Why Anchors Share Their Hearts for the Fun of it….

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Why Anchors Share Their Hearts for the Fun of it</p> <p>It all started with a bunch of girls in 1954</p> <p>Before too long boys were an important part of Anchor Clubs.</p> <p>We have amazing stories to telland things to write home about</p> <p>We like being Team Players for our community!</p> <p>Fund raising is fun because we are helping someone</p> <p>Whether we are sponsoring Princess Parties</p> <p>Artistic Anchor Makeovers</p> <p>PageantsOrTogaParties!It means somebody is getting a big check.</p> <p>We enjoy teaching kids how to Play Safe and Play Smart.</p> <p>Our BrainMinder Buddies teach children how to protect their brains We are saving lives!</p> <p>Our Public Relations Skills are growing</p> <p>Sharing Information/education</p> <p>and making presentations.</p> <p>Every year we have the opportunity to attend International Convention</p> <p>We have a blast!!</p> <p>We include a community service project this is artwork for a hospital.</p> <p>We always enjoy our cultural exchange</p> <p>Especially if it involves food!</p> <p>Yes we do pick up after ourselvesJust dont tell our Moms!</p> <p>Anchors say, Play Safe, Play Smart!This informational, educational public service announcement was brought to you by</p> <p>See you in the neighborhood!</p>