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    What is Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack?

    Emmanuel BERNARD Principal System Engineer – Cloud Platform Specialist - @_ebernard

  • No industry is immune to disruption.

  • Traditional application infrastructure is

    expensive to maintain.

  • New applications are

    delivered too slowly.

  • Differentiation


    KTLO = Activities that are just “Keeping The Lights On”

  • T h

    is s

    lid e

    h a s a

    n im

    a ti o n

    Successful organizations are multi-cloud.

    Cloud-native platforms for new apps

    IaaS for traditional apps


  • The Trend Toward Hybrid Cloud

    • As we move toward 2018…

    • Hybrid cloud dominates enterprise

    cloud strategies

    • Integration & modernization of legacy IT

    to Hybrid cloud will continue to create

    massive challenges

    • Investment in application and workload-

    aware management and analytics tools

    will increase

    • 65% of IT assets will be located offsite in

    co-location, hosted or cloud datacenters

    • 33% of IT "staff" will be employees of

    third-party service providersIDC 2016

    Larger circles = most cost and complexity

  • 9

    Choosing a Modernization approach

    Vendor YouVendor You Vendor YouResponsibility

    Business outcome,

    App modernization,

    Service Delivery

    Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (IaaS)

    Native Hybrid Cloud (PaaS)

    Hybrid Cloud


    API Driven Platform,

    Focus on Automation

    Converged Platforms

    Appliance/Racks Blocks

    Approach Incremental, flexible,

    adding capabilities


    Hybrid Cloud for Azure Stack


  • Why Microsoft?

  • Microsoft Cloud on a Global Scale

    datacenter regions


    More than AWS and Google Cloud combined

  • Microsoft Cloud Investment

    66% of the world

    Large scale Highly available

    58% $15B

    1,000,000 120,000

    of Microsoft’s business

    servers new customers every month


  • Developing a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Strategy

    Physical Servers and Virtual Machines

    On- premises, non-cloud

    Legacy IT New IT Reality Implementation Options Target Cloud Platform

    Public Cloud

    Private Cloud


    Hybrid Cloud

  • Why Dell EMC Cloud for

    Microsoft Azure Stack?

  • Private Cloud

    for Microsoft


    CPS Premium

    Private Cloud

    Dell EMC

    CPS Standard

    Hybrid Cloud


    Dell EMC

    Ready Bundles



    Dell EMC

    Azure Stack

    Hybrid Cloud


    Dell EMC & Microsoft: A Heritage of Cloud Partnership

    Dell EMC:

    The first and only Microsoft partner to offer all these cloud solutions

  • Converged & unified

    Workload optimized


    Intelligent infrastructure

    Cloud leveraged

    Complete, Adaptive, Converged, Unified Infrastructure

    Solutions for a dynamic infrastructure

    Built on comprehensive management

    Converged operations | Simple self-service | Flexible cloud sourcing

  • Dell EMC Engineered for Success

    Burn down

    Overall test status

    Bug list

    Component test status

    Feature test status

    Designed for resiliency & tested at scale with complete component lifecycle management

  • Dell EMC Cloud for

    Microsoft Azure Stack

  • Azure Stack IS Azure Stack is NOT

    An application focused Hybrid Cloud


    A virtualization-replacement play

    Cloud equivalent of a SAN delivering self-

    service IaaS, PaaS, & cloud solutions

    A DIY infrastructure sandbox

    Required to maintain consistency with

    Azure Public

    A static system that you can deploy and


    Dependent on organizational and process


    A “best of luck” effort

    A quick Is – Is NOT breakdown

  • One Fully-engineered Platform for All Cloud Apps

    Modernize your business with automated

    IT service delivery for all apps

    Accelerate Microsoft Azure Stack

    adoption with confidence

    Innovate with cloud-native apps to

    digitally transform your business

    Designed, delivered, supported,

    and sustained as one

    Developer and IT ops services







    Hybrid cloud platform

  • Broker Azure Services with Confidence Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack


    Self-service consumption


    * Some components will be in Preview at Azure Stack GA

    VM encryption and network security controls

    Role-based access control

    Workload deployment across multiple regions

    Backup & restore services

    Azure & Azure Stack service definition

    Fully engineered hybrid cloud platform eases deployment and management

    Flexible service delivery

    IT Ops

  • Manage with a Consistent Experience

    Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

    Cloud infrastructure

    IaaS | PaaS

    Azure Resource Manager

    Portal | PowerShell | DevOps tools

    Microsoft Azure Public

    Cloud-inspired infrastructure

    Azure IaaS | Azure PaaS Compute | Network | Storage App Service | Service Fabric*

    Azure Resource Manager

    Portal | PowerShell | DevOps tools

    Microsoft Azure Stack Behind the firewall | Hosted

    Azure services in your datacenter

    Unified app development

    One Azure ecosystem



  • Azure Stack Development Tools

    Empower Developers with Azure tools Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

    The choice is yours

    S e

    lf -s

    e rv

    ic e

    p o

    rt a


    Developer …and more!

  • Azure Stack Engineered Platform • Hyper-converged architecture (R7x0XD)

    • S\M\L sizing per scale unit

    • Flexible configuration options (Compute/Storage)

    • Backup/recovery/archiving

    • Data & cloud security

    • Delivered and deployed as an integrated system

    Security and privacy

    Architecture, hardware,

    and topology

    Deployment, configuration, provisioning

    Validation Monitoring, diagnostics

    Business continuity

    Patching and updating

    Field Parts replacement

    Software Hardware

    Support Services

    Integrated Lifecycle Management

    Min Config


    Dell R7x0XD servers

    10GbE ToR Switches or

    1GbE Management switch 4

    Dell R4x0 management server DD2200

    Overview of the Stack

  • Embedded Deployment & Support Services Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

    Ensure consistent, accurate results to reduce operational risk



    Dell EMC rack integration

    At Merge Center or on site

    Dell EMC software integration

    Rapidly integrate & configure

    into your IT environment

    ProSupport Plus & ProSupport for Software

    Platform-level support covering the hardware, OS,

    hypervisor, Azure Stack, and Azure Resource Manager

  • Support across the entire hybrid cloud platform

    One-contact Support Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

    Collaborative support

  • Azure IaaS On-premises: Beyond Traditional Virtualization

    Services will be available at GA

    Additional Azure services delivered through frequent updates to Azure Stack

  • Azure PaaS Available On-premises Fully-managed platforms for high productivity development

    Azure Service Fabric and Azure Container Service will be available. Other services will be available at GA. We will deliver additional Azure services through frequent updates to Azure Stack.

  • Scaling Azure Stack

    Azure Resource Manager


    Scale Unit



    Scale Unit


    Scale Unit


    Azure Stack

    On Premises, Hosted Public Azure

    • 1+ per region

    • Expansion unit

    • Fault domain

    • Single WSFC

    • Shared ToR • Homogenous

    per scale unit

    • Single portal URL

    • 1+ regions

    • Span physical


    • Single location

    • 1 physical


    • 1 logical admin

  • Flexible Consumption Models Make It Easy Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

    The choice is yours

    Dell EMC Hardware & Software

    Traditional Capex

    Options via Dell Financial Services

  • • Accelerates business velocit

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