What You Should Know About Résumés

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  • 8/7/2019 What You Should Know About Rsums


    What You Should Know About Rsums

    1. Once youre unemployed more than six months, youre considered pretty muchunemployable. We assume that other people have already passed you over, so we dont

    want anything to do with you. Cynthia Shapiro, former human resources executive andauthor of Corporate Confidential: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesnt Want You to Know

    2. When it comes to getting a job, who you know really does matter. No matter how niceyour rsum is or how great your experience may be, its all about connections. HRdirector at a health-care facility

    3. If youre trying to get a job at a specific company, often the best thing to do is toavoid HR entirely. Find someone at the company you know, or go straight to the hiringmanager. Shauna Moerke, an HR administrator in Alabama who blogs at hrminion.com

    4. People assume someones reading their cover letter. I havent read one in 11 years. HR director at a financial services firm

    5. We will judge you based on your e-mail address. Especially if its somethinginappropriate like kinkyboots101@hotmail.com or johnnylikestodrink@gmail.com. Rich DeMatteo, a recruiting consultant in Philadelphia

    6. If youre in your 50s or 60s, dont put the year you graduated on your rsum. HRprofessional at a midsize firm in North Carolina

    7. Theres a myth out there that a rsum has to be one page. So people send their

    rsum in a two-point font. Nobody is going to read that. HR director at a financialservices firm

    8. I always read rsums from the bottom up. And I have no problem with a two-pagersum, but three pages is pushing it. Sharlyn Lauby, HR consultant in FortLauderdale, Florida

    9. Most of us use applicant-tracking systems that scan rsums for key words. The secretto getting your rsum through the system is to pull key words directly from the jobdescription and put them on. The more matches you have, the more likely your rsumwill get picked and actually seen by a real person. Chris Ferdinandi, HR professional inthe Boston area

    10. Rsums dont need color to stand out. When I see a little color, I smirk. And when Isee a ton of color, I cringe. And walking in and dropping off your resume is no longerseen as a good thing. Its actually a little creepy. Rich DeMatteo

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  • 8/7/2019 What You Should Know About Rsums


    Secrets About the Interview

    11. Its amazing when people come in for an interview and say, Can you tell me aboutyour business? Seriously, people. Theres an Internet. Look it up. HR professional inNew York City

    12. A lot of managers dont want to hire people with young kids, and they use all sortsof tricks to find that out, illegally. One woman kept a picture of two really cute childrenon her desk even though she didnt have children [hoping job candidates would ask aboutthem]. Another guy used to walk people out to their car to see whether they had carseats. Cynthia Shapiro, former human resources executive and author of CorporateConfidential: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesnt Want You to Know

    13. Is it harder to get the job if youre fat? Absolutely. Like George Clooneys charactersaid in Up in the Air, I stereotype. Its faster. Suzanne Lucas, a former HR executiveand the Evil HR Lady on bnet.com

    14. I once had a hiring manager who refused to hire someone because the job requiredher to be on call one weekend a month and she had talked in the interview about howmuch she goes to church. Another candidate didnt get hired because the manager wasworried that the car he drove wasnt nice enough. HR professional at a midsize firm inNorth Carolina

    15. Dont just silence your phone for the interview. Turn it all the way off. SharlynLauby, HR consultant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    16. If youve got a weak handshake, I make a note of it. HR manager at a medical-equipment sales firm

    17. If youre a candidate and the hiring manager spends 45 minutes talking abouthimself, the company or his Harley, let him. Hes going to come out of the interviewsaying youre a great candidate. Kris Dunn, chief human resources officer at Atlanta-based Kinetix, who blogs at hrcapitalist.comPlus: 10 More Secrets About the Interview

    Things to Know About Salary Negotiation

    18. Theres one website that drives all HR people crazy: salary.com. It supposedly listsaverage salaries for different industries, but if you look up any job, the salary it gives youalways seems to be $10,000 to $20,000 higher than it actually is. That just makes peoplemad. HR director at a public relations agency

    19. On salary, some companies try to lock you in early. At the first interview, theyll tellme to say, The budget for this position is 40K to 45K. Is that acceptable to you? If thecandidate accepts, theyll know theyve got him or her stuck in that little area. BenEubanks, HR professional in Alabama

  • 8/7/2019 What You Should Know About Rsums


    20. You think youre all wonderful and deserve a higher salary, but here in HR, weknow the truth. And the truth is, a lot of you arent very good at your jobs, and youredefinitely not as good as you think you are. HR professional at a midsize firm in NorthCarolina

    21. Be careful if a headhunter is negotiating for you. You may want extra time off andbe willing to sacrifice salary, but he is negotiating hardest for what hits his commission.HR professional in New York City

    22. I once hired someone, and her mother didnt think the salary we were offering washigh enough, so she called me to negotiate. There are two problems with that: 1) I cantnegotiate with someone whos not you. 2) Its your mother. Seriously, I was like, Didthat womans mother just call me, or was that my imagination? I immediately withdrewthe offer. HR professional in New York City