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<ul><li><p>Wedding Photography Invoice in PDF </p><p>Format </p><p> Template#: c5130 </p><p>Wedding Photography Invoice was designed by and initially released on on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, and is categorized as Service. As always Wedding Photography Billing Template was published in two editions - one free Wedding Photography Invoice, and another Uniform Invoice Software version that is able to turn Wedding Photography Invoice into complete invoicing software. This "Wedding Photography Invoice in PDF Format" document includes brief description </p><p>about the template, as well as a PDF invoice form exported from "wedding-photography.xlsx". Visit the collection page to find our collection of PDF invoice templaes! </p><p>Like Wedding Photography Invoice? Visit Wedding Photography Invoice to download it for free. </p><p>Wedding Photography Invoice - Summary </p><p>Designed for photographer, videographer, cameraman (camera operator), reporter and cinematographer, this wedding photography invoice template features all fields required on a service invoice / receipt, and two watermarks of photographers on the background. </p><p>Wedding Photography Invoice - PDF Format </p><p></p></li><li><p>Wedding Photographer INVOICEWedding Photographer Street Address</p><p>Wedding Photographer City, ST ZIP Code</p><p>Phone Number,Web Address, etc.</p><p>Due Date</p><p>Unit Price Line Total</p><p>200.00 600.00 </p><p>SUBTOTAL 600.00 </p><p>PST 8.00% - </p><p>GST 6.00% - </p><p>NOTES: SHIPPING &amp; HANDLING - </p><p>TOTAL 600.00 </p><p>PAID - </p><p>PREVIOUS BALANCE - </p><p>TOTAL DUE 600.00 </p><p>THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! </p><p>Photoghraphic covarage time &amp; services 3</p><p>Terms</p><p>Item# Description Quantity</p><p>P.O. # Sales Rep. Name</p><p>INVOICE #</p><p>Bill To:</p><p>DATE:</p></li></ul>