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Wendy-Lee Magnarelli -Sweet ITC 525-Summer 2010

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Wendy-Lee Magnarelli -Sweet ITC 525-Summer 2010. A Course Introduction This is what you need to do- To do what you want to do. Your Menu Today Includes. Who are you? Career, Education, Work Introduction Explore Cooking Explore Working with Kids Explore Working with Computers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Wendy-Lee Magnarelli -Sweet ITC 525-Summer 2010

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Working with kids you can be

The Owner of a Day CareA NannyA TeacherChild Care worker, Social Worker, Adoption CounselorAn aide in a school, a therapist, a camp directorA Pediatrician, Nurse, School NurseSee what a school nurse does!Main MenuWorking with computers can mean

Graphic Designer, Advertising

Software Designer, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Database ManagementLearn about options in the computer fieldInternet: Website Designers, Web AdministratorsComputer Repair and Design, IT Support and Training

Main MenuCareer, Education, Work (CEW)Introduction Finding a job you can do starts with knowing what you can doFinding a successful career match means:Finding something you love to do and are good at

But, how do you go about learning what you are really good at?Main MenuCareer, Education, Work (CEW)Introduction Part TwoWho are you?Create a career portfolio Show the world who you are

Main MenuLets give that one more try to get it rightremember, you went to the Pennsylvania state siteMain MenuCEW Introduction Cont.AssessmentsYou do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy. -Bob Ross, Best of Joy of Painting, Winter Elegance

Online assessments are great resources for finding jobs that could bring you joy based on your skills and abilities. Assessments allow you to find out what you are good at and combine that with what you would like to do to create a match!Main MenuBuild a career out of who you are.Get descriptions of the careers you appear best suited forCareer Cruising-thanks to the Berks Business Education CoalitionLets get to work on getting to AssessmentCEW Career Opportunity AwarenessHow do I know my job will be there after all my hard work?Jobs are not guaranteed.

Job availability changes.

You must be aware of what jobs may be more (or less) available in the future as you plan. The PA Dept of Labor & Industry produces records of changes in job availability in different areas. PA Dept Of Labor Page 13 (Dec 2009 Stats) It also justifies continued education on page 17.

Main MenuThis is called Job Projection .CEW Career Opportunity Awareness

What changes affect career opportunities?

Social Pressures

Economic Changes

Natural Disasters Technological Changes Environmental Changes

Main MenuEnvironment, TechnologyChanges in Technology create new jobs and reduce the need for others (more computer programmers, less telephone operators; telecommuting).Main MenuEnvironmental Changes and Natural DisastersChanges in how we treat the environment have created new jobs and reduced the need for other jobs (less Freon now and more green cars).Natural Disasters can create jobs as people rebuild. They can shift jobs as people can not stay where they were.

CEW Wrap-upCompleting your assessments

Determining your skills and abilities Career optionsCareer Options + Career Availability=Potential Career Success*Main Menu*All definitions of career success are subject to change without notice due to social pressures, natural disasters and changes in the economy, environment, and/or technology. Changes can be predicted and effort must be taken to assure preparedness.

REVIEW TIMECan a hurricane affect career opportunities in a specific area?

YESClick on your answer choice below.


Main Menu

GREAT JOB!!!!!Main MenuREVIEW TIMEWhat is one method of determining a career path that will work for you and use your skills and strengths?Click on your answer choice below.

Take lots of classes in school to see what you likeMain MenuAsk your friends what they think you would be good at doingPerform paper or online assessmentsHmmmmm.sounds like you need to go back and try againMain MenuREVIEW TIMEWhat is it called when you look at statistics and trends to figure out if a job will be more or less available in the future?Click on your answer choice below.

Career AssessmentMain MenuJob ProjectionShadowing19

GREAT JOB!!!!!Main MenuClick here to go to the endStandards Addressed13.1 Career Awareness and PreparationThis can be adjusted for all grade levels Abilities and AptitudesPersonal InterestsThis CEW presentation has been brought to you by Wendy Sweet.Sources:Career Cruising. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from Retrieved June 3, 2010 from .Ross, B. Best Joy of Painting, Winter Elegance. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from .Icouldstories. Retrieved June 3, 2010 from Bridges. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from .Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Pennsylvania Employment Briefing April 2010. Retrieved from .Using Computers: Types of Computer Careers. Retrieved June 3, 2010 from .Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Standards. Pennsylvania Department of Education. Retrieved June 3, 2010 from Menu

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