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Whats new in Microsoft Office 2010 Or: Learning to love the Ribbon! Jeff Dowley j.dowley@hotmail.com Slide 2 Agenda? Show the features that are common to all the new 2010 apps New in app-by-app overview for Word, Excel, and Outlook only Talk some about independent vs SharePoint Discuss how productivity apps are no longer either local (to your PC) or cloud Free vs Paid if I have time? Features missing if free only? What does Google have the MS Office doesnt Slide 3 What matters that isnt the Ribbon Program process w/o bloat Word 2003 = 22,548K, Word 2010 = 22,880K Program Files folder: ~500MB vs 880MB w/more programs Save as PDF/ODT (OpenDocument Text) previously downloadable add-ons Web-based Office software SkyDrive for anywhere access Office Mobile for WP7 Phones chirp, chirp Slide 4 Office Calisthenics Introduce the Ribbon The reason/idea behind the Ribbon (xls 39*35=1365 est.)(doc 53*30=1590)(ppt 39*15=585) (one 24*12=288) (pst =3032) Ribbon Tabs, Ribbon Groups, Ribbon expanded Which apps gained the Ribbon for 2010 (OneNote, Outlook, Paint, WordPad) Ribbon take up by 3 rd party software Nitro PDF Professional, Kaspersky, etc Slide 5 Ribbon in all Office apps Ribbons show menu options across the page horizontally vs old drop-down menu Ribbons are more contextually aware The program knows what you are doing and trys to show the options valid for that kind of operation Ribbon options may offer instant preview Try a new font or font property just by starting to select the new setting, which then shows the change before you actually commit the selection to be permanent Ribbon options use Color, greyscale, more descriptive icons than previous drop-down menus Groups - Tries to put like tools/features together Location may have changed, but likely most shortcut keys stayed intact Ribbon show/hide to save space Slide 6 Ribbon details continued Lower-R corner of each Ribbon tab has an Enlarge icon to show a windowed/complete set of options per tab Customizable Ribbon Now you can create your own Tabs and/or Groups (File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon -> Select Tab Groups -> check/un-check or Add/Remove button) Type Alt key for keyboard shortcut visual aids to the keys for that shortcut (got that?) Slide 7 Universal Office interface changes Contextually aware L-click and R-click with different levels of control Quick access toolbar Keeps your most used tools as icons in the Upper Left corner Learns as you use the program over time? Customizable Backstage View What is it? Fast commands(Save, Print, Recent docs, ) Info view/tab Document location (path) Doc properties (who changed, etc) Center Pane Tabs (ownership (file rights) Check for Issues Sharing / SharePoint options Versions (backups) Leave Backstage by selecting any other Tab on the horizontal Ribbon Slide 8 More Universal Changes Print controls changed a bunch Live Preview comes to Paste as Paste Preview Got rid of the R-side Getting Started column at program launch Old Tools->Options window now via File- >Options Compatibility Mode of newer apps to save as older formats Slide 9 Yet more universal changes File->Info shows file info in detail: location, properties, sharing Demo! Functional use of the lower R window bar Change View via one of 4 icons Change % Zoom via slider or text box, plus one more icon for fit to window Built-in photo editing options remove background, image correction (contrast, sharpness, brightness, color, etc.) Built-in Accessibility Checker for disableds access Slide 10 Shared Documents changes Opening a shared doc = opens a local cache When done editing, the local copy is automatically synced with the original Allows full editing offline without merge hassles(?) Shared docs also allows use with up to 256 editors simultaneously Each editor can see the others edits Regions of the doc can be blocked so only 1 editor there at a time Slide 11 Office Web Apps an Intro Save to either SkyDrive or SharePoint Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote have this as a save-as feature (as OpenXML formats) View, navigate, and edit via a Browser or WP7 phone Co-author simultaneously in Excel and OneNote Ultimate goal: Office 365 meant to compete with Google Apps that are a pay-for-play equal (??) Demo! Slide 12 New in Word Navigation Pane Relies on use of formatting (Header3, Header2, etc) Allows manipulation of doc layout directly in Nav Pane interface New home of Search Search is immediate as letters typed Replace and like controls still present NEW: Search on figures, tables, photos Objects (tables, images, etc) can have alt text Recover unsaved work autosave with greater depth of saves Slide 13 Working with Word 2010 SmartArt graphics pics within pics, plus text within pics Mark a doc as Final = lock out of editing for readers Better screenshot features More font types and controls OpenType typefaces Demo! Slide 14 New in Excel Trusted docs one-time only query to establish