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  • ...STYLE ..MIDA...

    MAY 2013 2.50Style Mida welcomes you into to a World of Vintage Fash-ionboasting sheer glamour, sophistication and innate beauty. Style Mida is an international stylish Fashion Magazine. This week documenting my fashion feature entitled Sheer Vintage, which consists of an array of eye-catching images dedicated to 1960s and 70s style, Vintage to emancipate that Vintage is back ladies! The 21st Century Fashion Industry is highly influential in terms of trends yet diverse and up to date Its new, funky and fresh. However, this seems to done peoples opinions on Fashion. People, more often than not, associate to Vintage as being old, haggard and out of date how wrong can they be!?. I must admit I used to be in that circle. As a child I would look often look through my grandparents wardrobe laughing in disgust.. yet to mention going near a vintage shop! Little did I know ones interest in Fashion can change everything. Vintage Fashion is a fashion style, which often portrays a style of clothing often dedicated to both new and old clothing originating from a previous era. The idea of my Sheer Vintage feature is to emancipate the retrospective of Vintage Fashion. Vintage is timeless, although associated with being old it actually boasts value and could be consid-ered a hard asset. The quality in both fabric and design in vintage dresses is phenomenal and although most vintage clothes have been work there are a selected few, which have not ladies! People often ask me well where can you buy vin-tage clothes? I simply shone for words, vintage clothes are everywhere, at your local charity shop, flea markets, fairs, auctions and many more! However, every piece of vintage clothing is unique and the clothing sizes can be consider-ably smaller than that of contemporary sizes. This is not a problem.. Just buy a size up, size is simply a printed label who nobody even sees, all you weight/size conscious ladies. BUT Vintage is not all about the clothes the term vintage covers all elements such as jewellery, furniture and antiques. My sheer vintage feature incorporates, a vintage fashion shoot, vintage clothing items and lastly vintage style items. Although, yes this is a fashion magazine the idea behind it was to emphasize the theme on an array of angles based on one subject Vintage. Not only, does it look visually appealing, it demonstrates an exploration. Photo-graphing inside a local vintage hotel in a seaside town was enticing to say the least! The rooms were grand, colourful and decorative what more could you want for a Vintage Fashion Shoot. For the fashion side of things I wanted to focus on the Vintage dresses of the 60s and 70s, I styled around 12 different looks to give variation in colour, style mood and therefore impact. Additionally I wanted to glamorise the vintage style therefore portrayed a sense of sophistication and elegance, which has been depicted through the model herself and her poses. Bella x This first image opens up my feature with a bold splash of intense colour demonstrating sheer glamour posing up against a vintage style marble side table. The model is shown to be modeling a Chanel inspired vintage red

    dress, accessorized by the delicate touch of peral and a Chanel classic red lipstick.

  • Modeling a blue silk floral vintage dress from YSL this ele-gantly structured dress shouts class and sophistication from all angles. The delicate frills on the arms repeated on the hem of the dress make this perfect for any cocktail or even ballroom occasion teamed with heels and some pearls.

    In this shot the girl is shown to be modeling a summer in-spired vintage dress perfect for any garden party. This red floral dress is light floaty and perfect for Summer with the open middle and bow at the front, which is elegantly shown. Teamed with some classy pearls this look is gorgeous.

    This has to be my favorite look, whats less is defiantly more! The girl is shown to be modeling a Vintage Fox fur coat. Whats not to love about the seductiveness of this look emancipated by the girls pose? Simple fur, bare legs teamed with some sexy heels, and complete.

    In this luster style shot the girl is shown to be modeling a green and white vintage style silk dress. This is a classic vintage dress perfect for any occasion teamed with a pair of classy kitten heels and contrasting lipstick its this seasons vintage number one.

  • This image is the first from a series of three, shown to be modeling this cream and white Chanel vintage dress. The model is shown to be in a crouching position in the vintage hotel room, not only does this elegantly show off the dress but contrasts against the floral carpet.

    This is the second of three images, modeling the Chanel block dress, here the girl is shown to be in the hallway of the hotel leaning against the banister. Not only do the colours contrast greatly here but also the vintages style pose aides a sense of calm serenity.

