Why does it make financial sense?

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BCIT. Why does it make financial sense?. Great return on you investment. Side by side salaries of BCIT grads vs. the average BC grad after 2 years. But what about tuition?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Why does it make financial sense?BCIT

Great return on you investment

BCIT Diploma and Certificate Grads

$ 41 600

BCIT Degree Grad

$ 64 350

BCIT Apprenticeship Completer

$ 60 320

Average Diploma and Certificate Grads

$ 37 440

Average Degree Grad

$ 48 000

Average Apprenticeship Completer

$ 58 240Side by side salaries of BCIT grads vs. the average BC grad after 2 years2

34% higher pay for a BCIT degree grad than an average degree grad; 3.5% higher Apprenticeship salary with BCIT; 11% higher salary with a BCIT diploma2But what about tuition?Average cost per year of a two year diploma$ 5980Average cost of a three to six month certificate program$ 3440Average cost of a seven to twelve month certificate program$ 5580Average cost of apprenticeship training(based on six weeks)$ 830Average yearly cost of a full time degree program$ 6700With BCIT youll be ready for the Job Market and real world in only two years, what other institute can guarantee you that?3

Tell students that with a diploma theyll be set to work while working on their degree part time, so they can make money with the skills theyve already gained3Youll be working in your field4

Its 91 percent of bcit grads and 79 percent for the provincial average if it looks unclear.4Large Alumni Network to help you land that sweet jobOver 140 000 total graduatesOver 115 000 in the databaseOver 80 000 of those still available to contact Networking events with gradsJob postings from previous grads that know the skills behind your BCIT degree5

Tell them that they can go to bcit.ca/alumni for more information5Credits6PhuongMaxCoreyRubyPauliusTaylor

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http://zenassignments.com/create-commercial-using-ms-powerpoint-2007-and-youtube/http://www.bcit.ca/http://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/5730dipltBCIT Links