Where Are They From?.  Each wolf listed below has a corresponding slide.  Common grey wolf  Iberian wolf  Arctic wolf  Alexander Archipelago wolf

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Text of Where Are They From?.  Each wolf listed below has a corresponding slide.  Common grey wolf ...

Where Are You From?

Where Are They From?The ChoicesEach wolf listed below has a corresponding slide. Common grey wolfIberian wolfArctic wolfAlexander Archipelago wolfTimber wolfArabian wolfCommon red wolf (not actually considered a type of grey wolf by many taxonomists, but they are technically a subspecies)(You might want to take note of all of these, because youre going to need it later.)

Size: 36 to 60in in lengthAdult males are approx. 175 lbsEats lemmings, arctic hares, musk oxen, and caribou, but will kill and eat virtually any animal they can catchCanis lupus arctos

They live in subzero temperatures; the average spring temperature is -22 degrees F.ARCTIC WOLFNorth America, esp. within the Arctic Circle

Size: about 42in in lengthWeight varies from 30-50 poundsWill prey on deer, moose, birds, small mammals, and salmon.

Recent studies suggest that this wolf may have evolved from the Great Plains WolfALEXANDER ARCHIPELAGO WOLFCanis lupus ligonisoutheast Alaska

First gray wolf subspecies to be identified in North America Have a variety of different colors, from black to grey to brown to white.Size:60 to 66in in lengthCan weigh anywhere from 50 to 100 lbs.TIMBER WOLFCanis lupus lycaonNorth America, esp. northern U.S.

These wolves are not recognized as grey wolves by some taxonomists because of their reddish fur.Their diet varies depending on where they live; northern packs eat different types of deer, more southern packs eat rabbits, and western packs eat the remains off of chicken and pig farms.Canis lupus signatusIBERIAN WOLF

Iberian Peninsula

This wolf was the first identified subspecies of the grey wolf.Size:40-65 in in length70- 130 lbsCOMMON GREY WOLFFeed on rodents, fruits, berries, fish, and deer. They may or may not hunt in packs.

Canis lupus lupusEurope and Asia

Smallest wolf subspecies, but largest canid where it livesOnly found in packs when food is plentiful

ARABIAN WOLFCanis lupus arabArabia

Canis lupus rufusCOMMON RED WOLFNorth America, esp. continental U.S.

Preys mostly on small to medium sized animals, but will eat deer if they are availableSize:55-65in in lengthWeigh anywhere from 40 to 90 lbsDeclared extinct in the wild in 1980s, but made a comeback; there are currently a couple hundred in the wild