trust of a file that has active content (macros, data links) Protected View read-only on steroids = default of edit- disabled if source was the Internet, can set up over-rides by source Recover previous versions both auto and manual saved file history Built-in Equation Editing tools that allow equation to be expressed as mathematical symbols Better backwords compatibility of unsupported features A 2010 doc will open in 2007, but without the unsupported features as opposed to just Not Opening More themes and styles for worksheet layout Slide 15 Sparklines, in-cell icons, data bars Slide 16 Excel limits Max. RowsMax. ColumnsMax Columns by letter Excel 20101,048,57616,384XFD Excel 20071,048,57616,384XFD Excel 200365,536256IV A single Workbook used to be limited to using 2GB of RAM in 32-bit machines 64-bit Office 2010 removes that limit Slide 17 Excel: data analysis and large data sets PivotTable processing can use multi-core CPU PowerPivot add-in (free) work directly with large/huge MS SQL Sever data sets (millions of cells) (& share via SharePoint) Support for High-Performance Computing clusters as back end for excel calculations Slide 18 New in Outlook 2010 just the mail Moved a bunch of features to the Backstage Made more visual space for the mail/features (quotas, etc) Created a placeholder and automatable shortcuts for most common actions: Quick Steps (smart meeting replies, forward to X) More search criteria to use in finding items The ever so lovely Ignore button Clean Up Conversations jettison the repeated content / entire emails- Yea! Spell checking works in more places Subject Line, etc Slide 19 More Outlook changes other features Meeting suggestions automatic time suggestion and weighting (good, fair, poor) See the calendars of your team members via Calendar Groups (both people, and rooms) Your own calendar pops up as you reply to an invite, without leaving the invite/reply feature Better naming and location of the.pst file(s) Outlook Social Connector Faster access your Contacts w/o leaving mail view Unified Messaging voicemail turned into email Slide 20 Sharepoint The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web Requires 64-bit w2k08 or w2k08 R2 and SQL Server 2008 with updates Includes MS own social communities features (since prior to Facebook) for business blogs, wikis, calendars, profiles, But also a powerful backend to Office 2010 for content management ala what Backstage exposes plus a Development platform Supports metadata tagging on docs Web publishing platform Governance and Records Management built-in Includes what was once Groove (data collaboration and syncing at a non- file level even data from Lotus Notes is accessible and indexed Excel Web App (part of Office Web Apps) Multiple simultaneous editors Over the web via Windows Live (hotmail) account SharePoint users within confines of corporate firewall Slide 21 SharePoint and Office Apps Excel - Improved user experience better placed scroll bars on data sets, auto refresh changed data Excel - Better integration: file security control, revision control, content management (?) OneNote rich collaboration offline and on Mobile browser access WP7 based access, on par with standard web browser access Slide 22 More / Help Add-in to Office 2010 to search for commands - by Microsoft Office Labs http://officelabs.com/projects/searchcommands/Pages/default.aspx http://officelabs.com/projects/searchcommands/Pages/default.aspx Ribbon Hero = an add-in to Office 2010 game to learn the new Ribbon layout http://www.officelabs.com/ribbonhero http://www.officelabs.com/ribbonhero ~ 25 slide PowerPoint Training with embedded Videos for each Office product (and SharePoint too) http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/download-office- 2010-training-HA101901726.aspx?CTT=1 http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/download-office- 2010-training-HA101901726.aspx?CTT=1 Office 2010 menu to ribbon reference workbooks http://office.microsoft.com/en- us/templates/CL101817133.aspx?CTT=97 http://office.microsoft.com/en- us/templates/CL101817133.aspx?CTT=97 Slide 23 More Resource URLs Whats new in Office programs series http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/what-s-new-in-word-2010-HA010372687.aspx http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/what-s-new-in-word-2010-HA010372687.aspx http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/what-s-new-in-excel-2010-HA010369709.aspx http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/what-s-new-in-excel-2010-HA010369709.aspx http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/what-s-new-in-microsoft-outlook-2010- HA010354412.aspx?CTT=5&origin=HA010370219 http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/what-s-new-in-microsoft-outlook-2010- HA010354412.aspx?CTT=5&origin=HA010370219 Use the Navigation Pane to search and move around in your Word document http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/quick-reference-card- RZ101829243.as