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Waterfront Communities Project

- Learning from Europe -

John DevlinDirector of Development &


What is Interreg III?

European Union initiative to encourage transnational co-operation in spatial planning

Encourage harmonious and balanced development in the European territory

I3b: Transnational co-operation in geographic areas

Interreg Partnerships

Lead Partner Project management, co-ordination of partnership and delivery and liaison with North Sea Secretariat

Transnational work programme and meetings

Partners develop local and regional partnerships and content to feed in and share transnational best practice with local partners

Transnational Benefits

Combined effect greater than separate actions

Sharing tools and resources to tackle similar issues

Exploring different approaches to tackling a common problem

Exchanging experience and best practice of cross-sectoral partners

Waterfront Communities Project

Edinburgh City-led transnational research project

9 cities participating North Sea rim Academic Partner Heriot Watt

University Topic: best practice in waterfront


Partner map

i. Edinburgh

i. Heriot-Watt

ix Gateshead

vi Hull

iv Aalborg

vii Goteborg

ii Hamburg

viii Odense

v Schiedam

iii Oslo

Waterfront Communities Project

Transnational learning network Research framework Impact on local, regional and national

planning guidance and policies Innovative approach to sustainable and

inclusive redevelopment of brownfield waterfront sites

Development of a Toolkit Each city leading on a Work Package and

contributing into others work packages

The problem:

Historic functions of waterfronts & docks

Trade / military use Rivers as sewers Transport infrastructure Disconnection from the hinterland Old uses gone

City Docks Water

d i s c o n n e c t e d

City Docks Water

r e c o n n e c t

photo c. Ross Devlin

photo c. John Devlin

Fagtemaene vre er:- Fjordbyens innhold- Tilgjengelighet- Kvalitet- Mobilisering


Ill.: Arkitektskap




Aalborg, Denmark

Wennberg SiloenWENNBERG SILO


Open access to the waterfront Underwrite public right of access

(Dublin) Avoid monocultures Activate the waterfront Live work - play

Gateshead theme:

21st Century Living

The issue

photo c. John Devlin

photo c. John Devlin

TjuvholmenSelvaag BlueThink

Experimental/ InnovativeHomes for the Future - Glasgow

21st Century City Living

Privacy Flexibility Identity Security

Sustainability Affordability Community Diversity

Conference 24 June 2005

Format of Euroscape Conference plenary




Euroscape Workshops on:

Urban Coding Social Mapping 21st C Living Urban Systems Sustainable Communities Delivering the Vision

Conference outputs

Are incorporated in:Euroscape Conference BookPolicy BriefingsPresentations to partners at TransnationalsWorkshops

Gateshead outputs to date:

Euroscape conference Research database on housing Policy Briefing document Secondments

Gothenburg, Hamburg, Aalborg

Study visitsCopenhagen/Malmo, Hamburg (Sustainability), Copenhagen,

Malmo, Boston

Computer predictive tool














Computer predictive tool: SARA

Survey & Analysis of Residential Areas

1 Privacy

2 Flexibility

3 Identity

4 Security

5 Sustainability

6 Acceptability

7 Buildability

8 Affordability

9 Community

10 Diversity


11 Design Quality

12 Public Realm Quality

13 (parameter equaliser)

What have we learned:

Alternative tenure systems Imaginative social intervention systems Quality of public realm kick starts

regeneration Novel development approaches Close links between universities & cities And much more


dont copy other cities be unique Identify a genuine need aim for quality have a masterplan masterplans give confidence to investors enshrine open access to the water

Thank you.



Waterfront Communities Project - Learning from Europe -What is Interreg III?Interreg PartnershipsTransnational BenefitsWaterfront Communities ProjectWaterfront Communities Project The problem:Gentrification?Gateshead theme:Experimental/ InnovativeHomes for the Future - Glasgow21st Century City LivingFormat of Euroscape Conference Euroscape Workshops on:Conference outputsGateshead outputs to date:What have we learned:Advice:


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