditional printer and grabbed the paper as soon as it printer, you have come to know that the dye sublimation inkjet ink? is not dry and you need to let it dry. Sublimation dyes dry almost immediately allowing you to grab the paper. The colors remain bright even once dried and do not smudge like traditional ink.?
  6. 6. Color Infuses to the Paper One of the main differences when using sublimation dye is that it fuses and meshes into the paper and does not become pixelated like with inkjet colors. You will find that the pictures look better and transfer over better than traditional printers. As you can see, sublimation dyes are a much better choice than inkjet colors. If you are looking for your finished product to look good and infuse to the paper, you want to choose the sublimation dye.?
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