What Great Teachers Do Differently “Great Principals and great teachers share many of the same qualities. It makes sense: Part of being a great principal.

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  • What Great Teachers DoDifferentlyGreat Principals and great teachers share many of the same qualities. It makes sense: Part of being a great principal is to be a great teacher; part of being a great teacher is to be a great leader.-Todd Whitaker

  • Looking at Effective TeachersWhat can we learn from others?

    Think about the best teacher you know

    What makes that person different?

  • Its People Not ProgramsWhat does this mean? (Shoulder Partner)Research supports(Student Background vs. Teacher Quality)Student does poorly on an assignment(Reaction of the best vs. the worst)

  • The Power of Expectations

    High Expectations For Students

    High Expectations For Themselves (Teachers, Athletes, Actors, etc.)

    High Expectations For Everyone Else (Ineffective People)

  • Prevention vs. RevengeList strategies that you can use when a student misbehaves (Activity)

    Which ones will you choose?

    Earning Students Respect

    The teacher is the variable (Can you predict who will write the most referrals?)

  • The Teacher Is The FilterPerceptions can become realityThese are the worst students Ive ever had!Ineffectiveness of Blanket Statements

  • Ability to IgnoreStudent acting out of the ordinaryStruggling student showing improvementHigh achievers who make a mistakeIf positive equity is built, parents will forgive our small mistakesBuilding parental relationships

  • Base Decisions On The BestWhat will the best students thinkTry new things based on the best studentsNO GANG ZONE NO BULLY ZONESomeone in authority treating you or someone else disrespectfully(All students are affected)

  • Make It Cool To CareIf we create an environment where each person does what is best for the students and for the school, we will seldom make a wrong decision.

  • What Great Teachers Do Differently

    Presented by Pam ConnorDirector of Elementary LeadershipLori MouniePrincipal, Kilby Shores