    The final Chanel dress shot, the girl is shown to be in the vintage inspired hotel room elegantly posed in a ballet like pose, which portrays a sense of grace, and appease. Teamed with some heels and a contrasting red lipstick

    This image is the first from a series of five. The girl is shown to be modeling a Marc Jacobs maroon strapped dress. This look can be dressed up in Winter or down in Summer its perfect. Teamed with a vintage chain necklace a Chanel print scarf and waist belt the look is complete.

  • This is the third image from the series of 5. The model is shown to be modeling up against an old vintage style chest of drawers. Again in the hotel hallway the pat-terned carpet and wallpaper aid visual contrast upon the Marc Jacobs, in a relaxed natural pose.

    This is the second image from the series of 5. The model is shown to be subtly leaning against the hotel corridor wall in a seductive like pose showing her leg gracefully selling the Marc Jacobs. This floral vintage wallpaper contrast immensely and aid the vintage theme.

    This is the fifth and final image from the Marc Jacobs series. The model is shown to be posing on a Vintage style chair at a desk. The model is portraying a seductive look aided by her pose and posture with her legs crossed. The model is looking directly into the camera, which gives a sense of directness.

    This is the fourth image from the series of 5. The model is shown so be modeling up against a vintage style, grand gold photo frame. A very natural pose, aids the importance of the clothes and theme. Additionally the flowers in the bottom left corner add extra colour and a vintage touch.

  • This is the second image from theVivienne Westwood Collec-tion. The model is sat at a vintage style, leather topped desk against a mirror. An active pose is shown, reading through a menu and dazzled by something ahead. Vintage colours of the reds and dark woods all contrast against the blue.

    This image is from a series of 2 from the Vivienne Westwood collection. The model is shown to be posing up against a vintage style radiator cover, aiding her posture. The Vivienne Westwood vintage electric blue brightens up the shoot. This dress is perfect for summer with some classy accessories and stilettos.

    The model is shown to be modeling the first of two images, a Classic vibrant vintage dress from the Chanel collection. The model is shown to be portraying a fun like ball room dance pose. The classic simple dress with some Chanel pearls and kitten heels complete this fun fuelled image.

    In this shot the image is shown to be modeling a neon orange maxi style vintage dress from American Vintage. The model is shown to be posingchic like pose on a vintage chair in the window of the vintage room. Sweeping of the hair and legs crossed aid the classic pose.

  • This is the second image from the Chanel collections. This image was taken in the Vintage style bathroom aiding colour contrast to the image and a sensual at home feel to the images. The girl is shown to be posing up against the window in between two grand vintage style curtains.

    In this image the girl is shown to be modeling a 50s vintage style beach dress from the Miu Miu Summer collection. Posing in the Vintage style bathroom of the hotel the girl is shown to be posing upon a classic vintage gold chair leaning one arm against the dressing table. A classic pose is timeless.

    In this shot the girl is shown to be modeling a vintage style bathroom robe from the Versace collection. The model is posing up against a marble vintage gold encrusted side decorative ta-ble with a simplistic relaxed hand on chin pose to emancipate the sophistication and elegance of the vintage theme.

    In this shot the model is shown to be modeling a Black classic vintage style dress from the Moschino collection. Posing on a vintage style seating arrangement in the centre of the room giving visual contrast with a gold collar and chic waist belt.

  • This vivid orange maxi vintage dress is from the American Vintage Summer collection. This high collared long sleeved style dress pleats out in layers creating a floaty chiffon look. This bold colour dress is a statement dress worn alone or with contrasting accessories in gold or black.

    This navy floral vintage dress is from the Alexander Mc-Queen winter collections. The floaty neckline is repeated at the bottom hem of the dress to emancipate the fun feminine side of the dress further more the orange and red flowers enable it to be worn in Autumn.

    This electric blue midi dress is from the Vivienne Westwood Summer collection. This block colour dress sparks chic sophistication and glamour on all levels. The central tie not only flatters the waist line but draws attention to the thin-nest part of the body aided by the subtle diagonal